Updated April 19th, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Basics

Q: What is Listiller.com?

Listiller.com – formerly known as Writer Town – is all about writing, blogging, and making money from home.

We cater to bloggers, marketers, general freelancers and solopreneurs.

Simply put: Listiller has a primary interest in freelance writing, but all forms of “work from home” and “side money” subjects are welcome.

Q: What does Listiller have to offer?

There are simply too many things to mention. Refer to our signup page to see a full list of everything we provide.

Signup page:

Q: Is Listiller for me?

Are you a writer, blogger, or general freelancer that focuses on making money on your own terms? Can you share tips about self-employment, promotion, side gigs, and related subjects?

On the other hand, could you, yourself use some help?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then jump right in.

2: Publishing Articles

Q: What type of articles do you accept?

While we do have a special interest in freelance writing, this is a general community of bloggers, freelancers and self-employed individuals that wish to learn more about the following topics:

Writing: Freelance writing tips and advice.

Blogging: Think social media, SEO, increasing blog traffic, WordPress, and general blogging success.

Working from home: Creative ways to work from home, make money on the side, or becoming a solopreneur.

Q: What are the benefits to publishing free articles?

In a nutshell, you can either write paid assignments (more on this later) or submit free articles for a ton of benefits. These include:

– Optionally earn 100% ad revenue (AdSense/Chitika required)
– Submit new OR existing articles (that you own)
– Include self-serving links
– Your article is exposed to thousands of monthly visitors
– We do some article promotion for you
– You may include a short bio or blurb

Refer to our main Sign up page to read more about your benefits.

Q: Does Listiller also pay for articles?

We tend to request some paid/direct assignments throughout the month.

However, you should consider this just a small feature, or a bonus. They’re offered on a “first come, first served” basis.

Q: How much do you pay per article?
Pay scale depends on word count and article complexity. Typically, though, expect up to 4 cents per word.

Length goes between 75 to 600+ words per assignment.

Q: How often do you pay?

We process payments on Fridays via PayPal.

Q: What happens after I submit a paid article?

We will review it and either accept it or ask you to make modifications depending on its overall quality.

Q: Does Listiller own the FREE articles published on the site?

We only own the articles that we pay you for. We do not own the articles that you publish for free.

When we pay you for an article, we take full ownership and assign it under our name.

Q: How can I write direct assignments (paid articles)?

Please refer to our Content Guidelines page.