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A humble, yet powerful platform for:

Writers / Editors / Bloggers / Social Media Creators

Job Flexibility is Our Game

Complete Micro Gigs. Get Paid.

Listiller routinely releases a number of micro gigs, also known as Listiller tasks. All you need is a basic Listiller username to access them.

Yes, it’s really that simple. That means no boring interview process, no long qualification steps, or anything else that wastes your time.

Listiller tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing a short blurb
  • Completing fun, multiple-choice questions
  • Coming up with fun questions regarding various topics
  • Sharing a link or article on social media
  • Finding a specific link / reference

Keep on reading, as we’re just getting started.

How it Works

View an ongoing list of Listiller tasks (micro gigs). These appear throughout the week in batches

Browse Available Tasks

View an ongoing list of Listiller tasks (micro gigs). These appear throughout the week in batches
Work on the task you want. There's no hassle and most tasks are done in seconds.

Start Working

Work on the task you want. There’s no hassle and most tasks are done in seconds.
Get paid via PayPal every Sunday or earlier. It's that simple. We also cover your PayPal fees.

Get Paid

Get paid via PayPal every Sunday or earlier. It’s that simple. We also cover your PayPal fees.

Listiller Also Aggregates Job Listings From Around the Web

In fact, this website is the largest aggregator specifically for writing, editing, and social media jobs

In addition to the aforementioned micro gigs, Listiller also has a robust job board for external writing / editing jobs, alongside general content creation (such as social media management).

These are aggregated from all over the web so you don’t have to manually chase them down yourself. 

We aggregate over 200 jobs daily, on average. Whether you specialize in travel writing, sports writing, or any other niche, chances are you’ll find a job right here.

But that’s not all – let’s look at every other feature in detail…

Easily View Jobs With Pay Rates

In addition to Listiller tasks and 200+ daily jobs, the homepage shows many listings with pay rates which are manually curated.

This section contains jobs that often pay hundreds of dollars per article. Many clients even pay a salary of $90,000 per year or more.

This section alone is a goldmine.

Other Perks

  • Search bar available (imagine searching many job boards from one place). This is convenience at its finest
  • You can save jobs to view them later
  • View many jobs from premium sources, such as FlexJobs and more.
    (Listiller pays a yearly subscription to certain places so YOU don’t have to)
  • Highlight important jobs for easy viewing or strike through jobs that you wish to ignore 

Supercharge your freelance writing career and experience the benefits of a more efficient, profitable, and stress-free job search.

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Receive Many Jobs to your Inbox

You may also receive many of these aggregated jobs by email:

  • Optionally receive an email digest containing most of the latest jobs
  • Choose to receive only jobs with pay rates, as shown on the homepage
  • It gets even better: With Listiller, you can actually pick how many times you wish to receive a daily email (up to 4 times per day).

Access 6,000+ Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you a blogger or writer looking to expand your reach, build authority, and grow your audience?

Listiller provides a comprehensive database of 6,000+ blogs that accept guest posts across a wide range of niches. Each listing takes you straight to the submissions page, making it a breeze to get your guest post published.

This grants you some powerful advantages:

  • Build valuable backlinks
  • Network with industry influencers
  • Save time and effort
  • Diversify your portfolio
Typing on computer

Promote Yourself Through Banner Ads (Coming Soon)

It’s a fact: If you wanted to post a banner advertisement on most websites, this alone would cost $50+ per month.

That all changes with Listiller banner ads.

How it works: Your ad appears alongside other published ones, displaying randomly (in rotation) with each page refresh. Ads typically appear within most long-form articles.

Note: The Listiller audience primarily revolves around freelance writers, bloggers, solopreneurs, remote workers, and those interested in making money and/or finding success.

Register Below

Choose an option:


Access to Listiller tasks: Micro gigs paid by Listiller

Notes: Tasks appear in batches throughout the day (first-come, first-served)

Tasks are only open to legal, permanent US residents with a US-based PayPal account. Every other feature is open to everyone

Access to many aggregated jobs: 200+ writing / editing jobs from around the web (daily) including many jobs with pay rates

For everyone: Publish long-form content on the blog. See Guidelines


Everything from FREE, plus:

Access 6,000+ blogs that accept guest posts. Manually updated

Higher-paying Listiller tasks – These are the same tasks from the Free tier, but you get a bit more money (USA users)

Bonus Listiller tasks! A handful of bonus tasks exclusively for all Essentials members (USA users). Please note: This is just a bonus, as most tasks are in the Free tier. Nevertheless, these are great to help make your money back (and then some)

Up to 50% MORE curated jobs with pay rates (daily) exclusive to all Essentials users

Jobs by email – Get most jobs up to four times daily via email. This can REALLY help you land a job faster

Jobs with pay rates by email – Option to receive jobs with pay rates via email up to once per day

Note: Emails from Upwork and other “bidding” sites do not include pay rates

Ability to ‘Save’ jobs to view them easily later. Highly convenient

Search bar – Imagine searching many job boards from one place!

Publish short-form content – Publish without doing much writing! Great for adding a quick backlink, too

Good way to help support this website, as it requires ongoing maintenance

My Personal Recommendation:

Leverage Listiller tasks to help pay for an Essentials subscription.

Those extra features can help you land a job faster, and you’ll often have money to spare from said tasks. See testimonials below.

Note: Allow PayPal to redirect you back to Listiller after payment. Email for questions / concerns.

What some people are saying...

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Other wonderful testimonials...

Essentials – Other Ways to Join:

Surprise! There are ways to get FREE access to most features.

These options can help people who are currently unable to afford the above (optional) tiers.

Option 1: Support a cause:
If you support a charity, this gives you full access to the above premium features (with the exception of banner ad space). Bonus points if you support charities that involve animals.

Option 2: Give Listiller a mention on your blog:
Include / link to Listiller in an article. You may even use an existing article (as opposed to composing a new one). This, too, would give you access to the above premium features (except banner ad space).

Email with your contribution receipt (for charity) or send a link to your article (for Listiller mentions).

About Listiller:

Listiller is not a company or an agency. It’s a one-man show who has definitely been in your shoes. Down to Earth, always willing to help, and always open to feedback. 

Nice to virtually meet you,

Elvis Michael

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