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Writers: Leverage 250+ writing / editing gigs per day

These gigs come from many job boards around the web. Why chase jobs when you can let them all come to you instead?

Listiller shows you MANY more writing jobs than your average website
(similar sources show around 10-20 jobs daily).

Main perks:

  • Ability to search (imagine searching 30+ job boards from one place)
  • You can save jobs to view them later
  • View many jobs from premium sources (such as FlexJobs). No need for a separate account over there!
  • Highlight important jobs for easy viewing (or to resume where you left off)
  • You may also strike through jobs that you wish to ignore

Visit the main homepage to see it in action.

Writers: Other Features

Jobs With Pay Rates

In addition to 250+ daily writing jobs, the homepage shows many gigs which I manually curate and update.

This section contains jobs that often pay hundreds of dollars per article. Many clients even pay a salary of $90,000 per year or more.

This section alone is a goldmine. Visit the homepage to see it in action.

Claim Listiller tasks

Paper editingI occasionally request tasks which you can grab from the main homepage, such as: 

  • Write a short blurb
  • Share an article on social media
  • Find a specific link / reference

I pay for these myself within 8 to 24 hours. Available from the homepage while logged-in.

Receive Many of the jobs to your inbox!

Don’t want to manually visit Listiller too often? Receive many of these jobs by email up to several times a day.

You can also choose to only receive jobs with pay rates (from the pink section on the homepage).

It gets even better: With Listiller, you can actually choose how many times you wish to receive a daily email (up to 4 times per day).

Note: Listiller usually aggregates more jobs than the email client supports. Therefore, you may not necessarily receive every single daily listing.

Aggregated writing contests

Listiller also aggregates external writing contests (competitions) which also pay specific amounts.

Bloggers: Access 6,000+ blogs that accept guest posts

This works AMAZINGLY well for spreading your name / brand. Yes, even now in 2023!

I organize this list by category, description, domain authority (DA) and a link straight to their submissions page.

This is a time-consuming, manual process, but I love it.

Bloggers: Other Features

Publish on the Listiller blog: Topics: Business ideas, online / offline hustles, freelance work, blogging, social media, and related topics.

See the Guidelines page for details.

Listiller promotes your content on your behalf: Listiller submits your article to several social media services where like-minded bloggers also promote your content.

#Hashtag social media marketing: When your article is promoted via social media, it will contain specific #hashtags to ensure it reaches a more targeted audience.

Register FREE:


  • This gives you access to 100% of the jobs here, via the website itself.
  • This option lacks the ability to get jobs by email and to ‘save’ jobs for later viewing.
  • This option lacks access to 6,000+ blogs that accept guest posts.

Create a free username here (access to most features).

Option 2: Even Better

Make a one-time contribution of $5 to get jobs by email + save jobs for later. 

Let the writing gigs come to you instead! (one-time contribution. Enjoy these features forever).
Help support Listiller, as any small contribution goes a long way  🙂

  • Receive jobs with pay rates once a day, straight to your inbox (optional)
  • Receive other jobs up to four times per day to your inbox (you choose the frequency)
  • Choose which sources to receive jobs from (“bidding” or “non-bidding” jobs; you choose the frequency)
  • Bookmark jobs so you can apply easily later, saved on a separate page
  • Again, this is a one-time payment, not recurring. Click Here to join.

Option 3: EXTREMELY Recommended

A one-time contribution of  $20 to access 6,000+ guest blogs + get jobs by email + save jobs for later. 

(One-time contribution and enjoy these features forever)

  • Optionally get jobs straight to your inbox
  • Leverage thousands of blogs that accept guest posts
  • It’s a great way to support Listiller and help keep the site alive
  • An amazing way to spread your name and brand
  • This list is constantly updated
  • Yup, you know it: This is a one-time payment, not recurring

So, care to elevate your writing and blogging powers? 🙂 Click Here to join.

Option 4: A Quick Mention

As an alternative, mention Listiller on your blog or a third-party blog…

This grants you full access to everything (receiving jobs by email, saving jobs for later, and 6,000+ guest blogs).

In this case, create your free username and email to inform me about the mention.

Option 5: Support a Cause

Last but not least, you may also make a contribution on places like GoFundMe. Especially if it involves a helpless animal.

In this case, create your free username and email with your contribution receipt.

For option 2 and 3: You will be taken to PayPal, then redirected to Listiller to create your login details.

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All Features, in a Nutshell

.Over 250 DAILY writing/editing jobs from around the web
(Thanks for making Listiller one of the LARGEST, most thorough aggregators)

Many humble ways to join – Either by helping this site directly, or helping someone else in need  🙂

6,000+ websites that accept guest posts – Updated several times per year

View jobs with pay rates in its own, separate section

Search tool (imagine searching 30+ job boards from one place!)

View many writing jobs from premium sources (such as FlexJobs)
No need to have a separate account over there. Ditch it!

Access to Listiller tasks
(I pay for these myself)

Publish to the Listiller blog
(No need to mention Listiller or do anything; simply register as a basic guest)

Ability to receive jobs by email every 6-12 hours

Ability to save jobs for later viewing

Access to external (high-paying) writing contests

Highlight job titles (to easily resume where you left off during your search)

Your articles are mass-promoted on social media MULTIPLE times throughout the year.

Listiller targets relevant #hashtags when sharing your articles

Help yourself by helping someone else.

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