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List of Features

Topics for guest bloggers:

Gigs & Freelance: Write about creative ways to make money, either through side hustles or by starting a side business.

Writing: Freelance writing tips; ways to make money as a writer. 

Blogging: Think social media, SEO,  blog traffic, WordPress, and general blogging. 

Other Fantastic reasons to Join Listiller:

For Writers: Over 7,000 remote writing and editing gigs per month

Perfect for writers and editors working from home.

Access over 7,000 writing gigs from many websites and job boards to ensure that you don’t miss the latest opportunity. Most of these are telecommuting gigs, with others providing flexible options.

Countless hours were spent putting this together, and I routinely work to improve things around here. It’s a never-ending project just to make things easier for everyone.

Why chase flexible jobs when you can let them come to you instead?

Did you know? Listiller has become the largest source for remote writing and editing gigs on the web. And that’s a fact.

*New gigs are added every 10-30 minutes*

The main benefit here is convenience. We know that you are busy, so why spend hours scouring the internet trying to find remote writing jobs?

Here you can view the latest work-from-home gigs from one single, convenient location.

Put it this way: You could easily land a lucrative writing gig within the next hour. 

Click here to view all remote writing jobs and get a general idea.

freelance writing gigs

Bonus: You can even save jobs for later if you don’t have the time to apply for a gig right away.

Claim Internal Jobs

Listiller occasionally requests easy tasks which you can grab freely from the main Gigs page. These are paid for by Listiller.

Sample tasks may include:
Sharing an article on your social media account
Writing a short paragraph
Finding a link/stat online

NOTE: Tasks are limited. Consider this a bonus feature (as opposed to a robust feature).

Listiller: Receive Jobs to Your Inbox

If you’re not in the habit of checking Listiller for the latest jobs, you may also subscribe to have them delivered to your inbox every 8-12 hours.

You’ll receive an email containing many of the latest jobs, each one linking you straight to its original source.

For Everyone: Access 5,000+ Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Fun fact: Listiller has the largest list of websites that accept guest posts on the web!

If you’re serious about blogging and increasing traffic, this ever-growing list is just for you.

Here’s a massive list of guest blogging websites where you can submit your articles. Guest blogging is great for: Self-promotion, networking, building your brand, attracting traffic to your own blog, and much more.

This list is organized by category, domain authority (DA) and we even link you straight to their submissions page. 

Sure, you could find a few guest posting websites manually on Google, but who has the time to sort through the search results by specific needs?

This list is always being updated. 

For Writers: Hundreds of Paying Magazines (many pay over $500 per article)

Listiller has hundreds of market listings that pay top dollar for your submissions. These include article submission websites as well as online magazines.

Many of these sources pay well over $500 for a single submission.

Click to enlarge
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You are also linked to the submissions guidelines to help get you started right away.

These websites pay writers and editors for practically every subject imaginable.

Post new or previously-published articles

Certain members may post previously-published articles, as long as you own the content.

This means that you don’t necessarily need to write brand new content…

Simply syndicate your existing blog post by publishing it on our website and gain higher trust back to yours.

Aggregated Writing Contests

This section is for creative writers who like to have fun with their work.

Listiller aggregates writing contests from multiple reputable sources, such as Writer’s Digest and others. Use this section to keep up with the latest contests and never miss a beat.

These contests are short, sweet, and often pay a whole lot of money. Don’t be surprised to see a $500 prize merely for writing a 100-word poem, for example.

Listiller Promotes Your Content

Think about this: You’re a busy blogger, so chances are you only promote your content once or twice and then call it a day.

What if you could have others spreading your content for months at a time? [yes, you heard that right]

That’s exactly what Listiller would help you with.

How it works: Listiller submits your article to several social media services where like-minded bloggers promote your content.

One person may share it on Twitter, while the other one shares it on Facebook. Other people would share it on multiple places at once.

And the best part? This would happen for up to 3 months *per article* – with each article potentially shared HUNDREDS of times.

You can surely do the above on your own, but why not have some extra hands helping you?

Benefit from Article Syndication

Your article is also syndicated on multiple reputable sources such as, LinkedIn’s Pulse, Quora, and more.

Once your content is published on Listiller, it will be published on any of the aforementioned places for immense exposure.

This helps strengthen your brand, it gets you more recognition, and more traffic in the process.

Receive Regular Guides / Tutorials

These guides are packed with actionable information – expertly written by / for Listiller.

They cover subjects in relation to freelance writing, blogging, freelancing, and online success.

Each guide would easily sell for $10 – $30 alone, but you can get them here as part of everything else mentioned on this page. Consider them a very nice bonus.

#Hashtag Social Media Marketing

When your article is promoted via social media, it will contain specific #hashtags to ensure it reaches a more targeted audience.

For example, an article titled “25 Best Websites for Freelance Writers” would read like this:

25 Best Websites for #Freelance #Writers”

This causes social networks to show your content specifically to a more relevant audience.

Note: Not all social networks use #hashtags.

Your Article is Promoted Via Banner Ads

Your latest Listiller article can be promoted on various key spots as a banner. 

This banner appears within every single article, on all available categories, and select pages. 

Note: All promoted articles occupy the same banner space. In other words, a random banner is shown with each visit (or every time a visitor refreshes the page).

What some users are saying...

  • [Listiller] really changed my career/life. The writing gigs overview is awesome as it helped me get some amazing clients.

    – Jesse Logister

  • This is a great compilation of jobs. In fact, it helped me land a full-time remote position today. I can guarantee I wouldn’t have (known existed) if it wasn’t for the site.

    – Kanmarie

  • [Listiller] is the first place I go when it’s time to seek out new freelance writing clients. I save enormous amounts of time this way — it’s helpful to have so many writing gigs all in one place!


    – Vanessa Morgan

  • As a freelance writer, [Listiller] has become a nearly daily stop for me. I’ve been at this a while,  but the jobs list that [Listiller] provides helped me take the game to the next level…


    – Mark Morris

  • [Listiller] provides a great service for freelancers. I’ve gotten various jobs through the site,  several of which have turned into long-term, remunerative work.


    – Jane Meggitt

  • As a former recruiter, I was able to land several resume-writing gigs and continue to find similar work on a regular basis.


    – Lucy Friend (Kimberly)

And the best part?

You pay whatever you want. Your choice.

Look, I know pricing is subjective. For this reason, you can pay whatever you want from a set of predetermined price points.

I’m also in the business of helping YOU, not helping myself.

Whatever you decide to pay is mostly to cover my server costs and ongoing maintenance.

Look at these tables and pay whatever you want from several price points 🙂


$1 to $5 per month
Pay whatever you want!

Enjoy these Features:

Over 200+ DAILY writing/editing jobs
from around the web

Search function available

Higher-paying internal tasks

Writers: Over 600 paying magazines and similar sources

Ability to receive jobs by email every 8-12 hours

Ability to save jobs for later viewing

Access to external (high-paying) writing contests

Your article is mass-promoted on various social communities, 2 weeks minimum (good for busy individuals)

Basic syndication: Your articles (or summaries) are posted on at least 1 website for greater exposure

Receive 3 exclusive guides to kickstart your writing & blogging success

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Pay whatever you want between $1 – $5


$3 to $7 per month
Pay whatever you want!

Includes Previous Package!

Everything from the Previous Package

PLUS: 5,000+ websites that accept guest posts – Network like a pro!

PLUS: Receive expert guides about blogging and freelancing throughout the first year!

PLUS: Your article is mass-promoted on various social communities, 3 weeks minimum (great for busy individuals)

PLUS: Publish / syndicate your existing articles on Listiller (not just original ones)

PLUS: No sidebar distractions in your own articles

PLUS: Extended syndication: Your articles (or summaries) are posted on at least 2 websites for greater exposure

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Pay whatever you want between $3 – $7


$5 to $9 per month
Pay whatever you want!

Includes Previous Packages!

Everything from the Previous Packages

PLUS: Your latest Listiller article is advertised as a banner throughout the site

PLUS: Your article is mass-promoted on various social communities, 4 weeks minimum (perfect for busy individuals)

PLUS: #Hashtag social media marketing – We target relevant hastags when sharing your post

PLUS: Ultimate syndication: Your articles (or summaries) are posted on at least 3 websites for greater exposure

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Pay whatever you want between $5 – $9

(You May Select Your Options Once Registered)

Still can’t afford a membership?

Again, i’m in the business of helping YOU (as opposed to seeing huge profits myself).

If you still can’t afford a membership for whatever reason, email and we’ll talk!

Maybe a simple mention on your blog would be good enough for me, for example 😉

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A 30-day refund policy is also in place [you may email to request it]

A better explanation of some features:

About internal jobs/tasks: These are gigs that I provide (and pay for) myself. You can grab these for free simply after registering a guest account. However, premium members earn more per task. 

About article sharing / promotion: Your articles are shared on places like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. Other bloggers will also share said content on your behalf.

Listiller prioritizes your articles for the first 2-4 weeks (depending on your chosen package). After that, your articles may still be shared intermittently for life.

About syndication: Either a summary or the full content is posted on other communities for greater exposure. This may include Quora, Medium, Pulse, and/or others.


Or create a guest account...

A guest account allows you to:

  • Submit a guest post to Listiller
  • Your article is shared / promoted intermittently (not prioritized)
  • Claim internal jobs (remember, premium members earn more from these)
  • Stay up-to-date about the latest news/tips

Need a guest account? In that case, do not select any Packages / Tiers after registering.

About Listiller:

Nope, Listiller isn’t some sort of scam trying to get you.

It’s simply a site run by a freelance maniac. When i’m not driving for the likes of GrubHub, I am here helping awesome people like you.

Listiller is mant to be highly affordable. These prices help pay for web hosting and keep all these features running smoothly.

Please consider subscribing if you like what you see. And remember, pay whatever amount you can afford.

I am humbled by your visit.

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