Updated April 19th, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Basics

Q: What is Listiller.com?

Listiller.com – formerly known as Writer Town – is all about writing, blogging, and making money from home.

We cater to bloggers, marketers, general freelancers and solopreneurs.

Q: What does Listiller have to offer?

There are simply too many things to mention. Refer to our signup page to see a full list of everything we provide.

Signup page:

2: Publishing Articles

Q: What type of articles do you accept?


Writing: Freelance writing tips and advice.

Blogging: Think social media, SEO, increasing blog traffic, WordPress, and general blogging success.

Working from home: Creative ways to work from home, make money on the side, or becoming a solopreneur.

Q: What are the benefits to publishing on the Listiller blog?

Publishing a free guest post on Listiller comes with many benefits. These include:

– Submit new OR existing articles (that you own)
– Include self-serving links
– Your article is exposed to thousands of monthly visitors
– We routinely promote your articles
– You may include a short bio or blurb

Refer to our main Sign up page to read more about your benefits.

3: Direct / Internal Tasks

Q: Does Listiller also pay for assignments?

We tend to request some internal assignments (or tasks) throughout the month.

Consider this just a small feature, or a bonus. They’re offered on a “first come, first served” basis.

Q: How much do you pay per task?

Pay scale depends on complexity. For example, we may pay $1 or more for sharing link on social media.

Q: How often do you pay?

We process payments 24 hours after task approval.

Q: What happens after I submit a paid task?

We will review it and either accept it or ask you to make modifications depending on its overall quality.

Q: How can I write these internal assignments / tasks?

They appear on this page: Listiller.com/Gigs

4. My Membership

Q: How do I cancel my premium account?

Click here to cancel (or click My Membership from the homepage).

You may also cancel directly from PayPal / Stripe.

Questions or need additional help? Email Hello@Listiller.com