3,500 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

May 2018:

  • Completed table 1 (newest)
  • Updated all websites’ Domain Authority (DA)
  • Removed / replaced over 100 dead / broken links across all tables

Important Notes:

Important: A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality. It simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. Conduct further research on the website in question, regardless of DA. Don’t focus exclusively on this number alone.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway. These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

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  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field found above each table, or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change every month
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

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Showing table 1 (Newest)

TitleCategoryDateDASubmissions PageNotes
Uncoverdiscover.comGeneral02/13/201828Click HereGeneral subjects ranging from celebs to health to humor, and more.
Tutorialchip.comDesign & Development, Business & Marketing02/13/201856Click Here"We cover a wide range of topics; from web/graphic design to blogging-related and from photography to inspirational artwork."
Thelazyplumber.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201827Click HereDigital marketing and ecommerce blog.
Theflamingvegan.comHealth01/27/201839Click HereWrite about "all things vegan, vegetarian, and v-curious."
Techiepaper.comTech, General01/27/201811Click HerePrimarily a tech blog, but other general topics are welcome.
Seniorhealthmemos.comHealth01/27/201833Click HereTips and health advice for seniors.
Lifeafterstudyabroad.comEducation01/27/201828Click HereThey look for "study abroad students and experts in international education to write articles for Life After Study Abroad. So whether you want to share your study abroad story or convince others why they should do what you did for their next adventure abroad..." submit an article.
Originaltips.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201833Click Here"We write about Latest Technology, Software, How To Guides, Blogging, SEO, Ethical Hacking and Latest Gadgets like Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computer etc."
Softwaregold.netBusiness & Marketing, Tech01/27/201839Click HereBusiness, marketing, and technology blog.
Smallbiztechnology.comTech, Business01/27/201851Click HereBlog about small business and how technology helps improve businesses.
Shoutingblogger.comGeneral01/27/201826Click HereBroad subjects including tech, travel, business, health, and more.
Techtechnik.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201834Click HereTips on gadgets/apps and digital marketing.
Keywordsandjargon.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201829Click HereSocial media, SEO, advertising, and other digital marketing topics.
Shrushti.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201834Click HereMarketing, SEO, social media, and related topics.
Teckrr.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201824Click HereTech and digital marketing blog.
Socialtech360.comTech, General01/27/201836Click HereBlogging tips, app development, food/recipes.
Sportsgoogly.comSports01/27/201842Click HereSports news and opinion: NFL, tennis, NBA, rugby, and more.
Thinkinsurances.co.ukFinance01/27/201820Click HereBanking, insurance, budgeting, mortgages, and other financial topics.
Thehrobserver.comCareers01/27/201823Click HereHR topics. "Contributors to the blog are HR practitioners, consultants, trainers, authors and researchers. Most importantly, they are either based in the Middle East or have had extensive experience working in HR in this region."
Kravelv.comHome & Garden01/27/201842Click HereAll about home improvement and decor.
Pageonepower.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201843Click HereBusiness, branding, blogging, SEO, and digital marketing blog.
Mybiodybalance.comTech01/27/201820Click HereGadget reviews and tech / internet-based news.
Mozbot.co.ukTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201831Click HereGadgets, gaming, and blogging-related posts.
Leisuremartini.comGeneral01/27/201844Click HereGeneral entertainment blog: Movies, music, top lists, and more.
Templates4all.comTech, Design, Business & Marketing01/27/201841Click HereWeb design, blogging and digital marketing blog.
Technoworldnews.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201837Click HereTips on web design, gadgets/apps, and digital marketing.
Techmagnate.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201844Click HereBusiness, digital marketing, and tech tips/opinion.
Sunshineideas.comTravel01/27/201830Click HereTravel tips, destination advice, and related topics.
Rulzz.comGeneral01/27/201835Click HereBroad subjects including tech, travel, business, health, and more.
Stateofdigitalpublishing.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201823Click HereDigital publishing and content marketing blog.
Techiestate.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201847Click Heretech, gadgets, mobile, cloud, and some marketing topics.
Ppcforhire.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201833Click HereBusiness, branding, blogging, SEO, and digital marketing blog.
Mockdrafthq.comSorts01/27/201840Click HereNews about the NFL and NBA.
Techmanik.comTech01/27/201833Click HereAndroid phones, apps, and related software/hardware tips.
Thesimplexdesign.comDesign & Development, Business & Marketing01/27/201840Click HereDigital marketing and web design tips.
Otherbb.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201825Click HereBusiness and digital marketing blog.
Shounakgupte.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development01/27/201824Click HereMarketing, SEO, social media, web development, and related topics.
Medical-reference.netHealth01/27/201834Click Here"Medical-Reference.net is a medical blog focused on health, medical, pharmaceutical and regulatory topics. The whole idea behind this blog is to make inaccessible medical information more accessible to general public."
Tridindia.comBusiness, Writing & Publishing01/27/201838Click HereBlog about the translation and B2B writing industry. They want people "to share unique perspectives on copy writing, translation, market research, languages, freelancing, human resources and various other fields."
Mbacrystalball.comEducation, Business01/27/201842Click Here"Anything related to the management education or business world that might be of interest to our readers – India centric topics, careers, jobs, industry insights, entrepreneurial stories…"
Theflashlist.comGeneral01/27/201837Click HereWrite about "art, dining, leisure, movies, music, romance, sports, travel, and entertainment news."
Mobilmindz.comDesign & Development01/27/201835Click HerePosts about mobile and web development.
Socialwebcafe.comBusiness & Marketing01/27/201836Click Here"If you have a talent for writing and in-depth knowledge of subjects like social media marketing, blogging, people, and more, we would love to consider your content submission."
Techclient.comTech, Design & Development01/27/201846Click HereGraphic/web design and tech tips.
Roisinbyrne.co.ukBusiness & Finance01/27/201826Click HereAll things business and finance.
Techlofy.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201826Click HereBusiness, digital marketing, and tech tips/opinion.
Publichealthalert.orgHealth01/27/201833Click HereAll about Lyme and chronic illness.
Menifee247.comGeneral01/27/201835Click HereNews focused on Menifee, CA.
Myafricanow.comSelf-improvement01/27/201835Click Here"The topic must be related to the upliftment and motivation of Africans around the world. All articles must focus on improving people’s lives."
Shakethetech.comTech, Business & Marketing01/27/201834Click Here"Each article should be informative and relate to Technology, Gadgets, Web Browser, Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Social Media."


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