Guest Blogging: Prerequisites:

  • Submitting a guest post requires registration, but you won’t be able to post anything until you meet a few simple requirements.

    Simply put: Allow me (and everyone else) to know you first:

    • Spend some time interacting on the latest posts. Fellow bloggers are eager to hear from you
    • Develop a genuine interest by becoming a part of the community
    • Be a good sport, in general

    You will then be given publishing access. You can also email me when you think the time is right.

    The above rules are meant to weed out low-quality bloggers who are only after a quick link.

Guidelines, In a Nutshell:

  • This site is for freelancers and self-employed enthusiasts.
    Write “how-to” guides and ways to make more money independently.
    Blogging tips/tools/success (800 words minimum)
    Writing tips/tools/success (700 words minimum)
    Side gigs/hustles, especially when done online (600 words minimum)
    • Be friendly and conversational. 
    • Be detailed and don’t just provide generic information.
    • No “walls of text” – break down paragraphs into 2-3 sentences.
    • Include a featured image and (at least) one other image in the body. Our built-in Pixabay plugin is useful for this.
    • No linking to your commercial site/product/service (only to your personal blog).
    • Back up your claims and link to external sources you mention, for reference.
    • Stick around to answer some comments, at least in the beginning. 
    • You may post your previously-published content (in its entirety). You must link back to it with a short note, such as: “This article was originally published on []”

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More Detailed Explanation of the Above:

  • Content Guidelines: Reasons to Publish on

    • Optionally earn 100% ad revenue (your AdSense/Chitika code is required)
    • Submit new or existing articles (that you own)
    • Submit as much content as you wish, whenever you wish
    • Your article is exposed to thousands of monthly visitors
    • We do some article promotion for you
    • You may include a short bio or blurb


    This site is ideal for freelancers and self-employed enthusiasts. Our audience is interested in “how-to” guides and ways to make more money independently.

    Acceptable Content

    All categories require a minimum word count (the longer the better).

    Gigs & Freelance category (Popular!)
    600 words minimum.
    Creative ways to make side income and being independent (especially through a computer or smartphone).
    Think of topics such as “How to Make Money by Doing XYZ” and  “Get Paid to XYZ.”

    Writing category (Popular!)
    700 words minimum.
    Freelance writing tips; ways to make money as a writer.

    Blogging category
    800 words minimum.
    Social media, increasing blog traffic, WordPress tips, email marketing, and general blogging.
    Note: This is the least favorite category for readers at the moment (relatively unpopular).

    Topic Examples

    Note: Topics on programming, design, and anything that’s highly technical is generally NOT accepted.

    Ensure that your topics are fairly easy to implement. Think of the stay-at-home mom or dad who learns about an interesting idea and decides to try it with little hesitation.

    Ideal examples include:

    10 Apps to Make Money

    These Companies Pay You to Check Your Email

    Can You Make a Full Time Income with TaskRabbit?

    How to Deal with a Client Face-to-Face as an Introvert

    How to Launch Your Freelance Business in 30 Days

    How I Make $3,000 per Month as a Blogger/Writer

    10 Overlooked Freelance Writing Techniques

    7 Habits for Guaranteed Blogging Success

    Tone and Quality

    Your tone should be friendly and conversational.

    Be detailed. Don’t just scratch the surface. Explain how something works and provide examples/stats/links.

    If you mention a case study or any external reference that supports your article, please link to it.

    Please break paragraphs into 2-3 sentences each. A wall of text is unattractive.

    Note: If your content is excessively poor, too generic or vague, we will leave it unpublished until you fix it.

    Article status

    You may post either new or previously-published articles — as long as you own the content.

    Previously-published content must link back to the original source at the beginning or at the end. For example: This article was originally published on [].


    Only one self-serving link allowed in the body.
    Don’t link directly to your product/service; instead, link to your personal blog or other non-commercial page.

    Adding Images

    All articles must have a Featured Image and (at least) one additional image inside the body.

    Click the Pixabay icon available from the New Post screen to add them.






    *** End of Main Guidelines ***

    (Everything below is optional)

Optional Details:

  • Optional: Revenue Share

    You may insert an ad code from the Revenue Share screen and earn 100% of the revenue for each ad click. Your ad appears at the bottom of the article.


    • Only one rectangle ad allowed (such as 250×250 or 336×280).
    • Important: Insert your username along with the title of your ad. For example:

    Note: A Listiller-based ad may appear on articles without your ad code.


    Optional: Claiming Paid Assignments (tasks from Listiller itself)

    How to claim paid or “direct” assignments, which are found on the right pane of the New Post screen. 

    1. View the task you’re interested in.
    2. Click “Assign to me” to claim it.
    3. Click “Write it” when you are actually ready to work on it.
    4. Click “Mark as Done” when finished.
    5. Click “Submit for Review.”


    Misc. Tips and Notes

    We may edit your articles to improve their overall quality.

    We own the tasks that we personally pay you for. This means they go under the Listiller (or staff) byline.

    Claimed assignments have an unofficial 5-7 day deadline.

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