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Guidelines, In a Nutshell:

    Acceptable topics:

    Social media, SEO, digital marketing tips
     All about blogging tips and tools 
    Freelance writing: Tips, tools, listicles, success stories 
    Side gigs/hustles: Ways to make money, especially when done online 
    • No generic or overdone content. For example, ‘How to Avoid Procrastination’ or ‘How to Start a Blog in 20xx’ 
    • Be conversational (hell, even humorous)
    • Please respond to most comments (at least at first). Otherwise your links will be removed at some point
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    • Use < H2 > subheadings
    • There is no strict word count, but always try to exceed 600 words. Focus on the details!
    • Keep paragraphs short  (~2 sentences)
    • No salesy or overly promotional articles
    • Avoid highly technical pieces, unless you can break them down well
    • Back up your claims, for reference (link to case studies, statistics, etc)
    • Only certain premium members may repost their previously-published content or summaries (at least 50% for summaries, but you may post more than that). 
    • If posting your previously-published content, link back to the original source with a short note, such as: “This article was originally published on []”. 

    Reminder: Please respond to most comments (at least within the first week). Otherwise your links will be removed at some point

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