About Article Submissions:

Updated August 2022

Everyone can publish to the Listiller blog. Consider upgrading for more benefits.

You may publish full-fledged articles or short blurbs / overviews.

Acceptable Topics:

Freelance work: Ways to make money online / offline; gig economy
Blogging: Engaging topics about successful blogging
Social media & marketing: Anything regarding social media or marketing
Influencer profiles: Analysis on successful people / bloggers / influencers
News relating to the above: Short news, preferably with your own opinion for added personality

More Details:
  • All entries must be unique (full articles and overviews)
  • Overviews: You can write them about any related article on the web, even if you don’t own the original
  • Overviews: These must link back to the original source 
  • Word count: There is NO minimum for full articles, but overviews / blurbs must be 50 words minimum

Q: I’d love to link to my blog, but the blog is not related to any of the topics covered on Listiller. How can I still contribute?

A: In that case, publish an article or overview as stated above (whether it points to Forbes, or whatever).

However, you can then add a short bio at the end that links back to your personal blog (even if your blog is unrelated).

For example, your bio or signature could say:
You can learn more about Jane Doe on her TravelTips blog.