Slice the Pie Now Pays 15 Cents per Review (Minimum)

We were recently informed that Slice the Pie, a popular music review platform, now pays a minimum of 15 cents per written review.

How Does Slice the Pie Work?

Here’s a quick overview of their system:

– A random song streams directly from their website.

– You must listen to at least 90 seconds.

– Write an informative review (feedback) about it. All feedback can be good or bad.

– You are immediately compensated, then move on to the next song.


The better your review and star rating, the more you earn (according to them).

They occasionally have you review “fashion items” as well, although this isn’t very clear at this time.

Invite other people and earn 10% of all their earnings (without affecting their actual earned amount).

You must accrue $10 before you get paid via PayPal. Slice the Pie pays on Tuesdays and Fridays.


The average review consists of 50-75 words. At 15 cents each, you would essentially have to write over 300 words to make a dollar.

Clearly this isn’t the best place to make good money, but it could still be a somewhat decent website to make a quick buck once in a while.


The signup process is quick and easy. In fact, you could make your first $10 this week (although there are much better sources, of course). Click here to visit Slice the Pie and let us know what you think about their new payment structure.