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Perfect for Writers & Editors


Over 400 DAILY writing/editing jobs
from around the web

Access to the manually-curated jobs list! This section contains higher-paying jobs so you don’t have to sift through HUNDREDS of general job listings

Search tool (imagine searching 50+ job boards from one place!)

Higher-paying internal jobs/tasks

Ability to receive jobs by email every 6-12 hours

Ability to save jobs for later viewing

Access to external (high-paying) writing contests

Highlight job titles (to easily resume where you left off during your search)

Receive expert guides about blogging and freelancing throughout the first year!

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Perfect for Writers, Bloggers, & Marketers

Includes Previous Package!

Everything from the Previous Package

PLUS: 5,000+ websites that accept guest posts – Updated several times per year

PLUS: Your latest article summary is promoted as a banner throughout the site for up to three months.

The banner would link straight to the original source, such as YOUR website. Awesome!

PLUS: Your articles are mass-promoted on social media MULTIPLE times throughout the year.

These social shares would link straight to YOUR website, not to Listiller. Awesome!

PLUS:Listiller targets relevant #hashtags when sharing your articles

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Only $2.99 per month via PayPal
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