How to Sell Your Hair Online

Freelancers: Get Paid to Sell Your Hair

Alright, freelancers, maybe it’s time to consider making money in ways other than writing and blogging….

There are plenty of unusual ways to make extra cash, but selling your hair online is by far one of the most accessible ones. Assuming you aren’t going bald, growing your hair requires as much effort as sleeping or drinking water.

While long hair can definitely become harder to manage over time, the rewards can be truly worthwhile depending on its length, color, and overall health.

Hair traders are in the business of buying your hair and (usually) reselling it. Each purchase generally requires your hair’s length to be no less than 12 inches, with longer options paying you more money.

If you had donated to charity in the past but now wish to make money selling your hair, there are several sources that might be of interest.

How to Get Paid to Sell Your Hair Online: Basically, you advertise your hair by purchasing an ad for $25, which lasts as long as three months. Interested buyers can then contact you with reasonable offers and you can either approve or decline them.

If you are made a decent offer, all remaining arrangements are then made offline (discussing the destination address or shipping information). In essence, works similarly to Craigslist in which the source does not directly handle your business, but rather the communication between you and the buyer (a middleman, of sorts). works similarly to Hairwork, allowing you to post an ad for $14-$22 (standard ad or featured ad, respectively). According to their handy hair price calculator, you can easily earn well over $100 for 15 inches depending on its color, thickness, and other attributes. also allows you to make money selling your hair for a decent price, with a 31-day ad costing only $10 or $15 for a total of 62 days. is yet another website that pays you to sell your hair online, charging you $14.50 for a three-month listing. Their homepage is actually quite motivating, showing people selling medium-to-long hair for well over $400.

Tips to Follow…

Sell your hair online
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Provide as much detail as possible to maximize the chances of selling your hair for the best possible price. This includes taking plenty of pictures, describing its color, pattern, exact length, and any shampoo or chemical you use (if applicable).

Moreover, keep your hair looking natural and do not disturb it with braids or dye it. Buyers are typically seeking natural styles and hair that is untreated and artificially modified.

Please note that some buyers will want to know much more about you before buying your hair (whether you smoke, how often it’s washed, if you have undergone chemotherapy, and other details that might affect it).

Even though some buyers can be picky, you can still make money selling your hair to the right match (it’s all about finding that perfect customers, after all).


Can you get paid to sell your hair online? Absolutely. Can you rely on this as a means to pay your monthly bills? Well, not so much. As you know, growing your hair takes time; however, you can safely expect a nice paycheck every two to three months to help supplement your current income.

So, if you’re a freelancer looking to make some extra money, sell your hair for cash and bring a smile to other people in need.