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  1. Kimsea Sok
    07/31/2016 @ 20:37 PM

    A nice article. By the way.

    Being a freelance writer there are many challenges and fears that we have to think or rethink about those. I love what you said of the goal. Sure, having a goal is great. The goal must be SMART hence we can easily to adapt to the situation.

  2. Joan J. Carrigan
    08/01/2016 @ 10:14 AM

    it is hard to break away from bad habit. And fear is going to be the number one negative emotion that everyone would face, rather if is to meet new people, visit an environment, ect. While going through the list again, I can personally say that I’m number 2-5. The thrill but also the fear of knowing if I, the writer, is giving too much information to reader, would the reader like what they have read, ect. These thing will always be on my mind and I can’t put to think about it and how negative emotion seep in my mind. However, I know that with this new year, I can…enjoy and kick my bad habit out the window, little bit at a time

  3. Andrew Kadis
    08/25/2016 @ 14:55 PM

    “The key to overcoming doubts is to remember that no matter how many eyes see it, my knowledge matters.” — Vannessa Wade. If your fear of writing stems from wanting to protect yourself, congratulations, you’re human! Wondering how to overcome your fear of writing ? Don’t worry, even the greatest of writers throughout history have dreaded writing their first sentences of every book they wrote . Fear of writing is a very common fear and might be uncommonly called graphophobia or scriptophobia.

  4. Joy Yamut
    09/10/2016 @ 19:56 PM

    Wonderful post Elvis Michael! 🙂 I started out on freelance writing scared that my work may turn out terrible. But I realized that at the end of the day, it will always be between me and my passion.

    • Elvis Michael
      09/12/2016 @ 15:40 PM

      Freelance writing has many sides, as it’s not all about “perfection” or “impeccable grammar” or “amazing, award-winning ideas.” This is why i appreciate conversational writing, since it allows me to just be myself 😉


  5. Patrick
    07/20/2017 @ 19:28 PM

    Thanks for the post, Elvis! While I’m not particularly “fearful” of writing, these tips will still serve me well when I find myself low on content.

    • Elvis Michael
      07/24/2017 @ 10:41 AM

      Glad you like it!

      Take care, thanks for stopping by.