12 Websites Like TextBroker

Get Paid to Write: List of TextBroker Alternatives

Update: This article used to have a total of nine sites — now updated to 12.

Freelance writers: We’ve put together a nice list of sites like TextBroker, which is a pretty convenient way of keeping a steady flow of money coming in.

The following are great for finding freelance writing jobs from home based on a wide range of categories. Payment for some of these are great while others are downright awful, but you can still benefit from them in some way, shape or form.

The following comparison is not based on the amount of work or cash available. Instead, the comparison refers to the fact that users can “claim and unclaim” available articles.

The amount of money varies greatly from site to site. Needless to say, it’s worth applying to every single one of them as a way to diversify and supplement your monthly income.

Warning: Use this list only as a starting point and perform further research before proceeding.
I’m not necessarily too familiar with all of them, as this is merely a list.

Let’s Get Started!


This very website provides over 10,000 remote writing gigs, as well as editing jobs from home. These come from reputable websites and magazines seeking talented contributors (many of them pay over $500 per submission). Click here to view all remote writing gigs.

You can also register with us to gain additional benefits. This includes the ability to claim some paid assignments throughout the month.


nDash.co is one of the highest paying writing websites at this time. They have a small pool of writing assignments, and also let you pitch content to high-profile brands. This generally mean more money for freelance writers, as you’re not dealing with “mom and pop” blogs that are barely just starting.


BoostContent is another good alternative to write articles and to buy content as a client. They are active in over 20 different languages, so if you are not a native English speaker this may be something for you. Payment is also a bit higher than other sites like Textbroker.

CrowdSource.com (OneSpace):

CrowdSource lets you grab short questions for roughly $2.50 each, while occasionally increasing the payment amount. This is not the best source for paid online writing jobs, but it could be a good place to get started nonetheless.

These questions look similar to the types found on Yahoo Answers, and they have thousands of them at any given time.


Zerys/Interact Media:

Another writing website like TextBroker if you wish to get paid to write online (even though these guys are not the most lucrative).

Clients post their article requests and writers can subsequently claim them. Payment is very similar to TextBroker as well, and you can generally expect around $7 for 500 words or so. Writers get paid around the 1st and the 15th of each month via PayPal.


This content website is similar to TextBroker, but the pay is drastically higher than many others on this list. Depending on the client and article, writers can make anywhere from $24.50 to $60 for roughly 600 words.

The catch, however, is that you must apply to many different sections (or categories) before being able to claim any given title. Wish to write a computing article, for example? You must first apply by submitting a sample related to such topic.


GreatContent.co.uk is similar to TextBroker and you will be instantly familiar with its interface. It’s straight to the point and you could find yourself writing an article in absolutely no time.

Pay scale largely depends on quality level; for example, a level 2 writer should expect around $2 for 500 words while a level 5 writer can earn approximately $16.50 for the same word count.

London Brokers:

If you’re looking for websites like TextBroker, London Brokers is almost an exact replica of it. Be warned, though, as these guys will really make you work hard for the money.

You can expect around $2 for 300 words or $3.50 for 500 words, and we have heard that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly not the best place to get paid to write, but I am including it here for the sake of transparency.

If you are struggling financially and are willing to do just about anything, London Brokers is there to assist you. Payment goes out every Friday via PayPal.

The Content Authority:

Websites like TextBroker are somewhat hard to find, especially when it comes to the amount of available articles. While The Content Authority is generally similar to TextBroker, they seem to start all writers at the bottom of the ladder regardless of experience. You will have to write multiple articles before they raise your level, which is a quality TextBroker handles rather nicely by testing your writing ability when you first apply. Sometimes they stop accepting new writers, so check back often if you wish to add this content mill to your list.

Writer Access:

This site is similar to TextBroker but really lacks a lot of assignments, unfortunately. On the bright side, articles are almost on par with the likes of Demand Media Studios, so you could potentially make a living writing as long as you grab titles while they’re available. Payment goes out via PayPal.


Another website like TextBroker both in structure and overall feel. Sadly, this one starts you out by writing for pennies until you successfully submit multiple articles and get ranked.

At first, though, you can expect to earn an average o $2.50 for 500 words, which is downright insulting. But again, go for it if you really need the cash and you have nowhere else to turn.

Writers Domain:

This one pays roughly 0.03 cents per word, which is pretty typical for online writing gigs from such sources. Editors rate your final article and you can earn a small bonus if you receive a high rating. Payment is made via PayPal roughly once per month.

Related: Other Writing Sources

Now here’s something that may also be of interest. Wahwithme.com (dedicated to home-based jobs) has put together a huge list of 1,000+ work-from-home leads for writers.

Even though these are not quite like TextBroker, I highly urge you keep them in mind nevertheless. Money is money, after all.

Sites Like TextBroker: Tips to Get Accepted:

Do your homework about freelance writing jobs from home (in general). In this case, some of these TextBroker alternatives focus primarily on certain article formats, such as Lists or How-tos. This way you know what format you should base your article sample on (assuming a sample is required.)

Always have a handy portfolio ready, which mainly includes links to past work and a great, jaw-dropping bio about your professional experience as a writer.

Be ready to compose a new, original writing sample consisting of at least 300 words, depending on the website in question. But don’t just write any old, run-of-the-mill content for these guys; remember that this sample will ultimately help them decide whether to accept you or reject you.

Include the latest information about your topic, pack it with reputable references and quote authoritative public figures if necessary. Show them that you mean business and you are ready to publish articles like a professional.

Keep your resume updated along with a relevant cover letter, as many of these TextBroker alternatives require it upon applying.

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Please share these so-called “sites like TextBroker” with your friends and anyone who may benefit from these. Again, these provide a healthy list of TextBroker alternatives based on the ability to find and claim writing assignments (the list is not based on payment quantity alone).

Do you have any similar website or paid online writing jobs in general?