How to Make $500,000 a Year on Twitter & Other Social Networks

Get Paid to Post Random Facts

The internet is a funny thing. You can use it either to pass the time, or to help others pass the time – and Twitter addict Kris Sanchez chose the latter.

Oh, yeah – and he’s making $500,000 a year from it, too.

When this guy joined Twitter in 2009, he really wasn’t expecting much from it. It was just a platform to follow celebrities and stay in touch with people.

“I really started my Twitter account because I wanted to follow Britney Spears,” he had previously told Business Insider.

Like many of us, Kris realized he didn’t have a whole lot to tweet about on a daily basis. That’s when he came up with a simple idea and started tweeting random facts.

By 2011, his Twitter account had picked up some steam and he was (understandably) spending more time tweeting as a result. In fact, he was posting a new update every 15 minutes.

As more people fell in love with his random fun facts, Kris realized he was actually on to something.

That’s when he decided to brand his account and take it much more seriously, which is now known as UberFacts.

Then Things Got Way More Interesting…

By 2012, this digital genius had around 200,000 Twitter followers, all anxious to learn the next random fact.

In addition, several big names also became loyal followers – including Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Who would have thought that a simple, mindless hobby would generate so much attention?

Money Talks

Before long, ChaCha’s advertising network, known as Social Reactor, reached out to Kris and helped him monetize his followers.

He said: “They helped me see how I could actually make money off of UberFacts, by building galleries and tweeting links.”

Suddenly, a steady income stream was born and Kris was officially making money with twitter.

“I was getting checks of $600 or $800 a week, and I couldn’t believe it.”

As of this writing, his account has roughly 13.5 million active and very loyal Twitter followers. His Facebook page, meanwhile, has gained over 4 million Likes while his Instagram account has around 1.3 million fans.

And all for posting random facts.

Today, Kris makes $500,000 a year posting tweets and other updates through all social networks combined.

But Wait, There’s More…

As if that wasn’t enough, this Uber genius recently launched an accompanying app which he estimates will bring $60,000 a week. The app enables you to comment and share facts with others.

Despite the job being relatively fun, it is still hard work due to the consistency and research required. This prompted Kris to hire two people to help him look up random facts and schedule them every day.

On average, UberFacts posts between two and four facts each hour.

In short: Kris is posting sponsored updates and links to make money through Twitter and other social networks.

Can You Make Money Posting Random Facts?


The short answer is ‘yes, you can.’ The actual process, as you might already know, isn’t so simple (but very doable).

So, assuming you’re motivated enough to follow suit with your own business, consider these basic but effective tips to make money on Twitter and other networks.

  • First, keep this in mind: Just because someone is already doing something, it doesn’t mean you can’t replicate it. It won’t make you “original,” but nothing ever is anymore.
  • Come up with highly catchy, shareable facts.
  • Consider going niche, perhaps tweeting facts about the universe, celebrities, or animals. This may limit your audience, but it will be much more targeted. This means that a niche company would pay you much more to post an update.
  • Set a budget to grow your social media accounts through paid advertising. This budget doesn’t have to be huge (consider buying less pizza and investing into this instead).
  • Be consistent, otherwise you will lose many people’s attention. Tools like HootSuite allow you to schedule posts throughout the day, effectively creating a set-and-forget system.
  • Consider more than one social network, such as YouTube. Creating slide-based facts with “a happy tune” works wonders, similar to PowerPoint presentations.
  • Using several social networks is great, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Put your energy into the ones that are most effective to your niche, audience, and/or subject.
  • Want to make money with Twitter and other networks long-term? Be sure to double-check your facts before posting them.

Your Turn

Sure, you could spend some time writing for TextBroker and many other sites. On the other hand, you can try something entirely new and see how it all goes. This is how you, too, can make money posting fun facts.

Again, don’t think it will be easy, as this article was simply written to inspire “the creative” in you. Now what cha gonna do about it?!

Have fun,

Elvis Michael