Content Guidelines

Updated February 2017

Writer Town has changed its name to better represent everything the site has to offer.

Reasons to Publish on

Publish your articles for some great benefits, including:

– Optionally earn 100% ad revenue (your AdSense/Chitika code is required)
– Submit new or existing articles (that you own)
– Include self-serving links
– Your article is exposed to thousands of monthly visitors
– We do some article promotion for you
– You may include a short bio or blurb

You may also claim some paid assignments on occasion (continue reading for details).

Acceptable Content

While we do have a special interest in freelance writing, this is a general community for people who want to make money and thrive from home.

Writing: Freelance writing tips and advice.

Blogging: Think social media, SEO, increasing blog traffic, WordPress, and general blogging success.

Making money independently – with the help of technology: Creative ways to work independently, make money on the side, or becoming a solopreneur. Continue reading for some topic examples on this category.

More Specifically

Word count: 700 words minimum (more is always recommended).

Article Status: You may post either brand new or previously-published articles — as long as you own the content. Previously-published content must link back to the original source at the very beginning or at the bottom. For example, you may say: This article was originally published on [].

Write evergreen content: Publish articles designed to stand the test of time.

No degrees required: Ensure that your topics are fairly open-ended and that almost anyone can implement them.

Think of the stay-at-home mom or dad who learns about an interesting idea and decides to try it out with little hesitation.

Writing about working independently? Ensure that your content is fairly creative.

Certain topics (surveys, call center jobs) are not acceptable due to how widely known they are at this point.

Instead, think of things that can be done primarily on a computer or through technology, but are not too obvious.

Money-making Examples – through the help of technology:

How to Make Money With TeeSpring

This Company Pays You to Check Your Email All Day

Can You Make a Full Time Income with TaskRabbit?


Send a message to if you’re unsure prior to writing an article.

In conclusion:

Emphasize creativity. Topics should focus on cool ways to make money and/or being more successful independently.

Recommendation: Perform a quick site search (at the top of the screen) prior to writing an article. Submit your article only if it’s not too similar to previous subjects and if it has new things to offer.

Tone and Quality

Your tone can be casual, conversational, and even humorous. The important thing is that you deliver something truly helpful.

Important: Overly generic topics may get rejected. Your content must not focus on something that’s too basic or outrageously outdated.

Unacceptable topic examples:

What is SEO?

How to Become a Blogger

The Benefits of Blogging

How to Make Money Writing

Acceptable topic examples, using the same ideas above:

How SEO Will Change in 2017 and Beyond

The Ultimate Blogging Guide (actionable, substantial)

I Couldn’t Make Money as a Blogger/Writer – Until I Adapted this ONE Habit


Respect your readers’ intelligence. Assume that the average reader doesn’t need a lesson on obvious matters. Your topic should be newbie-friendly, yet moderate.

Again, feel free to email if you’re unsure about your next topic.

Note: If your content has way too many mistakes or excessively broken English, we will write a note and leave it “Pending” until you fix it.


You may include some self-serving links in your posts, but don’t make your entire article sound like a sales page. Articles must flow naturally.

If you provide a review, for example, try to find something negative about the item even if it’s minor.

Adding Images

All articles must have a Featured Image. You should rely on the Pixabay icon available from the New Post screen.






Featured Images should be rectangular (landscape). Try to avoid images with a significant height-to-width ratio.

That being said, you may include any image size (such as portraits) inside the article body itself.

*** End of Main Guidelines ***

Optional: Revenue Share

You may optionally insert an ad code from the Revenue Share screen (your AdSense or Chitika code is required). You will earn 100% of the revenue for each click on your ad.

Simply follow these simple rules:

  • Only one ad is allowed.
  • At the moment, we only accept rectangle ads (For example: 250×250 or 336×280).
  • Important: Insert your username along with the title of your ad. Something like this:

If your ad isn’t published, it’s likely due to not following the above guidelines. Make the necessary changes and resubmit it for review.

Note: A Listiller-based ad may appear on articles without an ad code, unless you disable it from the post screen.


Optional: Claiming Paid Assignments

Note: You must reside in the United States and submit a completed form W9 to claim direct assignments. Click here to download a copy.

Also note: You DO NOT need to give us a form W9 for the jobs available on the main Job Board. Those jobs come from third-parties, not us.

Here is how to claim paid or “direct” assignments, which are found on the right pane of the New Post screen. 

Consider this just a small feature, or a bonus. They’re offered on a “first come, first served” basis every week.

  1. Click to expand the task you’re interested in.
  2. Click “Assign to me” to claim it.
  3. Click “Write it” when you are actually ready to work on it.
  4. Click “Mark as Done” when finished.
  5. Click “Submit for Review.”  You may claim more assignments once you submit the current one.

Misc. Tips and Notes

Other questions are answered in our “FAQ” page.

We own the articles that we personally pay you for. This means they go under the Listiller (or staff) byline.

Paid assignments have an unofficial 5-7 day deadline.

Please break down paragraphs into 2-4 sentences each.

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