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Showing fewer than 60 websites (per table) to logged-out users.
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TitleCategoryDateDASubmissions PageNotes
Dzone.comTech, Design & Development01/01/201883Click Here"DZone.com is a community for software developers, engineers, and architects dedicated to helping IT professionals learn faster and be more successful."
Ymadvocacy.orgHealth01/01/201832Click HereSubmit an article about mental illness and help end the stigma surrounding them.
Concrete.orgCareer01/01/201874Click Here"The editorial content of CI features articles and case studies that can help ACI members do their jobs. So if you have a story to share on how to design, construct, or repair a concrete structure better, faster, or more cost effectively, let us know."
Egu.euScience & Nature01/01/201872Click Here"Many guest posts feature in the Geosciences column, which highlights recent research in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Posts can include, but are not limited to, reports from Earth science events, conferences and fieldwork, comments on the latest geoscientific developments and posts on recently published findings in peer-reviewed journals."
Cointelegraph.comFinance01/01/201872Click HereCryptocurrency/bitcoin/blockchain news and opinion.
Lean.orgBusiness & Marketing01/01/201871Click HereBusiness, branding, customer value, and success posts.
Realtytimes.comReal Estate01/01/201871Click HereReal estate blog, home-owning guides, and related topics.
Ufv.caEducation01/01/201867Click HereStudying abroad and related subjects for students.
Winona.eduEducation01/01/201866Click Here"WSU Blogs are maintained and written by students at Winona State University. The blogs include the WSU Wellness, Admissions, Improving our World, and Residence Life blogs, which cover a wide variety of topics about life as Winona State students."
Uia.noEducation01/01/201866Click HereUniversity of Agder blog; life on campus, student life, and related/educational subjects.
Siliconindia.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech01/01/201865Click HereMarketing/tech news, insights, and opinion.
Acufinder.comHealth01/01/201863Click Here"Article content should be concerning acupuncture and Oriental medicine, positive, inspirational, and within the general content of Acufinder.com."
Hydroworld.comCareers01/01/201863Click HereSubmit articles for " hydroelectric personnel, including utility executives, managers, operators, public power producers, developers, regulators, consultants, engineers, designers and other technicians, as well as providers of hydro products and services."
Adma.com.auBusiness & Marketing01/01/201863Click HereData-driven marketing and advertising posts.
Theduran.comLaw & Politics01/01/201862Click HerePolitical news blog.
Voicesofyouth.orgGeneral01/01/201861Click Here"Blog posts can be about any topic (social, economic, political, recreational…) and be submitted in any format (articles, videos, reviews, stories, interviews, poems…) – there is no limit to your creativity!"
isanet.orgEducation01/01/201861Click Here"This site is intended solely for discussions on issues relevant to international studies, broadly understood. Posts typically use a published ISQ article as a point of departure. The discussions might focus on methodological, theoretical, and practical aspects, implications, and limitations of the published article."
Pragmaticmarketing.comBusiness, Tech01/01/201856Click HereYour piece "should be relevant to our audience of technology product managers and marketers."

As they put it: "Is this a learning opportunity for a product manager, marketer or senior executive at a technology company?"
inventorsdigest.comBusiness, Tech01/01/201854Click HereNews and opinion about new products and services, especially those that are groundbreaking.
Jewschool.comGeneral, Lifestyle & Society01/01/201854Click HereGeneral topics for the Jewish community.
Roundsquare.orgEducation, Self-improvement01/01/201852Click HereSubmit an article of interest to students, learning, and life success.
Oursocialtimes.comBusiness & Marketing01/01/201851Click Here"Our Social Times takes a microscope to social media so busy professionals don’t have to. We publish high-quality, original articles that have a tight focus on social media marketing for brands."
Geobusinessshow.comBusiness, Travel01/01/201850Click Here"Tips and advice for geospatial professionals. Industry insights – including trends, research reports, white papers, statistics and surveys etc."
Thebridgemaker.comSelf-improvement, Lifestyle & Society01/01/201845Click HereSubmit an article about human values, self-improvement, and other topics for the community. The blog is based on " faith, sharing the amazing power of love, and walking the simple paths to positive change."
World-of-lucid-dreaming.comHealth, General01/01/201845Click HereLucid dreaming tips, and related subjects.
Thehathorlegacy.comLifestyle01/01/201844Click HereAll about gender equality. "Your post can be a media review (book, movie, TV episode, graphic novels, commercials, music videos – anything), a personal story, a report on a news article or study – pretty much anything."
Ampglobalyouth.orgLifestyle & Society01/01/201843Click Here"Elevate your ideas on global issues, youth leadership, the power of our generation and more through our popular AMP Global Youth blog.

They also look for these topics: "refugees, Islamophobia, immigration, and the theme “America First vs. global cooperation”."
Resultfirst.comBusiness & Marketing01/01/201842Click HereDigital marketing, SEO, business, conversions, blogging, and related topics.
Smallbusinessnewz.comBusiness, Tech01/01/201842Click HereNews about tech and events that affect small businesses.
Jewishinstlouis.orgGeneral, Lifestyle & Society01/01/201841Click HereVarious topics for the Jewish community.
Sivanaspirit.comSelf-improvement, Health01/01/201841Click HereSelf-improvement and natural healing blog. Subjects may include "meditation, prana, chakras, holistic healing, reincarnation, yoga, crystals, spirituality, etc."
Missoandfriends.comEntertainment01/01/201841Click HereGeneral entertainment topics aimed at teens.
Sustainablepractice.orgLifestyle01/01/201840Click HereArts and culture blog. "The CSPA views sustainability as the intersection of environmental balance, social equity, economic stability and a strengthened cultural infrastructure."
Neonbrand.comBusiness & Marketing01/01/201839Click HereMarketing, branding, and small business blog.
Noncount.comGeneral01/01/201839Click HereThey accept a wide range of subjects such as business, digital marketing, home & garden, tech, sports, and much more.
Childrenscoloradofoundation.orgHealth01/01/201839Click HereChild health, medical research, family support, and general well-being articles.
Surefirewealth.comBusiness & Marketing01/01/201839Click HereDigital marketing, social media, SEO, online business, and related subjects.
Glowinthewoods.comFamily, Health01/01/201838Click HereHave you lost an infant or have related advice to provide? This blog would like to hear your story.
Nvhotels.comFamily, Travel01/01/201838Click HerePosts related to the hotel industry, lodging, and family-friendly activities.
Business-ethics-pledge.orgBusiness01/01/201837Click HereSubmit your post about business ethics within a wide range of industries and professions.
Jucm.comHealth01/01/201837Click HereProvide "clinical and practice-management information to our readers—U.S. urgent care clinicians. Articles submitted for publication in JUCM should provide practical advice, dealing with clinical and practice-management problems commonly encountered in day-to-day practice."
impactethics.caLifestyle & Society01/01/201837Click HereTalk about bioethics and ethical issues surrounding a wide range of subjects: Medical, fitness, reproduction, organ donation, and much more.
Cmcforum.comGeneral01/01/201835Click HereGeneral news, discussion and debate.
Thecompleteherbalguide.comHealth01/01/201835Click Here"Know a lot about natural healing? Alternative medicine? Fitness? Nutrition? Share your knowledge with our community."
Ecobob.co.nzHealth, Lifestyle01/01/201835Click HereAll about eco-friendly living.
Asianentrepreneur.orgBusiness01/01/201834Click HereBusiness topics, opinion, and entrepreneur profiles.
Labbulletin.comCareers01/01/201834Click Here"Lab Bulletin welcomes manuscripts that describe techniques and applications of all forms of analytical science and that are of immediate interest to our community working in industry, academia, and government laboratories."
Journalofthecivilwarera.orgLifestyle & Society01/01/201834Click HereHistory blog that explores the Civil War era and related historical topics.
Organikseo.comBusiness & Marketing01/01/201833Click HereDigital marketing, social media, SEO, online business, and related subjects.
Permaculturebc.comHealth, Science & Nature01/01/201832Click HereSustainable living, from food to natural resources; current issues and advice on the subject.


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