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TitleCategoryDateDASubmissions PageNotes
Alovelycalling.comSelf-Improvement02/26/201719Click HereA wide range of inspirational and self-growth articles.
Cssauthor.comDesign & Development02/25/201746Click HereWeb design tips and advice for developers.
Livinglutheran.orgReligion02/25/201749Click HereSpiritual lifestyle blog (family, social issues, faith, and more).
Thedailytouch.comEducation02/25/201732Click HereTalk about "your experiences of life before, during and after university."
Solvid.co.ukBusiness & Marketing02/25/201727Click Here"We welcome posts on Digital & Inbound Marketing, SEO, Tech, PPC, Web Design, Development, Business & Entrepreneurship."
Techniblogic.comTech, Business & Marketing02/25/201727Click HereTech news, tips, and SEO topics.
Ppc.orgBusiness & Marketing02/25/201739Click HereSEO, social media, link building, and other marketing subjects.
Socialmediasun.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201737Click HereTalk about content marketing, promotion, and online branding.
Thesempost.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201758Click HereSearch engine marketing blog.
Advancedwebranking.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201764Click HereAbout about: "Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research. Link Building. Analytics. Social Media. Content Marketing. Blogging."
Developershed.comDesign & Development02/25/201742Click Here"Create tutorials and how-to articles on a wide array of programming and web development topics, including: PHP, Python, Perl, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/jQuery, content management systems (CMS), .Net, networking, security, and more."
Contently.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201772Click HereContent marketing tips.
Smartinsights.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201777Click HereWide range of marketing topics.
Mediapost.comGeneral02/25/201781Click HereNews about media, corporations, brands, politics, and more.
Godaddy.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development02/25/201796Click HereTopics about web design and small business.
Noobpreneur.comBusiness02/25/201746Click HereTopics on leadership and business.
Ceo.comBusiness02/25/201748Click HereTopics on leadership and business.
Hrzone.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201753Click HereBusiness advice for HR departments and general business professionals.
Businesszone.co.ukBusiness & Marketing02/25/201758Click HereMarketing, advertising, business, and related subjects.
Mycustomer.comBusiness & Marketing02/25/201758Click HereMarketing, advertising, business, and related subjects.
Trainingzone.co.ukBusiness & Careers02/25/201759Click HereBusiness advice and professional growth.
Dancefreelance.comBusiness, Publishing02/25/201714Click Here"The Freelance Dance is all about helping other freelancers find their own success."
Livingwithpurpose720.wordpress.comReligion02/24/201797Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Michaelsg.typeform.comBusiness02/24/201775Click HereThis blog covers topics for entrepreneurs, self-starters and other business-driven individuals.
Biblejar.comReligion02/24/20176Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Livingwordscafe.comReligion02/24/201716Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Aimeeimbeau.comReligion02/24/201726Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Betterthannewlyweds.comFamily, Religion02/24/201714Click HereMarriage advice, many from a religious angle.
Rhiannonskeen.comReligion02/24/201711Click Here"Topics for your post may include: encouragement for women, motherhood, being a wife, a favorite family recipe, how God has changed your life, personal testimony, or a study of a specific verse/chapter of the Bible."
Alyssajhoward.comReligion02/24/201717Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Dianaleaghmatthews.comReligion02/24/201720Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Speakthewords.comReligion02/24/201714Click HereLifestyle and inspiration, mainly from a religious angle.
Churchm.agTech, Religion02/24/201748Click HereLifestyle and tech topics, many written from a religious angle.
Genewhitehead.comReligion02/24/201717Click Here"You can share stories, testimonies, or write about family, relationship, culture, or your struggles and how you deal with them from a Biblical perspective."
inspirationalchristiansfortoday.comReligion02/24/201724Click HerePersonal and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Brokenbeautifulbold.comReligion02/24/201717Click HerePersonal, and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
ilovedevotionals.comReligion02/24/201728Click HerePersonal, and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Zacharypierpont.comReligion02/24/201714Click HerePersonal, and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Accountingweb.comBusiness & Finance02/24/201761Click HereAccounting and other finance subjects for business professionals.
Customerthink.comBusiness & Marketing02/24/201763Click HereMarketing, advertising, business, and related subjects.
Biblewaymag.comReligion02/22/201739Click HereCareer, personal, and lifestyle advice for Christians.
Christianmommyblogger.comReligion, General02/22/201740Click HereTech and general lifestyle blog, mainly from a Christian angle.
Marcalanschelske.comReligion, Self-Improvement02/22/201718Click HereReligious blog. "Topics might include spiritual practices, helpful exposition of scripture that helps people understand their identity better, suggestions for intentional living activities, and personal stories that motivate and inspire."
Rethinknow.orgReligion, Self-Improvement02/22/201711Click HereCover topics on spirituality, self-growth, finances, and well-being.
Bradandres.comReligion, Self-Improvement02/22/201717Click HereCover topics on spirituality, self-growth, finances, and well-being.
Christiandevotions.usReligion02/22/201737Click HereTalk about living well, marriage, family and lifestyle - mainly from a Christian's angle.
Rosanncunningham.comReligion02/22/201723Click HereTalk about living well, marriage, family and lifestyle - mainly from a Christian's angle.
Revtrev.comReligion, Self-Improvement02/22/201727Click HereCover religious subjects and opinion, as well as general self-improvement tips.
Siggiblog.comGeneral02/22/201712Click HereTalk about "Spirituality, Bible teaching, Leadership, SEO, blogging and advises for bloggers, devotionals and anything that deals with theology."
Jarridwilson.comReligion02/22/201734Click HereCover religious subjects and opinion.
Convergemagazine.comSelf-Improvement, Religion02/22/201738Click Here"We write for those in transition: between school and work, singleness and marriage, freedom and responsibility, doubt and faith."
Becomingpress.comReligion02/22/201724Click HereThey accept bible study tips, book reviews, and other religious subjects.
Arisinggeneration.comReligion02/22/20177Click HereCareer, personal, and lifestyle advice from a religious perspective.
Comparedtowho.meReligion02/22/201721Click HereTopics should discuss empowerment and self-acceptance, mainly with a Christian angle.
Wholemagazine.orgReligion02/22/201722Click HereAcceptable topics include: "Faith & Inspiration, Marriage & Relationships, Family & Parenting, Christian Lifestyle (Related to living a Christ-centered life, Christian discipline, Theology)"
Christianitytoday.comReligion, Lifestyle02/22/201781Click Here"CT Women exists to highlight writing by Christian women. We cover trends, ideas, and leaders that shape how women are living out the gospel in our time." Mainly for Christian women.
Radicalchristianwoman.comFamily, Religion02/22/201719Click HereTalk about family, marriage, homeschooling, religion, and other family subjects.
Mchaelhyatt.comBusiness & Marketing02/22/201773Click HereTalk about personal growth, social media, business, and success.
Proverbs31woman.orgReligion, Self-Improvement02/22/201720Click HereTalk about spiritual growth, motherhood, career, and religious subjects.
Whatsonsukhumvit.comTravel02/22/201720Click HereTravel tips and life in Bangkok/Thailand.
Atravelthing.comTravel02/22/201722Click HereTravel tips, destination guides and related subjects.
Kevinstraveldiary.comTravel02/22/201714Click HereTalk about your travel experiences.
Honeymoonalways.comTravel02/22/201719Click HereDiscuss travel destinations, especially romantic places.
Playadelcarmen.comTravel02/22/201740Click HereTalk about your travel experiences in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
Cebunomads.comTravel02/22/20178Click HereTalk about your travel experiences in Cebu.
Usetraveltips.comTravel02/22/201725Click HereGeneral travel tips.
Shelovesmagazine.comSelf-Improvement02/22/201740Click HereTopics should discuss empowerment, inspiration, and self-acceptance.
Thetraveloid.comTravel02/20/201720Click HereGeneral travel tips.
Beautynamazingworld.blogspot.inTravel02/20/201764Click HereTalk about your personal travel experiences.
Bytestories.comGeneral02/20/201723Click HereGeneral blog covering a wide range of submissions.
Bestworldtraveldestinations.comTravel02/20/201713Click HereGeneral travel blog.
Travelatg.comTravel02/20/201714Click HereGeneral travel blog.
Secret-traveller.comTravel02/20/201722Click HereGeneral travel blog.
Familydestinationblog.wordpress.comTravel02/20/201797Click HereGeneral travel blog.
Wanderlustandlipstick.comTravel02/20/201750Click HereTalk about your personal travel experiences.
Southernpacificreview.comTravel, Publishing02/20/201727Click HereThey publish "the best possible fiction, poetry, reporting, essays, travel writing, and criticism."
Rootstraveler.comTravel02/20/201716Click HereGeneral travel tips and destination coverage.
Lifeflicker.comTravel02/20/201717Click HereTravel tips (places, exotic foods, etc).
Dreamtraveltrip.comTravel02/20/201711Click HereTravel adventures and experiences.
Secondchancetravels.comTravel02/20/20179Click HereTravel adventures and experiences, with an inspirational angle.
Thetrustedtraveller.comTravel02/20/201731Click HereGeneral travel tips an destination coverage.
i2mag.comGeneral02/20/201733Click HereGeneral blog: Business, tech, travel, lifestyle, and more.
Journeyamerica.orgTravel02/19/201797Click HereTravel, adventure, and lifestyle blog.
TravelEater.netTravel02/19/201725Click HereTravel, adventure, and lifestyle blog.
Theroamingrenegades.comTravel02/19/201741Click HereTravel, adventure, and lifestyle blog.
Incatrail.infoTravel02/19/201719Click HereInteresting facts and tips about Peru.
Triptipping.comTravel02/19/201713Click HereGeneral travel blog (destinations, guides, restaurant tips, etc).
Luxurytravel.infoTravel02/19/201714Click HereTravel tips, personal experiences, and general advice.
Vishualization.comTravel, Self-Improvement02/19/201718Click HereTalk about destinations and inspirational people.
Momsvacationspots.netTravel02/19/201731Click HereVacation planning tips for moms or whole families.
Theuktravelguide.co.ukTravel02/19/20176Click HereTalk about your travel (and food) experiences throughout the UK.
Broke.travelTravel02/19/201714Click HereTalk about your personal travel experiences.
Thelostpassport.comTravel02/19/201723Click HereTravel and destination s throughout Asia.
Rovingingjay.comTravel02/19/201723Click Here"Content must be pertinent to Expats, Global Digital Nomads and House Sitters or other related topics."
Reputationx.comBusiness & Marketing02/19/201736Click HereTalk about: "Search engine optimization, Public relations, Content management, Online reputation management, Risk management (online), Social media marketing."
Ourfamilygear.comFamily02/19/20177Click HereTalk about products for the family, along with general family/pet tips.
Sojo.netScience & Nature02/19/201770Click HereDiscuss social and environmental issues. "Sojourners magazine and Sojourners' online publication sit at the intersection of faith, politics, and culture. Our coverage goes beyond the trending headlines to uncover and explore in depth the hidden injustices in the world around us."
Shelivesfree.comSelf-Improvement02/19/201728Click HereGeneral wellness and lifestyle blog.
Izideo.comBusiness & Marketing02/19/201715Click HereTalk about "technological advancements, digital design, animation, explainer videos, business to business marketing and social media marketing..."
Lifexpe.comGeneral02/19/201712Click HereGeneral lifestyle blog: Health, fashion, travel, career, and more.
Incredibleplanet.netGeneral02/18/20171Click HereTech, science, and animal topics.
Homesecuritylist.comTech, Home & Garden02/18/201728Click Here"We cover topics ranging from home automation and the home security niche."
Workingwritersandbloggers.comPublishing02/18/201727Click HereTips for freelance writers and authors.
Productivewriters.comPublishing02/18/201733Click HereTips for freelance writers.
Travelpulse.comTravel02/18/201759Click HereTravel tips and opinion; destination coverage.
Purewander.comTravel02/18/201733Click Here"Pure Wander features articles that concentrate on types of vacations (urban, outdoors, etc), some age groups and travel tips. We do not focus on soley on budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, or anything other than just authentic travel in groups of three or more."
Portugalist.comTravel02/18/201720Click HereGeneral travel blog.
Vrtodaymagazine.comTech02/18/201714Click HereVirtual reality news, tips and opinion, from hardware to software.
Virtualrealitytimes.comTech02/18/201730Click HereVirtual reality news, tips and opinion, from hardware to software.
Ittechpages.comTech, General02/18/201719Click HereWrite about anything in the digital space - mobile, gaming, online business, cloud computing, software, and related subjects.
Digitaledge.orgTech, General02/18/201734Click HereWrite about anything in the digital space - mobile, gaming, online business, cloud computing, software, and related subjects.
Compsmag.comTech02/18/201724Click HereTips, tricks, reviews and opinion about tech, gadgets and gaming.
Buzz2fone.comTech02/18/201731Click HereWrite "news, articles, products, companies , reviews , acquisitions, ceo’s , employees anything but related to only the Mobile industry."
Thephillysportscave.comSports02/18/201714Click HereSports news, reviews, and opinion.
Rantsports.comSports02/18/201750Click HereSports news, reviews, and opinion.
Collegesportsmadness.comSports02/18/201740Click HereCollege sports news, reviews, and opinion.
Collegecourtreport.comSports02/18/201717Click HereCollege basketball news, reviews, and opinion.
Plugmysocial.comBusiness & Marketing02/18/201713Click HereSocial media, guest blogging, and marketing topics.
Techforge.pubTech02/18/20171Click HereNews and tips from a wide range of technologies - from networks to general tech.
Fakingnews.firstpost.comGeneral02/18/201775Click Here"Faking News appreciates original editorial contributions (news reports, cartoons, photoshopped images and/or videos, which are funny and preferably satirical)..."
Hollywoodhiccups.comEntertainment02/17/201734Click HereGeneral celebrity news, gossip, and TV show info.
networkmarketingtoday.netBusiness & Marketing02/17/201712Click HereAll about network marketing, business and success.
Valuewalk.comFinance02/17/201766Click HereWrite about finance and investing.
Rockstarfinance.comFinance02/17/201754Click HereGeneral finance topics; debt, making money, saving money, investing, and more.
Lennycredit.comFinance02/17/20171Click HereGeneral finance topics; debt, making money, saving money, investing, and more.
Ftmdaily.comFinance02/17/201739Click HereGeneral finance topics; debt, making money, saving money, investing, and more.
Elitepersonalfinance.comFinance02/17/201725Click HereGeneral finance topics; debt, making money, saving money, investing, and more.
Debtroundup.comFinance02/17/201751Click HereGeneral finance topics; debt, making money, saving money, investing, and more.
Parentingfamilymoney.comFinance02/17/201726Click Here"Articles should be related to personal finance, debt, or managing your money."
Kidssafetynetwork.comFamily02/17/201726Click Here"We’re looking for articles about child safety. This includes, but isn’t limited to: product recalls, personal experiences, mental or physical health conditions, or accident prevention."
Jingdaily.comBusiness & Finance02/17/201751Click HereGeneral industry news and market trends.
Galomagazine.comGeneral02/17/201730Click HereNews and opinion based on entertainment, art, food, travel, and much more.
Theedadvocate.orgEducation02/17/201737Click HereNews, tips and opinion about the education system.
Theinspiredclassroom.comEducation02/17/201731Click HereProvide ideas and tips for teachers; anything that would make their daily teachings and the classroom better.
Homeschoolblogging.comBusiness & Marketing02/17/201730Click HereWe welcome well-written posts on topics pertaining to blogging as a homeschooler, working with companies, as well as posts from companies on how they work with bloggers and run their business in the online world."
Edugorilla.comEducation02/17/201711Click HerePublish a wide range of educational/academic subjects for students and professionals.
Careersandeducation.comCareers, Education02/17/201720Click HereTalk about various jobs/industries and the education required to succeed.
Sustainablebrands.comBusiness02/17/201765Click HereHighlight how brands work and how they are innovating their respective industries.
Dozmia.comEntertainment02/17/201730Click Here"We're looking for authors who can share unique experience or insights into the music industry that can help independent musicians make a living doing what they love."
Outbreaknewstoday.comHealth02/17/201737Click Here"Outbreak News Today strives to be your one-stop shop news source for infectious disease, outbreak and health news from around the globe."
Australianbusinesstimes.comGeneral02/16/201721Click Here"Australian Business Times is popular News blog where we write about Australian News Topics, Current Australian Trends , Business News and articles, Stock market Investing, Government grants and Australian Business related topics and events."
Quikrpost.comGeneral02/16/201724Click HereTech, gadgets, science, and blogging.
Blogtrepreneur.comBusiness & Marketing02/16/201750Click HereBlogging and online business tips.
Vibrantnation.comGeneral02/16/201750Click HereGeneral lifestyle (family, dating, beauty, sex, home and garden, health, and more.
Betterpublicspeaking.comSelf-Improvement02/16/201713Click HereSubmit tips about "public speaking, interpersonal communications, digital marketing or motivation."
Financeblogzone.comBusiness & Finance02/16/201720Click HereAll about finance.
Pretravels.comTravel02/16/201720Click Here"PreTravels is all about destination guides and tips to help you learn everything you need to know before you go to your next travel destination."
Codenamemama.comFamily02/16/201741Click Here"Code Name: Mama is looking for writers who have stories to share related to natural parenting, toddler/preschooler activities, the “Joys of Breastfeeding Toddlers” series, and the “Gentle Parenting” series."
Daddoes.comTech02/16/201734Click HereTalk about - and review - things of interest to dads. Heavy focus on technology and gadgets.
Imperfectwomen.comGeneral02/16/201734Click HereGeneral tips aimed at women - from shopping to cooking and other subjects.
Workingmother.comBusiness & Careers02/16/201772Click HereContribute articles for "full-time, part-time and sidelined moms who work at public and private companies of all types and sizes; who are entrepreneurs; and who are self-employed."
Artfans.infoDesign & Development02/16/201736Click HereGraphic design and web design tips.
Thedesignmag.comDesign & Development02/16/201726Click HereGraphic design, web design, and SEO tips.
Webguide4u.comDesign & Development02/16/201727Click HereWrite about "WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, Graphics Effect or any designing related stuff."
Wptidbits.comDesign & Development02/16/201720Click HereThey're looking for a guest post on "WordPress (theming, plugins, development, content, widgets, updates, installtion, et cetera)."
Designprefix.comDesign & Development02/16/201719Click HereCoding, programming and general web design blog.
Web3mantra.comDesign & Development02/16/201733Click HereGraphic design, web design, user experience, and photography.
Designdisease.comDesign & Development02/16/201770Click HereSubmit guest posts on design and web development.
Webdeveloperjuice.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development02/16/201737Click HereMarketing, design and web development.
Graphicmania.netDesign & Development02/16/201741Click HereGraphic design, web design, video editing, animation, and user experience.
Colorburned.comDesign & Development02/16/201747Click HereDesign tips and resources. "On this website you will find free vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials and interviews with some of the biggest players in the design industry."
Android-apps.comTech02/15/201734Click HereMobile app reviews, news and tips.
Coolhomepages.comDesign & Development02/15/201755Click HereWeb and graphic design blog.
Creativenerds.co.ukDesign & Development02/15/201751Click HereWeb design and tutorials based on "Photoshop, Illustrator Gimp, InkSkape, Indesign, Fireworks etc."
Inspiredm.comDesign & Development02/15/201758Click HereContribute guest posts on web design, user experience, CMS, and related subjects.
Designm.agDesign & Development02/15/201756Click Here"We strive to provide top-notch articles, tutorials, news and information for the web design and development community."
Slodive.comDesign & Development02/15/201746Click HereThey want guest posts about "comprehensive tutorials on Design/Web Design/Other related topics."
Webdesignmash.comDesign & Development02/15/201731Click HereImproving web design and user experience.
Uxbooth.comDesign & Development02/15/201764Click HereDesign and user experience in the fields of: Analytics, visuals, research, technology, philosophy, and more.
Devsaran.comDesign & Development02/15/201784Click HereProgramming, design & development blog.
Sixrevisions.comDesign & Development02/15/201773Click HereCSS, Javascript, user experience, and general web design.
Deliciousthemes.comDesign & Development02/15/201738Click HereWeb design, graphic design, and development guest posts.
Riyaz.netGeneral02/15/201733Click Here"Riyaz.net publishes how-to guides, tips and tutorials and useful advice on Personal Technology, Social Media, Blogging, Personal Finance and SAP.'
Tlists.comTech, Business & Marketing02/15/201739Click HereTech, gadgets, social media and marketing.
Beatthefish.com Entertainment02/15/201732Click HereTips on playing poker.
Buzz2fone.comTech02/15/201731Click HereMobile tech - from gadgets to apps to phone recommendations.
UltraVR.orgTech02/15/201722Click HereVirtual reality news and opinion
Newtechnologytv.comEntertainment, Tech02/15/201735Click HereEntertainment and tech tips/news. Gadgets, TV shows, and related subjects.
Southeastasiabackpacker.comTravel02/15/201741Click HereGeneral travel topics: Destinations, foods, things to do, and more.
Justluxe.comLifestyle02/15/201753Click HereLuxury topics; exotic lifestyle.
Personalfinancegenius.comFinance02/15/201724Click HereAll about finances, investing, budgeting, and handling money.
Yourfinancessimplified.comFinance02/15/201742Click HereAll about finances, investing, budgeting, and handling money.
Howtospoter.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201741Click HereAll about digital marketing and online success.
Tricksdaddy.comTech02/01/201738Click HereTech tips and tricks.
Sociableblog.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201754Click HereNews and tips relating to social media and caareer.
Slashsquare.orgBusiness & Marketing02/01/201730Click HereDigital marketing topics and entrepreneurship.
Jaysonlinereviews.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201738Click HereThey look for articles on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
Roceteer.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201729Click Here"Posts should relate to business, entrepreneurship, or venture capital."
Quickregister.netBusiness & Marketing02/01/201747Click HereDigital marketing, social media, bloging, and related subjects.
Triphp.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development02/01/201740Click HereDigital marketing and web design blog.
Promotionworld.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201740Click HereArticles on blog/business promotion.
Bloggingpro.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201765Click HereDigital marketing blog.
Thefrugaltoad.comFinance02/01/201743Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Freemoneywisdom.comFinance02/01/201736Click HereWrite about "any personal finance related topic (investing, saving, frugality, faith, etc)."
Prairieecothrifter.comFinance, Science & Nature02/01/201745Click Here"Personal Finance, Frugality, Going Green, Getting Organized, or Living Healthy."
Themoneyprinciple.co.ukFinance02/01/201742Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Bloggingawaydebt.comFinance02/01/201743Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Seedebtrun.comFinance02/01/201742Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Mymoneycounselor.comFinance02/01/201734Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Moneyqanda.comFinance02/01/201743Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Canadianbudgetbinder.comFinance02/01/201743Click HereFinance tips, frugal living, recipes, and related subjects.
Lazymanandmoney.comFinance02/01/201750Click HerePersonal finance blog.
Cashmoneylife.comBusiness & Finance02/01/201749Click HerePersonal finance and career blog.
Biblemoneymatters.comFinance, Religion02/01/201747Click Here"Topic should be related to personal finance, faith, or a combination of the two topics."
Thecollegeinvestor.comFinance02/01/201747Click HereInvesting and personal finance blog.
Benzinga.comFinance02/01/201775Click HereNews, opinion and analysis on everything about money and investing.
Investing.comFinance02/01/201769Click HereNews, opinion and analysis on everything about money and investing.
Clickitticket.comEntertainment02/01/201737Click Here"Your article must be about live music, sports or theater."
Goalzila.comSelf-Improvement02/01/201717Click HerePersonal development, motivation, living a better life, and related subjects.
Imaginationwaffle.comGeneral02/01/201713Click HereGeneral blog covering health, travel, sports, parenting, and entertainment.
Productiveflourishing.comSelf-Improvement02/01/201751Click HereThey seek posts on productivity and efficiency.
Timemanagementninja.comSelf-Improvement02/01/201747Click HereAll about time management, productivity, and being organized.
Chadnicely.comBusiness & Marketing02/01/201722Click HereDigital marketing, social media, and related subjects.
Oddblogger.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech02/01/201727Click HereDigital marketing and tech articles.
Creditcardforum.comFinance02/01/201740Click HereTips on using credit cards; best practices.
Wildsister.comHealth, Lifestyle01/31/201735Click HereHealth, recipes, meditation, and well-being.
Shebudgets.comFinance01/31/201738Click HerePersonal finance and budgeting, with the goal of living a better life.
Beautifulbizarre.netDesign & Development01/31/201739Click HereGeneral art-based topics.
Thisblogrules.comEntertainment01/31/201741Click HereArt and general entertainment (movies, TV, music, etc).
Theabundantartist.comDesign & Development01/31/201747Click HereArticles on selling your art.
Commarts.comEntertainment, Design & Development01/31/201772Click HereThey look for topics "that cover emerging trends, ethical issues and what it takes to thrive in the fields of typography, photography, illustration, advertising and design for print, digital and interactive media."
Inhabitat.comScience & Nature, Tech01/31/201785Click Here"Inhabitat.com is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future."
Prowess.org.ukBusiness & Careers01/31/201740Click HereHelping women build a successful business.
Sixtyandme.comGeneral, Lifestyle01/31/201744Click HereGeneral subjects for baby boomer women (health, relationships, well-being, travel, and much more).
Finearttips.comDesign & Development01/31/201740Click HereSubmit articles on "art tips, social media advice, blogging tips, inspiration and art related articles for consideration."
Theartblog.orgDesign & Development01/31/201755Click HereGeneral art-based topics.
Womenunlimitedworldwide.comBusiness & Careers01/31/201731Click Here"The author of the post should be a business owner in their own right or be in some way related to helping women business owners grow their business."
Arkansaswomenbloggers.comLifestyle01/31/201746Click HereBlog for women on healthy, balanced living.
Drivenwoman.co.ukLifestyle01/31/201732Click HereBlog for women on healthy, balanced living.
Thebalancedlifeonline.comLifestyle01/31/201735Click HereBlog for women on healthy, balanced living.
Women-on-the-road.comTravel01/31/201744Click HereTravel tips/destination advice for women.
Indiewire.comEntertainment01/31/201785Click Here"Only posts about women and issues related to entertainment and pop culture will be considered."
Geekfeminism.orgLifestyle, General01/31/201756Click HereBroad subjects with a feminism point of view (especially in the educational space).
Bloggerspath.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech01/31/201726Click HereDigital marketing, social media, and tech.
Help.artfinder.comDesign & Development01/31/201771Click HereGeneral art-based topics.
Freelancersunion.orgBusiness & Careers01/31/201768Click HereSource/tips for freelancers (any type).
Ncl.ac.ukBusiness & Career01/29/201784Click HereCareer, productivity, and other leadership subjects.
Priorityministries.comReligion01/29/201727Click HereArticles on religious views and accepting God into your life.
Thegoodheartedwoman.comGeneral01/29/201730Click HereGeneral subjects under virtually any niche.
Womenonthefence.comGeneral, Lifestyle01/29/201739Click HereCareer, dating, parenting, health, and other subjects aimed at women.
Blog.savorthesuccess.comBusiness, General01/29/201742Click HereInspirational blog for aspiring movers and shakers. "Savor Life Magazine is the premier lifestyle resource for entrepreneurs, from beauty to business, and members of the press often come to us to find credible experts, trends, and stories."
Aspirantsg.comGeneral, Lifestyle01/29/201733Click HereThey need articles on food, travel, well-being and general lifestyle.
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Menstylefashion.comBeauty & Fashion01/29/201736Click HereThey want articles on men's fashion.
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Redpepper.org.ukLaw & Politics01/29/201758Click HerePolitical news and opinion.
Swarajyamag.comLaw & Politics01/29/201748Click HerePolitics blog. "Submissions can be broadly under one of the subcategories of commentary – on social, economic and political issues, book reviews of relevant books and Longform – where the author can delve into any issue of choice either with a series of posts or a detailed piece."
Blogcritics.orgGeneral01/29/201772Click Here"Blogcritics is an online magazine covering music, books, film, TV, gaming, culture and society, and the issues of the day. We’re interested in original reviews, news, and commentary on almost any subject."
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Canadianprogressiveworld.comLaw & Politics01/26/201734Click Here" Do you have a strong opinion on Canada and its values, institutions, issues, politics, system, news and place in the world? Do you represent a progressive organization, issue or unique truth that’s currently not finding expression in the mainstream/corporate media?"
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Nichedatafactory.comBusiness & Marketing, General01/11/201714Click Here"The site is all about Niche Data and is dedicated to providing the latest news on various Topics like Technology, Gadgets, Health, Travel, sports, Social Media, Finance, Education, shopping, Home Improvement, lifestyle, culture, fashion, and other subjects."
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Cupidspulse.comDating & Relationships01/11/201743Click Here"Your post can be written on any topic: sports, food, money, or shopping – as long as it focuses on dating, relationships, love, marriage, divorce or being single,"
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Momfuse.comFamily, General01/11/201742Click HereWide range of topics for moms, including: "Green Living, Parenting, Beauty & Style, Crafts, Health & Fitness, Finance & Money, Business – Start up/Running A Business, Becoming A MomPrenuer..."
Dogsnaturallymagazine.comAnimals01/11/201752Click HereThey look for "thought-provoking and controversial articles to help spread the word about serious things currently taking place in the Canine world. Nutrition, breed specific legislation, rights, vaccinations, politics, responsible breeding..."
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Relevantmagazine.comLifestyle01/11/201767Click Here"RELEVANT covers faith, culture and intentional living. Our readership is culturally savvy, mainly Christian 20 and 30somethings who are looking for purpose, depth and spiritual truth. Our mission is to challenge people to go further in their spiritual journey, live selflessly and intentionally."
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General01/11/201735Click HereGeneral lifestyle and success blog: Food, blogging, parenting, tech, and more.
Blueboat.blogs.uua.orgLaw & Politics, Lifestyle01/11/201777Click Here"The Blue Boat welcomes content on any topic relevant to Unitarian Universalism or issues of social justice, and favors submissions that are relevant to the youth or young adult experience of living and acting upon the principles and values of a liberal faith."
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Techblazes.comTech01/11/201726Click HereNews, tips and updates on: "Tech Updates, Mobile Phone, Smart Phone or Tablet Reviews (Latest devices only), Operating Systems (Either PC or Mobile OS), Laptops, Apps and Games (Of any Mobile OS) How to….(Only Tech related)..."
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Filipinofreethinkers.orgLifestyle, General01/11/201731Click HereBlog on liberal subjects. "Freethought is a way of thinking unconstrained by dogma, authority, and tradition. To a freethinker, no idea is sacred; all truth claims are subject to skepticism, rational inquiry, and empirical testing."
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Creativebloq.comDesign & Development, Business & Marketing09/01/201687Click HereWeb & design, creativity, inspiration, and marketing
Edweek.orgEducation09/01/201688Click HereEducational and learning news
Babble.comEntertainment09/01/201688Click HereEntertainment news, lifestyle tips for moms and families
PsychologyToday.comSelf-improvement09/01/201689Click HerePsychology, behavioral analysis, and related subjects
VentureBeat.comTech09/01/201690Click HereCoverage of the latest technological trends
SmashingMagazine.comDesign & Development09/01/201690Click HereWeb design, UX and tech
AListApart.comDesign & Development09/01/201690Click HereWeb design, laws, and UX
SearchEngineLand.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201691Click HereSearch engine news, internet analysis and marketing.
Shopify.comEcommerce09/01/201691Click HereSelling techniques and increasing conversions
Entrepreneur.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201691Click HereTech, blogging, leadership, business & financial news.
HubSpot.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201691Click HereWide marketing subjects: Social media, blogging, conversion rates, list building.
Inc.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201692Click HereTech, leadership, business & financial news.
Elearnmag.acm.orgEducation09/01/201693Click HereEducational and learning resources such as tools, services and techniques.
Politico.comLaw & Politics09/01/201693Click HereGovernment news, financial analysis and conservative matters
Ucl.ac.ukEducation09/01/201693Click HereEducational topics that affect our daily life. Environmental news.
Forbes.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201696Click HereBusiness, investing, leadership and entrepreneurship.
Opencolleges.edu.auEducation09/01/201667Click HereAdvice for students, career prep
Thebark.comAnimals09/01/201666Click HereTips for dog owners
Harlequin.comLiterature09/01/201666Click HereBooks shopping and recommendations
DesignShack.netDesign & Development09/01/201665Click HereCSS, UX, web design tips
Adoptivefamilies.comFamily09/01/201665Click HereAdoption and parenting advice
Dumblittleman.comSelf-Improvement09/01/201665Click HereTips to live a better life
Onextrapixel.comDesign & Development, Marketing09/01/201665Click HereInternet trends, developer tools, design and engineering
Heartifb.comBeauty & Fashion, Blogging09/01/201664Click HereTips for fashion bloggers, photography and resources
Searchenginepeople.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201663Click HereGeneral marketing, SEO, social media
Aplus.comEntertainment, General09/01/201662Click HerePop culture news, fashion, life and general fun subjects
Smallbusinessbc.caBusiness & Marketing09/01/201660Click HereGrowing and managing your business
escapeartist.comBusiness & Finance09/01/201662Click HereMoney, budgeting, retirement planning, investing
TechCrunch.comBusiness & Tech09/01/201694Click HereGadget news, startups, and industry insights.
Techwyse.comTech, Business & Marketing09/01/201662Click HereGeneral marketing, social media, conversions and SEO
Businessinsider.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201694Click HereFinance, tech, politics, sports, and other trending topics
Additudemag.comFamily, Health09/01/201667Click HereHealth, primarily based on ADHD and LD
Edutopia.orgEducation09/01/201684Click HereEducational and learning subjects
SmallBizTrends.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201683Click HereMarketing, blogging, tech, and financial subjects
Ascd.orgEducation09/01/201683Click HereEducational and learning subjects
Polepositionmarketing.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201682Click HereMarketing, promotion, blogging, business
Opendemocracy.netLaw & Politics09/01/201682Click HereVarious subjects on politics and current events
Patheos.comLaw & Politics, Religion09/01/201682Click HereFaith, religion and general politics
Transitionsabroad.comTravel09/01/201667Click HereTraveling, living, working, and studying abroad
BenchmarkEmail.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201681Click HereMarketing, promotion, blogging, business
LifeHack.orgSelf-Improvement09/01/201684Click HereTips to make life easier
MarketingProfs.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201681Click HereMarketing, promotion, blogging, business
NaturalNews.comHealth & Fitness09/01/201685Click HereNatural news and subjects, healthy living
Business.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201680Click HereMarketing, promotion, blogging, business
SonicBids.comEntertainment09/01/201680Click HereMusic industry topics and promotion
Manning.comTech, Design & Development09/01/201680Click HereInformation for software developers, engineers, and general tech professionals
HongKiat.comTech, Design & Development09/01/201679Click HereArt, design, marketing & tech topics
ThisisColossal.comPhotography09/01/201679Click HereImages, illustrations and photography topics
Greatist.comHealth & Fitness09/01/201679Click HereFitness, physical health, mental stability, news & tips
WebDesignerDepot.comTech, Design & Development09/01/201678Click HereWeb design news and tips
SelfGrowth.comSelf-Improvement09/01/201678Click HereSelf-improvement topics
Viator.comTravel09/01/201678Click HereTravel tips, destinations, exotic locations
PSMag.comSociety09/01/201677Click HereCurrent events, environmental news and opinion
Coschedule.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201677Click HereGeneral marketing topics
OilPrice.comBusiness & Finance09/01/201677Click HereOil and gas news, opinion
Labnol.orgTech, Internet09/01/201677Click HereWeb tutorials, tips for online tools and services
AbovetheLaw.comLaw & Politics09/01/201676Click HereLaw an legal advice, news and tips
Digital-Photography-School.comPhotography09/01/201676Click HerePhotography tutorials, product recommendations & reviews
DailyBlogTips.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201676Click HereGeneral blogging and digital marketing
Aiche.orgScience & Nature09/01/201675Click HereChemical engineering, science and environmental subjects
GetRichSlowly.orgBusiness & Finance09/01/201675Click HereFinance tips, making money and budgeting
Hostelbookers.comTravel09/01/201675Click HereTravel tips, things to do, budgeting while traveling and more
ContactMusic.comEntertainment09/01/201674Click HereAll topics related to music, movies and pop culture
MoneyCrashers.comBusiness & Finance09/01/201673Click HereMoney making, saving, budgeting, and other financial subjects
GoAbroad.comEducation & Travel09/01/201673Click HereStudying abroad, internships, general learning and travel advice
YourTango.comFamily, Self-Improvement09/01/201673Click HereFamily and social advice, self-improvement tips
BootsnAll.comTravel09/01/201673Click HereTravel tips, exploration, best advice
SpeckyBoy.comDesign & Development09/01/201672Click HereWeb and app design, UX, development
MarketingPilgrim.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201672Click HereGeneral marketing subjects
BPlans.comBusiness & Finance09/01/201671Click HereManaging a business from start to finish
ArmyMWR.comFamily, General09/01/201671Click HereFamily life, activities and self-improvement
WebDesignLedger.comDesign & Development09/01/201671Click HereGeneral design and illustration, application tutorials
More.comBeauty & Fashion09/01/201671Click HereBeauty and fashion tips
IWillTeachYoutobeRich.comFinance, careers, Business & Marketing09/01/201671Click HereCareer advice, business and money talk
DesertUSA.comTravel09/01/201671Click HereA look into famous deserts and survival tips
SiteProNews.comTech, Internet09/01/201671Click HereSocial media, tech and web news
EventManagerBlog.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201671Click HereEvent planning and management, business and marketing
Ccim.comHome & Garden09/01/201670Click HereReal estate and related subjects
EarthEasy.comScience & Nature09/01/201670Click HereEnvironmental tips and advice
Moneysavingmom.comBusiness & Finance09/01/201669Click HereMoney saving, using coupons, and living well
5minutesformom.comFamily, General09/01/201669Click HereFamily life, finance, recipes, and other friendly subjects
PicktheBrain.comSelf-Improvement09/01/201669Click HereMotivation, productivity, health
Onegreenplanet.orgScience & Nature09/01/201668Click HereGreen living, organic foods and environmental topics
Steves-digicams.comTech, Photography09/01/201668Click HereDigital camera news, resources and tips
Gradle.orgTech, Design & Development09/01/201668Click HereDeveloper tools, resources and strategies
Weddingbee.comFamily & Weddings09/01/201667Click HereWedding planning and budgeting
Biggerpockets.comFinance, Home & Garden09/01/201667Click HereReal estate, finance, investing
Business2Community.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201681Click HereBusiness news, financial topics
Socialmediatoday.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201684Click HereSocial media, marketing, promotion and leadership topics
AllBusiness.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201681Click HereMarketing, promotion, blogging, business
FastCompany.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201693Click HereSubmit a guest post about tech, leadership, business & financial news.

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