The Unfair (But Astonishingly Simple) Advantage Top Writers Don’t Normally Disclose

It’s a question that has vexed you for ages.

How on earth do they do it? Why’s their copy always successful? How do they perpetually impress clients? What’s their secret?

I’m not surprised because, like you, I used to wonder. Sometimes you even think you’re cursed and the Google Gods have forsaken you – hence you don’t get any traffic or conversions.

You know who I’m speaking about, don’t you, my friend? I’m talking about your writer heroes— dazzlingly skilled freelance copywriters who make decent money writing year after year.

The Hugely Popular Writers Roll Call

Let’s take a look at this brief list of writers who are crushing it:

  • A-level copywriters who pen flawless copy which raises millions of dollars for their clients (and ahem, their pockets).
  • Bestselling authors who touch millions of lives through their well-crafted words.
  • Famous bloggers whose inspirational stories resonate with people around the globe.
  • Fast growing companies whose marketing campaigns always hit the bull’s dollar’s eye.
  • Blogs and businesses which have off the charts conversion rates.
  • Seven-figure consultants whose businesses are driven by stellar content.
  • High-flying freelancers who land lucrative gigs at every turn — clients pitch them (*gasp).

These guys and gals savor writing riches in Canaan land while you’re scorched by the unforgiving rays of lack in the wilderness wondering if you’ll ever hit your first $1000 earnings as a freelancer.

Want in on their hidden weapon?

A Peek at the Writing Masters Confidential Success Files

Ready for the big reveal?

The secret to impactful top tier writing is:


Yep. That’s it.

Ace writers have a gifted editor helping them.

If you take a closer look, most have editors. No wonder they shine. Their writing may not be better than yours. But they hire professional editors to polish their words into gleaming jewels. And, meanwhile, here you are trying to work wonders on your own.


The A-level Writers Quality Control Chain

Here’s the typical (bare minimum) journey a pro writer’s piece takes before it gets published in massive publishing circles. Note that the article goes back and forth between editor and writer in a long, creative ping pong game until a winner is produced.

  • Big Blogs

Managing Editor> Copy Editor> Publish

  • Newspapers

Assigning Editor > Copy Editor> Publish

  • Book Publishers

Acquisitions Editor> Book Editor> Copy Editor> Proofreader> Publish

And, in the spirit of fairness, we’ll also show your own complex editing process too:

  • You



Fellow writer, here’s the plain truth:

Without a talented editor on your side you don’t stand a chance. You’ll be stuck in the wannabe amateur ranks forever thinking you don’t have what it takes.

Ouch. That hurt, didn’t it?

Here’s the point:

Your completed book, article, sales letter, brochure, or ad is not a finished product. I know you’ve toiled over it for hours or weeks. But it’s a rough uncut diamond. You’ve got to hand it over to an expert gem cutter, an editor, to reveal its beauty and brilliance.

But I don’t have cash to hire an editor, I can hear you whining. That’s so unfair. What must I do?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

How to Emulate Writing Rock Stars Without Robbing the Bank

#1. Learn how to self-edit.

Master editing your own work and your pieces will go up a notch.

Have a clear process to follow, otherwise you’ll get dizzy on a muddled textual merry-go-round.

Advanced tip: Develop your own editing template.

#2. Get a critique partner.

Search for a writing partner and correct each other’s work.

Make sure it’s a colleague who’s in your class or higher.

Advanced tip: For best results, get a writer who writes in your genre.

#3. Join a critique group.

Hook up with likeminded authors and revise each other’s pieces.

Can’t find a group? No problem, start one.

Advanced tip: Don’t let group meetings turn into psychotherapy sessions.

#4. Get a free word savvy editor.

Problem: it’s hard to find free and word savvy in the same place.

Ask a writing professional friend or contact to check your work. But free can only take you so far.

Advanced tip: Tip her once in a while to keep her interested.

#5. Invest in editing for important projects.

Put your money where your pen is when doing key projects like your landing pages, guest posts, pitches, lead magnets, or a big client’s work.

Advanced tip: Look for patterns of problem areas in your paid edits and fix them.

#6. Write for big sites.

Big blogs have got editors, remember?

You can get their pricy editors for free — by writing guest posts for them. Your copy will go through their entire process and you’ll come out a better writer for it.

Advanced tip: Ask the editor or site owner to specifically critique your post.

#7. Buy great editing books.

Tap into years of revision experience by investing in a couple of meaty editing books.

It’ll bump up your rewriting.

Advanced tip: Condense the best book into your manual of style.

#8. Use editing apps.

Use free and paid editing software like Pro Writing Aid to check your writing for inconsistencies, overused words, and sticky sentences.

Wonderful as these tools are, they’re not perfect—you still need a human being to edit your work. All editors say: amen!

Advanced tip: To reap more benefits, run your text through different software, that way one program picks what another might have missed.

#9. Factor in editing in your charges.

Charge a little extra when quoting a client. Use the cash to pay an editor to spit polish for you.

Your clients will be delighted with your quality piece and you’ll be free to do more work as the rewriter does the heavy lifting for you.

Advanced tip: Use the same editor to get better rates since you’ll be giving her regular gigs.

#10. Get your own editor.

This is the Holy Grail.

Talented editors are rare jewels. Stay clear of bad editors. Hunt for one who understands your genre, style, and mission. Once you find her, marry keep her.

Advanced tip: If she muffles your voice, run for your writing life.

Turn the Key and Turbocharge Your Freelance Business

Now that you know the secret, it’s up to you.

Want to have more clients than you can handle? Want to be a well-fed freelancer instead of a starving amateur? Want to produce magnetic copy and feast on writing milk and honey like the popular pros?

Get veteran literary eyeballs to review your work.