6 Simple Tips for Writing Addictive Introductions

How would the world be different if no one heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech’?

If these legendary pieces of art were a blog post with a bad introduction, that would be the case.

Without an incredible introduction, no one will read your blog post. End of story.   

You want to write introductions that grab readers by the unmentionables and pull them deep into the heart of your posts.

Without it, you’re done. After all, on the internet, you’re only ever two clicks away from a cat video.

Below you’ll learn the secret to writing introductions that hook readers for the whole hog.

1. Solve a reader’s problems

Your readers want to know that their needs and concerns will be met within the warm confines of your hallowed blog post. Let them know this is the case as soon as possible.

Let’s say you’re writing a post about the best universities to study electrical engineering. You might write:

Are you a student who wants to study electrical engineering but doesn’t know which college is best?

If you were writing a post that explained how tourists can find the best pizzas in Manhattan, you might write:

On the hunt for a delicious pizza parlour in Manhattan? Don’t worry, this post has got your taste buds covered.

2. Be your reader’s best friend

Readers gravitate to writers in a similar situation to them. Write about something you and your readers have in common to create a connection. If your audience were young mothers, you might write:

We’ve all been there. It’s 2am. You’re trying to sleep. You have to be up at 6am. The husband has his arm around your neck, snoring away like a chainsaw in your ear and the baby’s next door screaming blue bloody murder!

3. Create mystery

What’s the secret behind the popularity of Game of Thrones? Or how about Power? Assuming you’re one of the 99% of people who have seen it, you’ll know that part of the reason why is the deep mystery these shows manage to create.

You don’t need to be an Emmy award-winning writer to add mystery to your introductions. Simply, channel your inner storyteller and have fun with it.

I woke up with a chill, stirred to consciousness by a sickening snap akin to that of dry twigs. The echoing cries of agony that penetrated my skull.

4. Let people know why you’re writing

If people understand why you’re writing the post, they’ll be hooked for the entirety of it.

Let’s say you decided to learn to properly manage your finances. You might write an introduction like this.:

I was sick and tired of running out of money. Each month, it seemed I was forced to survive on pasta slightly earlier. Something needed to change. I couldn’t keep living that way.

Painting a picture like this can make you more relatable and create a strong bond with the reader.

5. Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions at the start of your blog posts will entice your readers to find out more. A great introductory question will be intriguing, yet impossible for the reader to answer without reading on for further information.

Here is an example:

Could it be true that everything you thought you knew about women, dating and relationships was a complete lie?

6. Shock your reader with surprising facts

Surprising facts make your post seem valuable and credible. Be as specific as you can and use numbers where possible.

Here is an example for a blog about how to publish e-books on Amazon.

In 1995, around $10 million worth of e-books were sold on Amazon. In 2013, the figure grew to $1.6 billion.

Have fun with your introductions

Writing an amazing blog post introduction doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems.

All of these tips are easy to implement with a little practice. Why not try writing six introductions for each post and seeing which one is likely to strike a chord with your readers?

Take time, have fun and experiment with your introductions until you find one that jumps off the page.