Highly Unexpected Work From Home Jobs & Professions

Today i’d like to highlight various professions that offer jobs from home that perhaps most wouldn’t expect.

Even today there is a stigma when it comes to work from home jobs, such as those in telemarketing or call centers. And while it is true that many are predominantly home-based, you’ll also be quite surprised what other job professions are offered as such.

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1. Fashion and Beauty

Believe it or not, companies do offer work from home jobs in this profession. Some of you may think, “well, of course I could be a stylist out of my home.” But no, these are true work from home internet jobs (there’s a difference).

As crazy as this sounds, take a look at some of the jobs offered in this category — Style and Beauty Writer, Product Marketing Consultant, Stylist, as well as others. And while you would need to adjust your mindset to understand how these jobs could be done from home, just know that they require the exact same experience as performing them from a brick and mortar building.

2. Mental Health

Jobs in this profession are mainly case management work. Some jobs may include self-help lines or some sort of counseling. But the fact of the matter is, technology allows interactions with humans to occur in the comfort of your home to be almost as effective as in person. I say almost because nothing can ever replace the effectiveness of in-person interaction.

3. Animal and Wildlife

Take a moment and think of jobs that could exist in this profession. Can you come up with any? Maybe, or maybe not…

Veterinarian Pathologist, as well as Trust and Safety Specialist are just a few viable examples. Granted, there aren’t many jobs in this field that are work from home, but the fact that some opportunities exist should be enough to convince any skeptic to find out what else is out there.

Final remarks:

Most will tell you that there aren’t a lot of home-based jobs out there, and in a way, this is true. That said, a lot of businesses – even Federal Government agencies – are offering jobs from home these days.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that our job board has over 2,000 jobs that are completely performed from home, with new jobs added everyday and old ones promptly removed. Some of these include:


Federal Government


Insurance Claims

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