Get Paid to Listen to Music

Get Paid to Listen to Music Online

Just when you thought making money at home wasn’t all that fun, now you can get paid to listen to music. This is done by performing various things such as reviewing and rating tracks.

Why would you get paid to listen to songs? Artists and labels find this important because it helps them improve every aspect of a song before it’s released to the public.

Each song is based on different genres, so you have to tolerate all types and provide an honest rating. Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears? Let’s get started.

Slice The Pie pays you to review songs and music in all conceivable genres.

The amount of money you earn is determined by a ranking system that measures how detailed your review is. The average review should be no less than 50 words, otherwise you may be prompted to modify it.

On average, Slice the Pie pays around .10 cents per music review, but this amount varies greatly from person to person. You can cash out via PayPal once you accrue $10.

Radio Loyalty

Listen to hundreds of stations based on common music genres such as rock, jazz and R&B. In addition, you can watch videos and music-based programs.

Earn points for performing many tasks while logged in: Listen to music, rate a song, watch videos, share a music station with friends, perform internet searches through their built-in search bar, among other tasks.

You can then exchange these points for merchandise. Lastly, you may also earn a 10% referral for every person you invite to join through your affiliate link. In other words, you earn points indefinitely for every person that signs up through your link and participates on the site.


Essentially, you have the power to influence new music as producers need you to rate songs and provide your opinions. These opinions are shared with record labels, their managers and everyone involved in the industry.

HitPredictor pays you to listen to music through various prizes and incentives such as gift cards to different stores. For example, they often reward you a $100 Amazon gift card which you can resell or simply use for your own needs.

MusicXRay works similarly to the other ones. However, these guys will try to tailor each song to your personal tastes to help you enjoy the experience a lot more. All in all, you can choose from country, pop, rock, classical and many other music genres.

At the beginning, you can only earn around .5 cents per submitted rating. As your score improves, your earnings keep increasing until you reach a maximum of $1. You can finally request payment once you reach $20.

Can You Really Get Paid to Listen to Music Online?

PourquoiPas / Pixabay
PourquoiPas / Pixabay

In reality, you won’t make much money to rate songs, unless you are a professional fully employed in the industry.

That being said, getting paid to review music still puts some pocket change in the bank here and there, useful for the occasional rainy day. The people who benefit most from reviewing music online are those with a real passion for it. After all, why not get paid doing something that you love?

In order to make the best of these, it’s wise to schedule a time to review music one or twice a week, while never breaking out of that habit.

Speaking of money…

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