Make Social Bookmarking Effective Enough To Bring Traffic

Social bookmarking sites can be of great help when it comes to achieving greater organic search traffic. But to get a higher rank and get your content on the front page, you need a helping hand from social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and many others. What you need to do is to come up with content that is not only relevant and of high quality, but also catchy and engaging. To help you do this, here are some great tips on how to efficiently use social bookmarking to achieve greater organic search traffic.

Content Tips

  1. Off-the-Charts headlines

A good title will encourage more readers to take their time and go through your whole content. A bad one won’t. In fact, most readers won’t even dare to read the first paragraph if the first thing they stumble upon is, a boring title that doesn’t link them to what they are looking for. To encourage your readers to continue reading, you must create a persuasive titles that is also unique. The title should also aim to answer their queries as well as solve their problems. This will not only kindle the excitement but will also make the readers want to go on and on. You can get some tips from Headline Analyzer tool

  1. Compelling descriptions

Even with a good title and relevant content, use of dull, non-readable sentences will make the whole thing boring. Never forget that many readers want to get important information but what keeps them going on and on is the flow of your sentences. So, focus on your audience preferences. You can make this easier by adding a little bit of humour, use of strong words, adding some few quotes and more. What you are trying to do here is encourage your audience to continue reading so as to understand the whole concept.

  1. A first paragraph which retains

As mentioned earlier, you need to keep your audience in mind, and you can’t do this with a bad introduction. Unless you are writing for yourself, you need to come up with an enticing introduction that will convince the reader that the rest of the content has the answers they are looking for. Ensure that the first two lines connect your reader to the whole piece. To do this, you need to avoid starting your sentences with generalizing statements and definitions simply because it will sound like you are beating about the bush. To keep your audience engaged, ensure that your sentences persuade the reader to read the next sentence and so on until they do the last bit.

  1. Your content is a free pass

One thing that will make a person choose your type of content among others is the thought that it has what he or she is looking for. But sometimes, they might be looking for more than what you had compiled for them. The only way to get yourself out of the trouble is to lure them into reading it. First of all, ensure that you have covered everything. You can then try and incorporate some emotions to encourage them, level-up the relevancy, work on clarity, do away with distraction, replace pitches with advice and more. You can also include some relevant testimonials. For example, if you are talking about the benefits of a particular product, you can include some user review so as to convince the reader that what you are saying is true.

  1. Text edits

You’ll never know the person who comes across your content. He or she can be French, Chinese or even Greek. No matter who they are, they need to understand your sentence and be able to link it to what they are looking for, and this can’t happen if you give them poorly formatted texts. Creating flawless writing means the exclusion of misplaced punctuation marks, bad grammar, typo errors, sentences that don’t read well or any other thing that might complicate your writing will not only make it harder for your readers to understand your concept but will also make your whole content look unprofessional.

Submission Tips

  1. What to submit

Old content is just nothing more than outdated. No one wants to repeat reading a content twice or thrice. It just gets boring. Besides, many readers look for new information simply because there are high chances that they’ve come across what is already there. So, ensure that the content you are submitting is new and up to date. If you can’t do it any better than submitting what is already there, work on how to present it. For example, you can give it another angle of approach. Also, ensure that you cover topics that are in request.

  1. Where to submit

Not all social bookmarking sites will work for you. If you aren’t satisfied with a particular social bookmarking site; you can try to submit to several sites and see if they work for you. However, before you do this, confirm if your content has some value in it. So, ensure that you’ve worked on all the parts using the tips mentioned above and also ensure that you submit it to the right category so as to maximize on the targeted audience views.

  1. When to submit

Submitting your content at the wrong time might not go well. Even with the most compelling content, you might not get your targeted number of audience to read it. Keep in mind that the number you expect won’t log in and read your content at the same time. However, there is that time that many will be online. To make this easier, you need to track the time when there is a high presence and submit your posts to convert visitors. Never rely on an automated submitter simply because this can damage your reputation increasing the risks of getting banned.

Profile Tips

  1. Solid profile

Your profile plays a big role in earning you some respect. Apart from making you look professional, it gives your content some value, makes you stand out and most importantly, gives your targeted audience a reason to read your content. Just like the good first impression you need when in for a job interview, a good profile makes your content more professional and worth going for. The moment your reader clicks on your profile, he or she needs to be convinced that what she is reading or about to read is coming from a professional who knows what he or she is talking about.

  1. Active participation

Even for the professionals, it is never easy coming up with great content that will impress many. Creating the right content requires you to learn regularly from your targeted audience. If you didn’t know it, their opinions count more than what you have in mind. Besides, they are the ones who do the choosing. The part you play is figuring out what you think will impress and give it to them. So, how do you find out what your targeted audience is more interested in? Simple, active participation. Growing means learning from mistakes and taking the right steps to correct them. The only way to know that you are on the wrong side is to listen to your readers, answer their queries and most importantly, put their opinions at work.

  1. Advantageous relationships

Most of the times you can’t just do it by yourself. You need a helping hand from someone who’s been doing the same thing over and over. What you are trying to do here is to partner with the best for a mutual benefit. Picture this, for example; you are new in a market where top-notch competition says it all.

The worst part is, the people you are up against have been there for more than enough years. Don’t you think coming up with a strategy that will outmatch theirs requires you to do a lot more? Well, you have to be on another level, maybe far from what they consider a sky limit. To tell the truth, it is almost impossible, but not when you work with those who have already been there.

Partnering with the right people at the right time is one great trick to secure your position at the top of the food chain. Not that they will be funding you in any way, but they will be helping you fight your way up. In short, helping you survive a competitive market. You’ll be working persistently to get people notice you online. Building relations will also make it easier for you to get their followers.

Social bookmarking may come in handy for a person having a hard time gaining organic search research, but not when you don’t have the right skills to exploit all the benefits. The tips above might not only make it easier to earn traffic on social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and many others but will also help you achieve more traffic from many other social networks. Besides, good content will always gain traffic independent of where it comes from. Use the tips above and realise what you’ve been missing.