The Truth About Obnoxious Blogging

Whether you blog for money or not, there are certain actions you should always avoid…

The wonderful world of blogging can be filled with a wide variety of different aspects as a whole. Some people blog about life, some people blog about pets, others about money, and some people just blog to get their opinion out there, regardless of who may want to hear them.

Yet, it’s important to remember that you need to focus on being insightful instead of boring, deep instead of shallow, and of course, you should always remember to avoid obnoxious blogging.

Now, of course in some areas, such as mainstream entertainment, obnoxious bloggers such as Perez Hilton make a killing by being annoying, out of control, and totally out of line — and obnoxious. His celebrity status is a big help, but let’s remember that these actions may not yield any results for the rest of us.

The Reality of Being Obnoxious:

When it comes to obnoxious blogging in general, many people often die out and fade away, as people cannot (and simply will not) deal with all of the yelling, screaming, anger issues, and more.

People get frustrated with them, and they truly and simply cannot stand them either. Thus, here are some tips to help you determine if you are being an obnoxious blogger – whether it’s for the purpose of making money or simply for the sake or venting.

First and for most, the tone plays a big role. You really have to know if you’re being too angry, or over-bearing, or overly obnoxious, or even threatening. If so, then chances are that you’re being an obnoxious blogger.

Angry blogs usually come across as rants, and people often cannot tolerate rants at all due to their “Grumpy old men” theme to them. Over-bearing blogs can be that exact same way, in that people find them to be too harsh, judgmental, and even out of control, and thus they are labeled as obnoxious.

It’s also plain and simple to see that if your blog comes across as threatening, chances are your blog will also be labeled as overly obnoxious. Not to mention the potential legalities that could come from this as well, depending on the severity of your threats.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, make sure that you simply avoid being “that person” at all costs. Otherwise this could damage your credibility, your reputation, your ability to earn from the blog, and more.

Remember it’s all about making sure that you sound passionate, confident, and of course, smart and on point. Thus, enjoy the blogging experience you have and get the respect you deserve by always avoiding any and all types of needlessly reckless blogging