8 Basic Success tips for the African Blogger

First, we define success differently but the common factor is when you have your objective(s) met, you have made success. The nature of blogging allows for objectives in structured stages such that one objective may not be met before one specific one is.

8 Basic Success tips for the African Blogger

1: Watch out what motivates you. Like many that blog, don’t be tempted to make money your motivation for blogging. You may give up early because money may not come at all, at least in the near future. It may take forever before you start earning from your efforts online.

2: Blog on something you like. If I were to blog on something that I would have to force myself to start writing a post on, most definitely I will soon have a burnout. This is straight forward, you need not blog on a professional subject but simply on something you like. Don’t be ashamed to standout on your subject of interest and do not be tempted to switch to a subject that you see many people find success on in the internet.

3: Know that things happen slowly, very slow in blogging. If you do not have a thick layer of persistence and patience, do not go for blogging. It is like a human being trying to pull a 5 ton truck in a level ground. The moment the truck starts moving, you need to keep pulling and the momentum will build slowly but surely. Blogging can also be likened to a lifetime commitment if it has to work for you.

4: It would give you comfort to know that people online show no favoritism but behave accordingly. If you produce crap, people will not follow your work but if you produce quality content that people want, they will follow you. As much as it things take time to… (continue)

5: Participate in other people’s work to get recognition. If you want to open a page in any social network and only to find that someone else has opened one with the same title, don’t open your own similar one, but join the existing one and participate like you would your own. This will help you build quick reputation and avoid being called a copycat. The same reason you are reading this post is because I practice what I preach.

6: Do more than just blogging. Never underestimate the internet community. Don’t think you have the best knowledge in your subject area. You need exposure right in the internet space. The internet is a world in itself and you can only thrive if you take time to learn the pros and cons of living in this particular world.

7: Understand that Africa is a virgin land for internet opportunities. There is still a chance for you to win because Africa is just starting out on internet marketing. The claim that if you want to be a millionaire online you have to move to Africa is true. All that you have to do is do like the prosperous bloggers do and how they achieved their success. You may even repeat exactly what they did and you can make it because your environment is still in the growth stage.

8: Stay focused. If you want your blog to get popular but at the same time you want to sell some staff, you want to make it a photo blog but at the same time you want it to be a news forum, you may confuse yourself while confusing your audience. Learn to do one thing at a time, make sure it is stable and can be sustained at little or no effort at all, then move on to something else. Get a coach if you are not sure. You may coach yourself by doing a research on how to achieve your goal.

I call these basic points for me, and I have found them to keep me afloat. They can be followed in no particular order but observing them as you go. I encourage you the African blogger never to give up but keep doing what you like ‘blogging’.

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