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5 best ESA dog breeds – 2023 
Dogs are the most common emotional support animals across the United States of America and the world. People adopt support dogs to cope with various psychological problems wherein, the main issues are related to anxiety. In other cases, people suffering from depression and other related mental disorders opt for support dogs. Evidence shows the great influence of dogs on the mental health condition of people.   
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The people who keep dogs are more prone to stay happy and live satisfying lives. In other words, dogs have remained a good companion of man throughout history. They are the most loyal animals that provide different opportunities for their owners to develop a strong bond. Although there are different types of emotional support animals, dogs have a distinguished reputation when it comes to emotional support. There are various reasons behind this, and you should pay heed to particular qualities of dogs while adopting one.  
         Dogs are often intelligent, obedient, good learners, easy-going, and social animals that make them suitable for emotional support. People who suffer from psychological problems need an intelligent companion who can read their minds, once they feel sad or negative. Dogs carry genuine credibility in this regard. Their powerful senses enable them to understand any situation very quickly, therefore, they are the most suitable animals for emotional support. Likewise, people who suffer from mental health issues possess very fragile personalities. Initially, they don't like disobedience. Dogs, however, are very obedient animals that always follow the orders of their owner. In this way, dogs can provide moments of great ease for their owner throughout the day.  
         Moreover, other qualities of dogs make them easy-going and social animals. Dogs can easily adapt themselves to different conditions, and encourage their owners to do so. For instance, they push their owners to break the fetters of social isolation by encouraging them to go outside for walks and exercises. In this way, their obedience and tendency towards social life make them relevant for emotional support.  
         Specifically, there are some reputed breeds of dogs that are considered the best emotional support animals. I must say, you should look for a Labrador Retriever if you need an emotional support dog. Labrador breeds are the most intelligent dogs that carry the potential to learn things very quickly. They are of sober nature that makes them a suitable family dog. If you bring a Labrador, you don't need to tame or train it for long. They can easily be trained within weeks. However, they require daily exercises to keep themselves fit and happy. In this regard, you should take them for outdoor walks with you. Doing so would provide you an opportunity to indulge yourself in physical exercises, as well. One thing you should keep in mind before going to adopt a Labrador is that you should obtain an esa letter from a mental health professional. The letter gives you legal permission to keep a Labrador emotional support dog.  
         Golden Retrievers are another breed that is tempered, very intelligent, and affectionate animals. Moreover, they are very playful and gentle dogs. Likewise, they are very mild towards children, strangers, and other pets. If you are suffering from a particular type of psychological problem, you can adopt this breed that will help you in dealing with your mental health issues. This breed carries very positive behavior towards making a bond with the owner. Interestingly, they have the potential to read your mind, and they will force you to participate in different games. You can even play football with your Golden Retrievers at your home. Moreover, this breed likes to swim and motivates you to indulge yourself in swimming and so on. If you are thinking of this breed as a support animal you should first acquire an esa letter for housing before bringing the animal home or to your residential place.  
Chihuahua breed is another affectionate and loving dog that possesses a tiny body but enormous charm and grace. They are quick learners and intelligent dogs that can provide effective emotional support for their owners. Moreover, these dogs often follow their owners everywhere, even from room to room. They like to sleep on the laps of the owners, and their tiny size makes them easily portable. You can even put your Chihuahua dog into a small bag and can carry it with you anywhere. No one can stop you from doing so unless you lack an emotional support animal letter. I must suggest, you should always keep your ESA Letter with you while taking your support animal with you to different places.  
Yorkshire Terriers are often considered as the best toy dogs that possess the potential to adapt to the apartment living style. Likewise, this breed has the potential to bear both cold and hot weather with great patience. Moreover, this breed can also live alone at home once you leave for work or some other important task. They are easy to groom, tame and train, and possess great qualities of affection and compassion. They are kid friendly, positive towards strangers, and can easily make a bond with people. Yorkshire can be a good companion for you and can help you deal with mental health situations.  
Apart from these breeds, Beagle is another dog that carries great potential to help its owner to deal with psychological problems. Basically, Beagle is a hunting dog, nevertheless, its cool and calm nature makes it a reasonable emotional support animal. For instance, they are happy, funny, and cute dogs that amuse their owners and show great respect and loyalty.

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