A humble service for writers, editors, bloggers, and other freelancers

Hi there, Elvis Michael here 😉

I’m a former freelance writer and current blogger. You can find my work on eHow, The UPS Store, BloggingPro, Skyword, and more.

Long story short: I know that finding remote work isn’t always easy or convenient. So I have created this website to help fellow creatives excel in record speed.

Oh, and plenty of things for bloggers / marketers are available as well.

Here’s what I can help you with…

Writers: 400+ writing / editing gigs per day

These gigs come from many job boards around the web (most are remote or otherwise flexible).

Why chase jobs when you can let them all come to you instead?

Note: Listiller shows you MANY more writing jobs than any other website
(competitors only show around 10 daily jobs. Compare that to 400+).

Main perks:

  • Ability to search (imagine searching 50+ job boards from one place)
  • You can save jobs to view them later
  • Highlight important jobs for easy viewing (or to resume where you left off)
  • You may also strike through jobs that you wish to ignore

Visit the main homepage to see it in action.

Writers: Other Features

Enjoy the curated jobs section

In addition to 400+ daily jobs, the homepage shows a section with higher-paying gigs which is manually curated and updated.

This section contains jobs that often pay hundreds of dollars per article. Some clients even pay a salary of $60,000 per year or more.

Visit the main homepage to see it in action.

Claim Listiller tasks (internal jobs)

Paper editingMoreover, Listiller occasionally requests easy tasks which you can grab freely from the main homepage. These are paid directly by Listiller!

Some tasks may ask you to:

  • Write a short blurb
  • Share an article on social media
  • Find a specific link / reference

I pay for these myself, usually within 24 hours. How does that sound?

Visit the main homepage to see it in action.

Receive jobs to your inbox!

Don’t want to manually visit Listiller? Receive most jobs by email every 6-12 hours.

Think about it….

Imagine receiving hundreds of jobs straight to your inbox, several times daily.

Did you know? Similar services only send you about 7-10 jobs daily.

With Listiller, you can actually choose how many times you wish to receive a daily email (up to four times per day).

Aggregated writing contests

Listiller also aggregates external writing contests (competitions) which also pay specific amounts.

These are short, sweet, and often pay a lot of money.

Bloggers: Access over 5,000 blogs that accept guest posts

This works AMAZINGLY well for spreading your name / brand. Yes, even now in 2021!

The list is organized by category, description, domain authority (DA) and a link straight to their submissions page.

Manually updated (regularly).

Bloggers: Other Features

Listiller promotes your content on your behalf: Listiller submits your article to several social media services where like-minded bloggers also promote your content.

Publish article summaries: Publish a summary of your own website’s articles (or any other around the web) and link back to the original source (Topics: Remote work, side hustles, blogging, influencers, online success).

Summaries are 75 words (minimum) and serve as a great way to expose your work. See Guidelines for full details.

Receive expert guides throughout the first year: These talk about blogging, freelancing, and online success. Written from scratch by Listiller.

#Hashtag social media marketing: When your article is promoted via social media, it will contain specific #hashtags to ensure it reaches a more targeted audience.

Promote your latest Listiller summary as a banner: Your latest summary is automatically promoted as a clickable banner for up to three months.

This banner appears within every other article throughout the site (older banners are removed as you publish newer summaries).

Best of all, the banner links back to the original source, such as your website!

And the Best Part?

Pay As Little As $1.99

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Writers ask: Why should I pay for work? This is shady…

You’re not paying for work. You’re paying for A LOT of convenience.

Remember, over 400 daily gigs from all over the web, hundreds of jobs to your inbox (not just a few) plus many other features. It’s a huge time / hassle saver.

Writers ask: But there are similar sites already! And some are FREE

Competitors only provide 7-10 writing gigs per day. Listiller shows you over 400 per day (on average). And they don’t include all other features mentioned above.

Long story short: You have a much greater chance at succeeding with this service.

Plus, can you really go wrong with $1.99?

Fair enough, but can I still get in for free?

Want to access every feature for free? No problem! Simply mention (and link to) Listiller on your blog or other blogging platform.

A quick summary can even be inserted into an already-published article. Email Hello@Listiller.com to request access.

After all, my goal is NOT primarily to profit. My goal is to give you access by all means necessary.

So if you need a free account, this is the best way to go about it. A quick mention on your blog and you’re all set!  🙂

This is a Humble Service…

  • This fee is mainly to cover ongoing maintenance (i’m just one guy, after all!)
  • It’s not meant to make Listiller profitable or meant to rip anyone off
  • In fact, similar websites charge $10 – $25 per month while offering fewer perks. These include FlexJobs.com, VirtualVocations.com, among others.


$1.99 per month
Perfect for Writers & Editors


Over 400 DAILY writing/editing jobs
from around the web

Access to the manually-curated jobs list! This section contains higher-paying jobs so you don’t have to sift through HUNDREDS of general job listings

Search tool (imagine searching 50+ job boards from one place!)

Higher-paying internal jobs/tasks

Ability to receive jobs by email every 6-12 hours

Ability to save jobs for later viewing

Access to external (high-paying) writing contests

Highlight job titles (to easily resume where you left off during your search)

Receive expert guides about blogging and freelancing throughout the first year!

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Only $1.99 per month via PayPal
(YES, it’s that affordable)


$2.99 per month
Perfect for Writers, Bloggers, & Marketers

Includes Previous Package!

Everything from the Previous Package

PLUS: 5,000+ websites that accept guest posts – Updated several times per year

PLUS: Your latest article summary is promoted as a banner throughout the site for up to three months.

The banner would link straight to the original source, such as YOUR website. Awesome!

PLUS: Your articles are mass-promoted on social media MULTIPLE times throughout the year.

These social shares would link straight to YOUR website, not to Listiller. Awesome!

PLUS:Listiller targets relevant #hashtags when sharing your articles

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Only $2.99 per month via PayPal
(SUPER premium features for practically $3)

Would you rather make a ONE-TIME payment instead?

I’m all about accommodating your needs…

  • Pay ONCE and gain access for LIFE. You can come back in ten years and still have access
  • Lifetime access is currently cheaper in the long-run 
  • 30-day money back guarantee (care to try it without risk?)
  • Note: This is an introductory price. So take advantage now while I test this out

Prime Lifetime Access: 14.99 (Click Here)

Ultimate Lifetime Access: 19.99 (Click Here)

*Remember, “Ultimate” access also includes everything from “Prime.” That’s a whole lot of features.
*These options are for a one-time payment (lifetime access).
*If you wish to pay monthly, use the red buttons on the tables above instead.

Note: You will be taken to PayPal, then redirected to Listiller to create your login details.

Email Hello@Listiller.com for questions / refunds!

Or join as a guest…

Simply register here, then ignore the above packages after registration.

Guest access allows you to:

  • Claim Listiller tasks (internal jobs). However, membership users earn more per task
  • Publish content to the Listiller blog

Note: Guests DO NOT have access to 400+ writing & editing jobs, the guest blog list, among other perks.

Reminder: Want a FREE membership?

Want access to every feature for free? Simply mention / link to Listiller from your blog or any other blogging platform (such as Medium). Email Hello@Listiller.com to request access or when you’re finished 🙂

Website maintenance is costly, but I also want to give you access by any means necessary. 

Spread humility, always.

A Better Explanation of Some Features:

Publishing on the Listiller blog? Only article summaries are accepted, which ultimately link back to the source (such as the full article on your website).

Moreover, the blog is limited to topics about remote work, side hustles, blogging, and online success (see our Guidelines page at the top of this website).

About internal jobs/tasks: These are tasks that I provide (and pay for) myself. Grab them for free with a basic / guest account. However, premium members earn more per task. 

Lastly, remember: You’re not paying for work, but rather for an insane amount of convenience. Please re-read all the benefits above.

You can also obtain free access to every feature as described above (through a free membership).

Everyone wins!

Again, spread humility.