Emily Gorsky

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  1. Elvis Michael
    03/04/2019 @ 16:33 PM

    Awesome stuff, Emily, you speak nothing but the truth here 🙂
    It’s also important not to sell yourself short, whether you’re writing or doing just about any type of work. Once you fall into that habit, it’s quite difficult to get out (especially if you get a case of Impostor Syndrome).


    • Emily Gorsky
      03/04/2019 @ 17:46 PM

      Thanks Elvis! Yes, that’s definitely true, and selling yourself short is self sabotage especially if you play down your accomplishments. Solopreneurs should work on their confidence and feel comfortable charging what they are worth.

  2. Lisa Sicard
    03/20/2019 @ 03:48 AM

    Hi Emily, I’m glad you mentioned expanding your services. I’ve been doing that but haven’t updated it on my website! You gave me a great idea for today 🙂
    I also need to up my rates as I started too low – mistake! But I will gradually increase them in time. Customers tell me they LOVE what I do and one said it’s been worth every penny.

    Anything new I do is for more now. Lesson learned along the way. Thanks for your tips here. Have a great day Emily.