Helen Bradford

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  1. Rich Witt
    01/26/2018 @ 04:44 AM

    Helen – Thanks for the info on the these trends. I had been hearing about “linkless links” for a year or two on Moz. I can’t remember the term they used for it, and I think you’re right that these will become more important over time. It really helps when you have good branding and a memorable name.

  2. Moss Clement
    01/26/2018 @ 08:35 AM

    Hi Helen,

    Interesting article you have here. Truly said, website speed is critical to your SEO campaigns. Users will not want to sit back, fold hands and wait for your site to load. It puts readers away.

    Also the rise of voice search has made SEO more interesting, and this means that content marketers will have to adopt to voice search trends when creating content for clients and their audience. The use of question keywords – long-tail keywords is remarkably amazing because it blends to how everyday people speak.

    Mobile-friendly websites, yes! Recently Google indicated that it favors mobile-friendly websites over non-mobile sites, because almost everyone is on mobile nowadays, which makes it even more essential to test your site to figure out if it is mobile-friendly.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Susan Velez
    01/30/2018 @ 08:00 AM

    Hi Helen,

    I think website speed is a huge thing. I know that I personally won’t stay on a blog that takes forever to load. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, I’ll close it out and move on to the next site.

    It’s nice to know that backlinks are not going to be such a huge factor. To tell you the truth, I don’t focus on building backlinks anymore like I used to in the past.

    Today, I tend to focus on just writing helpful content. That alone has made a huge change in my traffic and conversions. I personally think that if you just focus on helping your audience with their problems, you will be fine.

    This is the first time that I’ve heard about voice search. I’ll have to do some more reading on that because it definitely looks interesting.

    Things are always changing on the Internet. That’s why it’s so important to stay updated on what’s new and what changes are coming.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Have a great day 🙂


  4. Kato
    02/11/2018 @ 06:26 AM

    This is spot on Helen.

    I think voice search optimization is a huge factor especially considering the rise of the Internet of Things. This is going to be a huge feature

    You really have shared you information in a clear to understand way.


  5. Pedro
    02/11/2018 @ 17:04 PM

    Hi Helen,
    Great post. SEO is forever changing and most times, practitioners play catch up instead of being proactive. Your post raises a few pointers that should help us stay on the front foot.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Best regards,


  6. Emenike Emmanuel
    02/21/2018 @ 17:27 PM

    Hi Helen,

    I was badly hit by the 2018 SEO updates. Right now, I’m still trying to find out all what led to that. I have been able to fish out one and I’m working so much to clear that away from my table before moving over to another. That’s why when I see a post like yours, I quickly click and carefully read through it.

    All you’ve said are valid points. The snippets you talked about is so true. I made a post recently that followed that pattern and in 2 days, it was already ranking highly.

    Thank you for sharing.


  7. Rajaram Kumar
    03/09/2018 @ 04:09 AM

    I was also looking for such kinds of tips to enhance my SEO skills.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  8. Frank
    04/07/2018 @ 00:43 AM

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  9. Leo Tat
    04/12/2018 @ 13:03 PM

    I feel the focus on speed will have more and more emphasis over time. Slower websites have higher bounce rates; people would rather not wait for them to load. It’s logical that those sites are not as suitable to be in high rankings as compared to other faster sites.

    Linkless Backlinks in interesting. This would mean Google is trying to think of another way to reward good content apart from looking at how many other sites links to it.

  10. Prasen, @copyproblogger
    05/17/2018 @ 11:59 AM

    I don’t agree with you @Susan for backlinks points but you are right that about the content. 🙂

    Nowadays backlinks are more important but for it, you need to focus on quality content that helping your audience with their problems.

    Backlinks are the most power play today.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post! @Helen

  11. alexander paul
    09/26/2018 @ 06:15 AM

    Informative article. Great 2018 SEO trends. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

  12. Sathish Arumugam
    10/02/2018 @ 11:43 AM

    In this post i would say some of the trends are really needed to highlight because they help us to gain the success and offer a better experience. Every year there may be many new trends and strategies will be released in this focus though we cant able to follow all but some of the trends need to definitely work it to gain the output.

  13. Maria
    10/29/2018 @ 10:26 AM

    Thanks Helen for sharing seo trends…
    I am also blogger and think that seo will completely change in upcoming days..
    Does SSl will help in improving the ranking in 2019?

  14. Jenny
    12/06/2018 @ 06:26 AM

    Thanks Helen for nice tips on SEO trends…
    I am digital marketing expert and think that voice search will dominate in 2019.
    Can google make some strict rules in 2019 for spammy link building such as guest posting selling, PBN..

  15. Mike
    12/27/2018 @ 05:47 AM

    Thanks Helen for nice tips on seo trends.…
    Google is making changes in serp algo each day, so sometime ranking has dropped and boost..

  16. Nickanor Coleen
    01/07/2019 @ 21:02 PM

    I’m an Inbound Marketing Practitioner, thanks for sharing this helpful and informative article it helps me lot.