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Making money is the ultimate goal of almost all human beings. We need money to pay our bills, to send our children to school or college, to buy a new dress, there are just too many things we want to do with the money.

So how is it possible to make money? No Santa Clause will come to your home and give you a bag full of gold coins. There is no possibility for that. So the question how is it possible to make money?

Getting a job is the first solution. But how many of us are lucky enough to get a job? You are competing with thousands of people who are just like you or may be having some more extra skills. There are just too many degree holders out there now. And working under someone is not that exciting to some.

Second solution is running a business. But you need capital for that. Furthermore if you are not careful enough, you may end up in debt.

Those who are artistically inclined can make money by making bracelets or bangles or designing clothes. Options are too many for them. It is not restricted to just making bangles or bracelets alone. Being creative is all you need for this. There are many sites where you can sell your stuff and make money, like eBay, craigslist, etsy, amazon,etc.

But for this you need to put some efforts and not everyone of us are creative, which brings me to the third solution. Writing articles online.Today, many have chosen this as a resource to earn money online.

There are many sites where we can start making money online by writing. We can make money by freelance writing, by writing articles for upfront paying sites, etc. But these sites prefer experts. And to be established as a freelance writer takes time.

This is where revenue sharing sites have their importance. You have the freedom to write on whatever topic you want to write. Only it should adhere to the writing guidelines in the site and there is no time-limit.

All you need to do is write articles on engaging topics, making the world wiser by your knowledge. For earning money on revenue sharing sites you need to have a google adsense account or a Chitika account. For newbie writers getting a Chitika account is way easier than getting a google adsense account. You need to have your own website or you need to write some quality aricles to get a google adsense account. You can also make money by becoming affiliates to sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

First and foremost things regarding these revenue sharing sites is how do they make money. These sites make money online by numerous ways, such as pay-per-view: making money as and when a visitor visits your article, pay-per-click: making money when an advertisement displayed along with your articles are clicked, etc.

The most important feature about these revenue sharing sites is they share revenue with you. In some of the revenue sharing sites you can even get upfront-payments. Seems good enough, doesn’t it?

Below i am going to list 5 revenue sharing sites through which you can make some money by online writing.

Quick Note…

The best way to entice readers is by knowing how to write better blog posts that people will actually read. You could have the most helpful articles published, but hardly anyone would click without that powerful piece of the content puzzle.

1. bubblews.com  (Update: Now defunct)

It is basically a macro-blogging site where you can write whatever you want and earn money. All you need is to make sure that you don’t violate the rules. And articles need not be long too. A 400 character length article would suffice. But longer the better.

It is more like a social media platform. Only difference is that you get paid for whatever you put in there. Every time your articles is viewed, for every comment in your articles, and for every likes that you get for your articles you earn 0.01 cent each.

How much you are earning will be displayed in the sidebar. Once you reach 50$, you can redeem and request for payment. They say they take almost 30 days to deliver the actual payment. But sometimes it may take longer. But you are sure to get paid.

2. hubpages.com

This is another site where you can earn money writing articles. Articles you write in this site is known as hubs. You can write hubs on any of the listed topics. You can make your article search-friendly by adding topics and sub-topics for your articles. Either you can opt for creating a hub by following their step-by-step instructions or you can write hubs on your own format.

They stress upon quality of the hubs. Make sure that your articles are devoid of grammatical errors. Making the articles more appealing by adding photos, videos, tables, etc would be an added benefit. Recently Squidoo, another revenue sharing site has merged with the hubpages.

3. DailyTwoCents.com

It is way too simpler to write articles in this site. Your article only need to be 100 words long. You can also add links in your article, but you need to follow some guidelines for that. Your links must be contextual, meaning your links must not take the visitor off the site.

Like bubblews, you earn through views, comments and likes on your articles. The views must be unique, that means the user must linger on your article for at least 30 seconds. For each unique view you get paid half a cent. Minimum threshold in which you can request for payment is only $5.

4. Listiller.com

This is another awesome website that aids you in making money online by article writing. Either you can get paid through direct article requests sent to your inbox by third party clients or you can submit a free article in exchange for 100% ad revenue share.

They prefer articles on freelance writing, making money online, etc although you can write on a wide variety of topics and quality articles will be featured on their website permanently. For getting upfront paying assignments, you need to sign up for their newsletter.

5. Triond.com

You can basically submit your content in any of the formats here. You can write content or you can submit photographs or record or compose your song. Only thing they stress upon is whatever you are submitting in this site needs to be original. They publish your content on most relevant websites based on your topic.

Before getting published, your submitted articles will be reviewed by their team. Only quality works will get published by them. You get 50% ad revenue share in this site. Like hubpages, getting your articles published on this site is little tedious. Once your article gets published, they give your article maximum exposure by putting it on all the relevant websites.



One of the advantages of revenue sharing sites is that you are free to write on topics of your choice. You need not be time-bound, meaning you can work at your own pace and there is no limit to the money you can earn in these sites. The more you engage your readers in your articles, the more you earn. So are you going to sign up for any of these sites? Then don’t waste time. Sign up for any of these sites and start making money online.

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