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  1. Writer Town
    07/10/2014 @ 17:58 PM

    Awesome stuff, Jill.
    I’ve noticed how Lists are taking over the web, more and more everyday. Go to sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and BuzzFeed, just to name a few. They are captivating and raise your curiosity.

    Thanks for the useful info!

  2. Joyce Anderson
    03/29/2016 @ 13:15 PM

    Storytelling is a great suggestion and one that I don’t put into practice enough. Great inspiration – loved the article 🙂

    • Elvis Michael
      03/29/2016 @ 20:46 PM

      Storytelling really captures the eye and draws attention. This is why books continue selling well to this day, after all. Same concept can apply to online articles.

      Enjoy your day, Joyce!

  3. Ben
    05/21/2016 @ 19:40 PM

    Hi Jill. Of those three I enjoy a good story the best. Something that sucks you in and before you know it you are at the end of the post and disappointed that there isn’t more to read. The others are good too, but not as interesting to read. Thanks for sharing your post.