Zerys Review: A Writer’s Dream?

Should You Write for Zerys?

Zerys, owned by Interact Media, is merely one of many websites where writers can get paid to write. The question is: Should you write for Zerys? Read our full review and find out.

If you are familiar with the likes of TextBroker, Zerys is very similar when it comes to the way it operates, overall. It is a place where clients and writers meet to fulfill each other’s needs, as writers get paid a specified amount set by the client and Zerys ultimately takes a cut (30%, to be exact.)

One of the great things about Zerys is the fact that writers do not need to bid for a job. If you are familiar with websites like Freelancer.com, then you know how bidding for a gig generally works. It’s a double-edged sword, as you may or may not land the desired job due to the vast amount of competitors bidding for the same position.

Jobs and Clients Overview

Much like TextBroker, Demand Media Studios and others, Zerys takes care of the bidding issue simply by allowing you to claim a job before anyone else claims it. Once you grab it, it is yours to complete and (hopefully) get paid if the article is ultimately accepted.

Speaking of acceptance, this website allows you to view client profiles along with their current stats. These include how many assignments the person has approved, rejected, how many revisions he has requested, among other details.

Looking into a client’s profile before completing an assignment may be pretty usefule, as you can get an idea whether the client is too nit-picky and/or difficult to work with. In other words, if the client has a very high article rejection rate, you may want to avoid working for him unless you are sufficiently confident in your writing and research skills.

When it comes to assignments, you can also be notified when a job that matches your expertise becomes available. This gives you the opportunity to log in and grab it before anyone else does, which is always a big plus.

Website Interface

Zerys’ interface is generally a welcoming one for both writers and clients. The main board is neatly organized and it displays each available assignment appropriately. Each one tells you how many words are required, its deadline, your potential earnings and more.

Speaking of the website itself, the FAQ covers many of the questions a writer is (generally) anxious to know, including payment schedule and the availability of 1099 forms.


According to Zerys, payment is made via PayPal around the 1st and 15th of each month, and they do not send out any IRS forms to the writer.

How much can you earn with Zerys? As always, the boiler-plate answer is “it depends” on how many articles you complete and how much a client is willing to pay.

From what I’ve noticed, though, the average pay is similar to TextBroker’s. You can expect to earn anywhere from 1 to 3 cents per word for each article, on average.

Applying to Zerys

The application process takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, considering you have to provide a writing sample.

These guys are relatively laid back, though, as they allow you to submit an existing sample and not necessarily an original one. If writing a new piece, you must choose from a pre-determined question shown during the application process.

Once accepted, Zerys determines your skills based on an initial rating, which in turn determines how much you can potentially make as a writer. If your rating is low, you may have a harder time finding articles as many clients tend to make them available only to more experienced people. No worries; you can increase your rating over time by completing any assignments you get your hands on.


Should you write for Zerys? Well, the website itself is pretty decent and organized, much like TextBroker. Unfortunately, there aren’t many clients available at this time.

That being said, applying and having an account never hurts, right? These guys may suddenly release new articles when you least expect it, so go ahead and give it a shot, by all means.

Do you already have existing experience with Zerys or other similar websites? Share your tips, thoughts and comments below.

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