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Would you like to write for us? Listiller grants everyone the freedom to submit a guest post and reach a wider audience.

Listiller has grown dramatically over the years. We started under the name Writer Town, providing a handful of resources to avid bloggers of all types.

We gradually tightened our focus and grew specifically within the freelance & marketing niches.

We now invite you to submit a guest post on one of the most promising marketing/freelance blogs on the internet.

List of topics we are looking for:

Marketing tips: Social media, SEO, digital marketing tips (800 words minimum)
Blogging tips:
 Making money, useful blogging tools, listicles (800 words minimum)
Freelance writing tips: Making money, tools, success stories (700 words minimum)
Side gigs/hustles: Ways to make money, especially when done online (600 words minimum)

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Listiller may edit your content lightly
  • No talk (or references) to online gambling
  • Formatting: No walls of text, put subheadings in < H2 >
  • Keep paragraphs short  (2-3 sentences)
  • Don’t publish salesy articles or sound overly promotional
  • Avoid highly technical pieces or a boring, overly dry tone
  • Be friendly and conversational
  • Be detailed and don’t just provide generic information
  • Include a featured image and (at least) one other image in the body (use our built-in Pixabay plugin)
  • Back up your claims, for reference (link to case studies, statistics, etc)

Can You Post Previously Published Articles?

This is only reserved for certain people…

It’s free to submit a guest post, but joining a Listiller membership allows you to post previously-published content (as long as you’re the rightful owner).

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Note:Memberships are completely optional. It’s FREE to submit a standard guest post.

Benefits of Guest Blogging for Listiller:

Recognition and brand awareness

Submit as many guest blogs as you’d like

Gain access to our MASSIVE list of 3,500+ blogs that accept guest posts

More details on the above: Remember the memberships we mentioned? This blogging list is normally reserved to those premium members only. However, we are currently giving you access to it (for free) simply for submitting a guest post to Listiller.

Simply inquire about it once your guest post is published here on Listiller (email Hello@Listiller.com)

How to Submit an Article:

You must first register to submit a guest post.
Once registered, click “New” from the top of the screen and submit it.

Long Story Short:

  • Read our guidelines
  • Register for free, click the “New” button, and submit your article
  • Guest posting is free, but joining a membership allows you to submit previously published content (among other benefits)
  • Optional: Once your post is published, email us if you want free access to our full list of blogs that accept guest posts

Questions or comments before you submit a guest post? Contact Listiller … we don’t bite.

Good luck!