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  1. Lorraine Reguly
    12/01/2016 @ 19:51 PM

    Most writers get stuck in the first phase!

    I am even guilty of doing this… and think that more attention to “getting through” this phase is needed to push writers forward.

    Even though I’ve heard the adage “done is better than perfect,” I simply cannot follow this because I am a true perfectionist. And it holds me back.

    Yet, oddly, I finish my client work quickly. It’s just my own writing projects that I struggle with. I’ve been working on a book since June… and wanted to have it completed by now. In fact, I wanted to have it done by the end of July.

    Yet it has been sitting on my computer for months.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions you have for me, so that I can get my butt in gear and finish this!

    Thanks in advance, Mark.