This Simple App Doubled My Productivity

Remember: Time is Money…

How many of you wake up everyday and say that today you will finally get things done?

Then an hour goes by, followed by another. You jumped from Facebook to Twitter to that funny site you like – and all you’ve managed so far is a rough idea of a blog post. Maybe.

Well, the above pretty much describes me whenever I let entertainment and other mundane things get in my way. While having some fun is essential to keeping your sanity, it’s also important to remember there’s a time and a place for everything.

When you’re into working mode, it doesn’t mean “TV and work in between” mode.

Now, you’re reading the title of this short article and probably wondering, “What amazing, revolutionary app can double my productivity and income?”

Sadly, there’s nothing revolutionary about it. In fact, I am about to disappoint anyone expecting the next big thing since sliced bread.

I am simply referring to a to-do list app.

Yes, a damn to-do list app.

Enter Wunderlist:

Many people tend to dismiss anything that doesn’t feel new and shiny, even if it still works a great deal. Thankfully, I recognize the value in such programs because they still offer a way to hold you accountable – at least to some degree.

The one that I personally use is called Wunderlist, and it has greatly improved the way I handle my day-to-day tasks for a while now. This app is freely available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.

While productivity apps may not be for everyone, they are certainly useful for those that like to diversify their daily tasks and are therefore jumping from one thing to another.

This is an example of what some tasks on this to-do list may look like:

Creating a new task is as simple as typing it into the first field (as shown in the screenshot above) and then pressing “Enter.” Rinse and repeat until you have entered every task that you wish to accomplish.

However, writing things down on a to-do list is only half the battle. You still have to remember to visit the app or website, which is easily forgotten while you’re too busy checking out the latest cat meme.

This certainly happened to me more than once, essentially rendering the app useless.

Set Up Email Reminders:

What finally did the trick, thankfully, was actually setting up reminders straight into my inbox.

Assuming you’re using Wunderlist, simply double-click any given task and a new window will appear (this tutorial applies to the desktop/browser version).

Specify your desired settings, and an email notification will arrive at the chosen time/date. You may also set up recurring events, which is essential for doing repetitive weekly tasks such as maintaining a second blog.

How My Productivity Level Increased:

So, how much has this simple thing helped? Let me break it down a bit…

  • I had stopped writing short Kindle books. Now I am gradually getting back into them on a weekly basis.
  • Sometimes I postpone my tasks, thinking that I can do them later because they’re so easy and mundane. Turns out that “later” often never comes – but thanks to frequent reminders, I don’t postpone any of these things anymore. These small tasks usually consist of article promotion, blog commenting and exploring work-related things out there.
  • I have now successfully set time aside for contributing some guests posts on various websites, which I only do about once per month but intend to do more often.
  • I still find myself with plenty of down time because I get things done as soon as I get a notification via email. You must be very strategic about this one and set those reminders at a time when you know that you can get the task done. For example, I go to the gym every morning but I am then free by 2pm. That’s when my first notification arrives.
  • As a result of all this, my overall success and income is gradually increasing.

So, if you’re the creative type with too many ideas and curiosities in your head, give an old-fashioned to-do list a try. And remember, setting up those reminders will hold you much more accountable than merely typing in a task and then walking away from it.

Wunderlist Alternatives and Conclusion:

It doesn’t matter what program you use (hell, rely on Google Calendar or Outlook, if you wish). At the end of the day, one of the most important things is to get that reminder/notification.

Here are some Wunderlist alternatives with varying degrees of functionality, but they essentially get the job done. That link provides more to do list apps for Android phones and other platforms.

How do you manage your daily tasks?