The Five Freelancing Etiquettes that Win and Retain High Paying Clients

Make Money Freelance Writing – The Smart Way

When you started out as a writer, the first assurance you needed was if you were that good. After getting the first review (regardless of the pay) you were often open to criticism and revisions. In fact, you were ready to take in anything that could help you become the best. Once you felt confident that you were getting better, there were two attitudes you could have adopted.

The first one was, “I’m the best and there’s nothing you can do about it,” and the second, “I may not be that good, but I know I write well.” The first attitude would have led to loss of clients as well as potentially high-paying projects. The other attitude was the one that led to the five things that attract and retain high-paying clients.

Professionalism: When you are professional with your customers it often earns you their respect and their loyalty. Some are fussy, of which is okay, but as long as you understand their requirements it becomes easier for them to become your long-term clients.

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Objective Mindset: It is easy to lose focus when a freelance client consistently asks for revisions when you know you did a good job. However, What if the client was right? Would you consider giving it another look? The approach makes it easier to understand what your customer wants and consequentially, reduce their demands.

Keep to your Specialty: Up to date, no matter how much I try writing about automotive topics I still don’t get past 100 words without wondering if I was doing the right thing. Keeping to your expertise as it will increase your confidence in the niche, you will love your job, and your clients will keep you on their favorite writer’s list.

Be Sober with the rate stuff: It’s important to understand that writing is just like any other business, and most of the times, clients only look for the best at the most affordable price. If you want a good business deal never take the price too personally. If it isn’t good, just move to the next one. After all, the client could have a change of heart.

Update your Skill-Set: No matter how good we are in our careers we always have to go through additional training to boost our skills. So when it comes to writing, consider widening your client base by learning new skills in the industry. For instance, if you like working on PR articles, keep looking for AP style updates and that should keep you on high-demand as well as earn better payouts.

What tactics can you recommend to make money freelance writing and retain clients?