6 Ways to Boost Your Business Presence through Social Media

A Social Media Promotion Strategy that Works…

Social media demands someone to be dynamic and always in action, especially when aiming to generate positive leads.

When you gain more followers and increase engagement, you are effectively giving your business the advantage in terms of quality social reach.

The more people engage with your products and services, the more business opportunities you may have down the road. The wider you reach, the better number of sales you can possibly get.

Needless to say, social media is a significant factor when increasing the number of contacts and potential clientele.

More specifically, Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for small home businesses because they create a more personal way of communicating with customers. By knowing how to use these platforms well, you will turn your audience into potential and loyal customers.

Here are some of suggestions to make your social media presence a lot stronger:

Know Your Platform

Social Media Promotion StrategyKeep in mind that all your posts for your social media accounts must be optimized for that specific platform and engine.

  • Instagram followers require appealing images
  • It’s not uncommon to see longer posts on Linkedin
  • Facebook users often embrace memes and videos
  • Twitter works best with snappy and short announcements

Although they should be specific and different, they are delivering the same concept for your business.

Develop a Long-term Plan

Determine your campaign goals, persona, and type of audience. A well-planned social media marketing scheme will rake in more positive results.

You should flesh out a concrete plan by writing down your business goals and objectives for branding. Your social media campaign plan should also address the different aspects of your business.

Align Your Goals

Your business goals and social media campaign objective should be in line. Every business has a set of corporate goals; your social media plan should be geared towards those goals as well.

For example, if you want to increase the number of customers, you must exert effort into creating more awareness related to your product or services. Focus on driving people to where your business is located with clear call-to-actions and enticing offers that stand above your competitors’.

Keep Everything Neatly Updated

Your social media accounts must have a complete profile. You’d be surprised how much information is left out of such pages; other times, a company makes drastic changes (on their website) and accidentally leaves these outdated details intact.

Make sure all information related to your business are found in your accounts. Include contact details, complete company profile, an updated gallery of pictures and more.

Get Personal

In marketing, it is always effective to make the approach on a personal level. When you make your social media presence too formal or corporate, your audience might think you are distant and cold.

A more personal and human touch can be done by creating engaging and fun messages to convey a personality and voice. Additionally, refrain from advertising too many offers and promote more informational content instead.

Remain Consistent

Consistency is very significant in your social media accounts. Your posts and status updates must be frequent and in the most constant time of the day.

You should create a scheduler where you include the posts that you will use for each social media account (ideally several times daily). It all depends on your goals and audience.

Pro tip: Tools like Tweriod allows you to determine the best times to post on your Twitter account. It analyzes the most responsive times for your audience, thus enabling you to make smarter decisions over time.

With these suggestions in mind, you will soon cut through the chaff and your social media presence will awaken the interest of a potentially loyal audience

How is your social media campaign doing? I hope these tips will help enhance your home business opportunities through social media and beyond.