5 Ways To Completely Butcher Your Guest Post


If you’re lucky enough to have your guest post pitch accepted on a site, don’t completely butcher your reputation and get your submission rejected by making these 5 guest post faux pas.

1. Make statements in your guest post that contradict the beliefs of the site you’re posting on

Believe you me this faux pas will get your guest post shut down within a hot second. If your guest post contradicts statements or beliefs that the site actively promotes, chances are they won’t even allow you to revise and resubmit your guest post. Say “bye bye” to that backlink and any exposure you would have had to that site’s audience.

The content of your guest post needs to be 100% in line with the beliefs of the site. If you contradict their content, they have no benefit to publishing you or your article. Your best bet is to do your research before you submit your guest post. Spend some time getting acquainted with the site and understanding what they promote, what they don’t promote, and everything in between.

2. Use your voice and style instead of the site’s voice and style

If your proposed guest post doesn’t match up to the editorial standards of the site itself, you’ll likely be facing a rejection. Yes, everyone write’s with their own bit of flare but ultimately, websites are looking to publish posts that match up to the voice, quality and style that they are accustomed to publishing. It only makes sense for them to weed out the guest posts that simply don’t match the rest.

Again, do your homework. Read a handful of blogs from the site and emulate their voice in style when you write your guest post.

3. Submit already published articles as guest posts

In rare instances, you’ll get away with this (with permission from the hosting site). My advice? Don’t be sneaky. If you’ve already published this article elsewhere on the web and are looking to syndicate the content, that’s fair – but ask permission. If you’re submitting a guest post that’s already been published yet you fail to make that known to the site owner, shame on you.

Duplicate content on the web neither helps you nor the hosting site. In fact, duplicate content can downright hurt your SEO. Do yourself a favor and spend the time writing a new guest post rather than trying to repurpose an old one.

4. Make your guest post entirely self promotional rather than valuable

We get it… your service or product is awesome and we should try it, right?

There’s a time and a place. Guest posting is for providing unique and valuable content. It’s not the place for writing purely self-promotional content. That’s called an advertisement. Usually sites will allow you include a few sentence bio at the end of your post that can include one or two self serving links. There’s no need to go crazy promoting your services or site in any area other than the author bio.

5. Write with poor grammar and spelling errors

Grrr there’s nothing more frustrating than a submitted guest post that’s ridden with errors. Proofread once then proofread again. Never submit anything without ensuring that it’s completely error free.

Admittedly, we’ll all slip up now and again. That’s okay. But don’t do yourself a disservice by avoiding the necessary – proofread!