Starting Freelance Writing

How to Become a Freelance Writer with No Experience

Last night I was wondering what might be the formal or bookish meaning of the word “Freelancer”. Then I asked, “Google Google on the desktop, what is called a freelance job?” Google replied, “A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term” (wiki,”Freelancer”2014). I loved the definition very much since it said “not committed to a particular employer long-term” Well, this is a formal definition of a freelancer, but only knowing this is never enough if you really want to start this business. It should be called a business because you neither have to do a nine-five job nor you have a secure deal of getting paid every edge of months in this field. It is an investment of your talent and skills that you will be utilizing and selling in the required field.

Before you get into this profession, you must have a permanent job on one hand that will secure your monthly income and let you remain relaxed- financially and mentally. Freelancing is more like a pursuance of your aptitude and passion. It is a business with no formal office and hired staffs. You are the all in all here- the staff as well as the owner. You can spend vacation whenever you want to, but at the same time, you cannot get yourself a job unless someone hires you.

The freelance writing job is a very good field for married women who cannot get into the regular job, and also for those people who long to become their own boss.

Tips for starting a freelance writing job:

Whatever writing genre you are going to focus on should be decided firmly so that you can stick to whatever you are willing to explore and write about. If it is the mixed genres you would like to work on then also be sure of it. Since we all know that practice makes a man perfect, you should start doing so by writing draft after draft on your chosen genre.  If after a certain time you feel satisfied enough with your rough work, then be brave to dig in.

The first step is to open a blog; there are so many websites that can help you open your own blog easily. Arrange it nice and neatly and give your blog an eye-catching title to grab the attention of the viewers. Remember that there are numerous blogs in the market, so it can be a little bit competitive, so you better choose your title and theme wisely.

The next step can be started with some of your work being posted on your newly created blog. Having few works ready and posting them can help you get along with blogging habit started. But before that, you can also try to publish on some of the publisher sites available on the internet. Submit your writings and wait for them to be published. If they are not standard enough, then will not be published anyway, but in this course, you will at least get a practical idea on your writing quality. But if they do get published then you can confidently begin your blogging journey.

Your blog address should be shared on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and try to target the most popular social media sites, since these are going to publicize your blog widely and in this way, all of your works on the blog can easily be noticed by people. After starting or opening a blog you need to wait for 4-7 weeks to get it be found on the search engine as it usually takes this long for the procedure.

Visit as many blogs as you can, follow whichever you may like. Like and comment on posts and by doing so you will get acquainted with various bloggers and that likely to work as publicity. Keep in mind that as in business, the advertisement is inevitable for your product to be sold, in freelancing too, having a good number of contact and communication with people, or in a word ‘publicity’ is very important for getting a decent number of jobs or contract.

Apply in various freelance job sites, search for clients and look for websites that will help you get clients. You can also join various writing contests as it will help you grow in your writing skill. Finally, with all your efforts and patience, do your work passionately and make sure not to give up by facing occasional casualties. As a newbie, you are entitled to make mistakes and lose bidding to other professional freelancers, but that should not stop you from trying and hoping for the best. Always keep in mind that your determination is your greatest instructor.



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