How to Land Your Dream Client by Tomorrow

Listiller has shared quite a few remote writing & editing jobs so far. In fact, the site displays an estimated 10,000 jobs every single month (perhaps more).

Sadly, some of you have expressed concerns over a lack of success with clients. So this is what I have in store to ensure you land a client as soon as tomorrow:

I wrote an extensive (I repeat, EXTENSIVE) guide that teaches you how to get your prospects’ attention and work on your own terms.

Moreover, what if you wanted to earn much more while writing the same amount of words you are already used to?

Here’s the Problem…

The reality is that more money typically translates into more research and headaches. In addition, some websites and clients are often unpleasant to deal and put up with. These guys could easily ask you for endless revisions and still reject your well-written article in the end.

Unless, of course, you learn to work only with worthwhile clients while also making up your own rules and terms in the process. This, my friends, is the difference between being a content writer and actually being self-employed as such.

This Listiller-exclusive guide teaches you:

  • How to earn (at least) $100 per article, typically with short-form pieces
  • How to work on your own terms; get paid what you’re truly worth
  • How to ALWAYS have high-paying work available
  • How to write less while earning more
  • How to keep existing clients coming back
  • Why starting low and “working your way up” is the biggest mistake you’re making
  • Other deadly pitfalls that a writer should always avoid

And the best part? You can grab the guide right now for a mere $5.

I will increase the price later due to its overall length and quality, but I wanted to introduce it to you before that happens.

Click below to get the guide – for a mere $5

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach me any time.

Elvis Michael