Simple Tips to Write Attention-grabbing Content

Creating content that attracts eyeballs is all you desire to achieve as a blogger, right?

But how is this made possible and how do you manage to provide your community of readers with new content?

It has happened to me on several occasions, and I am sure no one wants to encounter writer’s block!

You strive to get ideas that help you create intriguing or informative blog posts or articles.

But wait. How do you manage to write attention grabbing content each day?

Like an experienced writer or journalist, I maintain a swipe file and a list of categories on my blog that I require to write. This helps me organize content while focusing on my editorial calendar.

But what happens when none of them fail to help create sparkling content that informs or entertains readers?

Here is a list that will help you create thought provoking content that will keep your readers coming to your site or blog.

1. Interview industry experts in your niche. Everyone appreciates recognition in one way or another. Interviews will help you leverage the power of influencers in your niche. You can choose to conduct an interview face-to-face, by phone, via chat or email. Once you are done, you may use excerpts or full transcripts as content.
Proven Tip: Remember to highlight your influencer to readers using an image and a link.

2. Curate third party content. If you don’t understand what this means, you can find more on how to curate content here. This is a great way to provide interesting and valuable information to your community. You can curate content regularly through products or sharing a roundup of the best content from around your niche.
Proven Tip: Add a link to the author’s name in your blurb and let them know about it. This allows them to help you in the promotion thus maximizing the reach of your content.

3. Engage your readers in discussions. Martin Reed will always tell you this. Your readers are your community. Utilize them to make the most of what they can possibly contribute, since the best ideas always won’t come from you. Your community readers will always have questions or contribute to discussions related to your post or a product on your blog – you don’t need to sit and help them think about what they need to say. You only need to collect their discussions or questions and respond.
Proven Tip: Ensure you add a link to your email where your clients can get back to you with their questions. This enables you to carry on with the discussion.

4. Inform or provide value to your prospects. It’s no fuss, but most readers online conduct online research before taking further action. For this reason, write content that informs or provides value to your readers while highlighting your product or service at the same time. Make them understand more about your services or products through enhancing your content with images and videos. Some community members are more likely to understand you better through visuals. Don’t underestimate this aspect, which may seem obvious to you.

5. Provide useful resources. It may take time to come up with a resource list, but it’s worth it. People love the idea that everything that they are looking for is contained in one place. Collect all the information about your products or services that you consider to be necessary and offer your readers.
Proven Tip: Create a list of information that is long as it gives the impression that it is comprehensive.

6. Write reviews. Your opinion about a service or product is important to your readers. Opinion can either be positive or negative. Try sharing useful information with your community readers about services or products. This is easy if you are a blogger or own a community website such as forums.
Proven Tip: Disclose to your readers if you benefit in any way from the content they are reading. This could be revenue you earn from advertising or affiliates.

These steps are related in a way that they try to help you derive ideas outside the box. At one point, you are likely to face challenges and get stuck with your writing. But don’t panic, sometimes you only need to look at things from a different perspective to be able to move on.

What do you do when you encounter writer’s block? Share your ideas by leaving me a comment below.

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