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Over 200+ DAILY writing/editing jobs
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Higher-paying internal jobs/tasks

Writers: Over 600 paying magazines and similar sources

Ability to receive jobs by email every 8-12 hours

Ability to save jobs for later viewing

Access to external (high-paying) writing contests

Your article is mass-promoted on various social communities, one week minimum (good for busy individuals)

Receive expert guides about blogging and freelancing throughout the first year!

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Only $1 per month via PayPal


$2 per month (crazier!)

Includes Previous Package!

Everything from the Previous Package

PLUS: 5,000+ websites that accept guest posts – Network like a pro!

PLUS: Your latest Listiller article is promoted as a banner throughout the site

PLUS: Re-publish your existing articles (or even summaries) on Listiller, not just original ones

PLUS: No sidebar distractions in your articles

PLUS: Your article is mass-promoted on various social communities, two weeks minimum (perfect for busy individuals)

PLUS: #Hashtag social media marketing – We target relevant hastags when sharing your post

PLUS: Your articles (or summaries) are posted on at least one other website for greater exposure

Free trial available – nothing to lose

Only $2 per month via PayPal

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A Better Explanation of Some Features:

About internal jobs/tasks: These are tasks that I provide (and pay for) myself. Grab them for free after registering a guest account. However, premium members earn more per task. These are located in the main Gigs page.

About article sharing / promotion: Your articles are shared on places like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. Other bloggers will also share said content on your behalf.

Listiller prioritizes your articles for the first 1-2 weeks (depending on your chosen package). After that, your articles may still be shared intermittently for life.

About syndicating to other websites: Either a summary or the full content is posted on other communities for greater exposure. This may include Quora, Medium, Pulse, and/or others.

About syndicating within Listiller: You may re-publish an entire article here, or a decent portion of it (with a link back to your website or its original source). Only available to Ultimate members.

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Writers: Competitors only provide 7-10 writing gigs per day, while Listiller shows you an average of 200 daily (and often more).

Bloggers and marketers: Let’s face it – you won’t find better features for this incredible price.

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