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TitleCategoryWord CountPaymentDateDescriptionSubmissions Page
BoostContent.comGeneralVariesVaries09/19/2017Use BoostContent to write and to buy content. They are active in over 20 different languages, which is good for non-English natives. Payment varies per client, but it is said they pay more than TextBroker.Click Here
nDash.coGeneralVariesVaries09/18/2017Claim from a pool of assignments or pitch your ideas to active clients. The average article pays over $100.Click Here
Simply FamilyFamily & RecreationVariesVaries11/30/2016Parenting advice ranging from young kids to young adults. Payment and length must be discussed with the editor.Click Here
Fiction Silicon ValleyStories - FictionUp to 20,000Up to $10011/30/2016From the source: "I want fiction from 2 - 20,000 words in any genre and poetry in any style (English only). In essence, I am looking for your best work, previously published or not. "Click Here
EssenceSociety & LifestyleVariesVaries11/30/2016Celebrity profiles, book reviews, beauty trends/news, health, relationships, and finance.Click Here
The DarkStories - Fiction2,000-6,0003 cents per word (originals) or 1 cent per word (reprints)11/30/2016The Dark looks for general horror and dark fantasy fiction. They pay up to 3 cents per word.Click Here
The Green ParentFamily & Recreation1,500-2,000£75 per thousand words11/30/2016Green living topics for parents, in addition to: Family, pregnancy, alternative education, food and drinks, and other green-living subjectsClick Here
Dreaming Robot PressStories - Fiction3,000-6,000.06 cents per word11/30/2016They want stories that depict "adventure, space, science. Give us rockets, robots and alien encounters, and we’re pretty happy. Steampunk, time travel, weird west and alternate history are all fine."Click Here
Emmy Magazine
Arts and Entertainment500+Varies09/13/2016From the source:
"Emmy's core readers include the members of the Television Academy and other television industry professionals. Articles must appeal to the television and digital entertainment professional while being understandable to the enthusiast...

...Most departments are written by regular contributors, but newcomers can break into Labors of Love — 500-word, front-of-the book profiles of TV people and their passions."
Click Here
Southern Theatre Magazine
Arts and Entertainment1,000 to 3,000 words$5009/13/2016From the source:
"The targeted readership includes theatre professionals involved in college/university theatre, professional theatre, community theatre, secondary school theatre and/or theatre for youth in the Southeastern region, across the country and overseas."

Features generally run 1,000 to 3,000 words and pay $50. Submissions must include a photo.
Click Here
Girls’ Life Magazine
Culture, Society & LifestyleVariesVaries09/13/2016These guys cater to the average teenage and young adult girl. They accept submissions about peer pressure, stress, time management, boosting confidence and other subjects. Submissions are on spec and payment must be discussed with the editor.

Click Here
Cobblestone MagazineArts and Entertainment, EducationUp to 800 wordsVaries09/07/2016Children's magazine focusing on articles with historical accuracy. They want fun and lively submissions that includes images, original illustrations, and/or maps. Other submissions include crafts, recipes, biographies, poetry, and historical fiction. Length ranges from 100 lines (poetry) to 800 words (standard articles).

Click Here
ASK MagazineEducation200 to 1,600Varies09/07/2016Magazine for children with an interest in science and their surroundings. Each issue revolves around a theme based on various science topics, as well as technology, history, and/or arts. Payment must be discussed with the editor. Feature Articles are 1200–1600 words, with sidebarsClick Here
Faces Magazine
Education300 to 800Varies09/07/2016Faces teaches young readers how people in other countries live. They also accept fiction, activities, as well as puzzles and games. Fiction includes folktales and legends from around the world; activities may include crafts, recipes and family-friendly projects; puzzles include vocabulary games and mazes. Submissions generally run up to 800 words.

Click Here
Free Times
Arts and EntertainmentVariesVaries09/07/2016From the source:
"Free Times is an alternative weekly. We cover local news, politics, arts and music." You are often require to travel when writing news pieces. Payment is on spec, but they pay a kill fee if a submission isn't published which isn't the writer's fault.
Click Here
The Upper Room
Culture, Society & Lifestyle250 words$2509/07/2016Spiritual source for Christians. Submissions should be around 250 words and payment is $25.

"Have God's care and presence become real for you in your interaction with others? Has the Bible given you guidance and helped you see God at work? Has the meaning of scripture become personal for you as you reflected on it? Then you have something to share in a meditation."
Click Here
EContent Magazine
Career, FreelanceVariesVaries09/07/2016EContent discusses content-related strategies, issues, and resources. It caters primarily to professionals involved in content creation and distribution within numerous environments. They also accept case studies, timely news, and Features.Click Here
Moment Magazine (Canada)
Culture, Society & LifestyleVariesVaries09/07/2016Stories that interests the Jewish community. They accept personal essays, investigative features, first-person accounts, culture-based stories, book reviews, and more. Payment is on spec and must be discussed with the editor.

Click Here
Insight MagazineCareer600 to 2,000Varies09/07/2016Insight covers business-oriented topics discussing tips, trends and issues within corporate environments. Topics may be related to leadership, tax, fraud, HR, diversity, management, and more.

Length and payment info, from the source:
"Freelance writers should include fee requirements in their correspondence. Articles generally run between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length for print, and 600-1000 words for digital."
Click Here
Arts & LettersGeneral, Stories - Fiction1,000 words or more$50 minimum09/07/2016General fiction & non-fiction source dedicated to the following:

From the source:
Poetry: 4-6 poems per submission (suggested)
Fiction: manuscripts up to 25 pages
Flash Fiction: manuscripts up to 1,000 words
Creative Nonfiction: manuscripts up to 25 pages

They pay a minimum of $50 ($10 per printed page) and a one year subscription.
Click Here
Baby Corner
Family & RecreationVariesVaries08/05/2016Baby Corner covers a wide range of topics for parents and babies, including: Child health, general parenting, potty training, nutrition, fertility, and everything related to starting a family. Article length and payment varies per assignment.Click Here
The Aquarian
Culture, Society & Lifestyle, Health300 to 1,500$35 to $10008/05/2016The Aquarian covers holistic health, general wellness, environmental topics and everything related.

From the source:
"We are mostly looking for original feature articles, topical opinion pieces, interviews, reviews and book excerpts. Our features and interviews usually run 1500-2500 words; op-eds, 500-1500 words; and reviews, 300-800 words."
Click Here
Popular Mechanics
Web & TechnologyVaries$300 to $1,00008/05/2016These guys cover a wide variety of technical topics, some which include "home improvement, home maintenance, energy-saving techniques, and shop and craft projects." Other, unrelated subjects include scientific developments, boating, automotive, electronics, and photography. They pay $300 to $1,000 for features.Click Here
Delta Sky
Destinations & World100 to 2,000Varies08/05/2016Delta Sky looks for pieces on travel, business, and lifestyle.

Travel: Talk about exotic locations and what makes them great -- all while excluding obvious or well-known landmarks.
Lifestyle/business: Profile an important person and describe what makes them so unique and special.

Word count, from the source:
"Features range from 600–2,000 words. Departments include very small 100-word pieces to longer 500-word columns."
Click Here
Family & Recreation700 to 1,500$6008/05/2016JustParents looks to teach and inform new/expecting parents about topics related to raising a healthy and successful family.

From the source:
"JustParents provides information for parents and pregnant couples, many of whom are first time parents. Typically our articles will either be informational pieces on a certain topic of pregnancy or parenting, or a light-hearted opinion piece on an aspect of parenthood."

General length is usually 700 to 1,500 words. They pay $60 through PayPal within one day (if approved).
Click Here
Teaching Tolerance
Education600 to 1,600$1 per word; $100 per blog post08/05/2016Magazine for teachers and children. They cover several departments and themes, including: Stories about anti-bias education, life in the classroom, children's fiction, and general educational topics for their blog.

Word count ranges from 600 to 1,600 words. They pay $1 per word for the magazine, and $100 for online blog posts.
Click Here
Skirt! Magazine
Culture, Society & Lifestyle800 to 1,000$200 per essay08/05/2016From the source:
"skirt! publishes two personal essays every month on topics relating to women and women’s interests. All essays for consideration should be submitted in their entirety and be between 800 and 1,100 words. "

They pay $200 per accepted submission. Please refer to their monthly themes before submitting.
Click Here
The Establishment
Culture, Society & Lifestyle800 to 1,500$125 to $50008/05/2016The Establishment looks for overlooked stories and people based on a wide range of subjects. Whether you're a photographer, rapper, director, or just the girl next door with a thoughtful story to tell, The Establishment wants you.

Length and payment details, from the source:
"We pay $125 for feature stories, op-eds, and personal essays (800-1,500 words), and $500 for a select few long-form investigative pieces that involve original reporting and at least five interviews (3,000 words)"
Click Here
Culture, Society & LifestyleVaries$1 per word08/05/2016This is a women's magazine that covers social issues, beauty, culture, and more.

From the source:
"We want smart articles about everything from politics to engaging profiles to first-person narratives. The magazine is organized into five sections: Style and Beauty, Home, Health, Life and Food."
Click Here
Good Housekeeping
Health500Varies08/05/2016Magazine primarily for busy women who work outside the home.

From the source:
"Submissions should be 500 words, about a person or event that proved to be a blessing in your life. We will also review health narratives — stories of women (or a family member) who've overcome a significant medical problem, undergone a medical "first" or had a dramatic rescue."
Click Here
Porthole Cruise Magazine
Transportation & Travel AssistanceVariesVaries08/05/2016This source talks about the latest trends, travel tips, ship service reviews, exotic destinations, industry innovations, and more. You must contact the editor for specific length and payment details.Click Here
ProBoat (Professional BoatBuilder)
Transportation & Travel Assistance750 to 6,000.30 cents per word, and up to $400 for photographs08/05/2016ProBoat looks for technical articles and how-tos about boat design, repair, and every aspect that helps boating businesses succeed.

From the source:
They look for "articles that will help them improve the efficiency or quality of their work. They want to be informed but not lectured to; they like learning from the specific experiences and perspectives of their counterparts at other companies. They want technical information on materials, methods, and design, with plenty of detail and real-world examples."
Click Here
Arts and EntertainmentVaries$60 (rough estimate)08/05/2016From the source:
"PasteMagazine.com focuses on signs of life in music, movies, TV, videogames, comedy, books, design, tech, drink and all things geek."

They also cover film/music reviews, festivals, and trendy stories related to pop culture. Length varies per piece and payment is reported to be around $50 to $60.
Click Here
Culture, Society & Lifestyle, Health800 to 2,500AU$150 to AU$75008/05/2016Wellbeing magazine looks for articles based on holistic health and quality of life. This may include natural health tips, therapies, healthy cooking, and fitness. Other, more general subjects include travel, environmental issues, animal care, natural beauty, and travel.

Payment and length, straight from the source:

"Feature articles: AU$600-$750. Article length, generally, is 2000-2500 words.
Real Life Experience: AU$150. Article length, generally, is 800-1000 words.
Photography: payment depends on the quality and size of the image/s published."
Click Here
The Future Fire
Stories - FictionUp to 10,000 (flexible)$10 to $2008/05/2016From the source:
"The Future Fire welcomes submissions of speculative fiction with progressive, inclusive and socially aware disposition. We are particularly interested in feminist, queer, postcolonial and ecological themes"

They are very flexible on word count. You get $20 per each story over 1,000 words long, and $10 for shorter flash fiction.
Click Here
WCT Magazine
Animals 500 to 1,500$25 to $25008/05/2016From the source:
"Our primary need is for specific, practical information that our readers can apply to their own businesses. We are
always looking for how-to methods articles on trapping, removal, or other control techniques for all nuisance species, from raccoon, skunk and beaver to mole, bat, pigeon, alligator, and any other problem wildlife along with how to repair and prevent damage caused by nuisance species."
Click Here
Destinations & WorldVaries.30 cents per word08/05/2016Cascade focuses on life in Oregon. Some topics include: Rereational activities, trends, lifestyle, business coverage, local stars, destinations & events, history, local foods, and more.

Word count is assigned by the editor, and they pay .30 cents per published word.
Click Here
PTO Today
Education600 to 2,200$150 to $70006/11/2016PTO Today is a magazine for parent-teacher groups. Their aim is to help improve the local education system and improve current events in your child's school. Submit pieces about parental involvement, leadership, group management, complex projects such as the building of playgrounds, and more.

Features are typically 1,200 to 2,200 words long. Departments run 600 to 1,200 words. Features pay $200 to $700, while departments pay $150 to $400 (payment is set by assignment, not per word count).
Click Here
Ploughshares (pshares.org)
CareerVaries$25006/11/2016Ploughshares looks for essay submissions about writers who have been overlooked or are otherwise not fully acknowledged. They pay $250 per accepted submission.Click Here
Law and Justice500 to 4,000$100 to $1,00006/11/2016From the source:
"Providence publishes widely on matters intersecting Christian faith and theology with national security and foreign policy, international relations, political theory, defense, war, terrorism, global economy, energy, etc."

Web-based content runs 500 to 1,000 words. For print (book reviews, essays, lead features) length ranges from 800 to 4,000 words.

Website content pays $100 per post. Print book reviews pay $250, and essays and features pay $500 to $1,000.
Click Here
G Magazine
Health800 to 2,500$400 to $1,50006/11/2016From the source:
G Magazine caters to people who are "interested in reducing their ecological footprint, but without abandoning their quality of life. They are readers who are increasingly aware of the toll human activity is taking on our fragile planet and wish to take steps to mitigate those impacts, but who may be confused by all the conflicting information."

They touch on common and emerging environmental issues while covering fashion, foods, the home, travel, and more. Their aim is to profile everyday products that can help people lower "their environmental impact."

Features range from 800 to 2,500 words. Payment starts at $400 and can go up to $1,500.
Click Here
Bitch Magazine
Culture, Society & Lifestyle1,000 to 2,500$40 to $20006/11/2016From the source:
"Our definition of pop culture is broad, encompassing cultural attitudes and myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends as well as movies, TV, magazines, books, advertising, and the like. We are looking for discussion-provoking critical essays that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one's personal experience and larger social forces."

They accept features (2,000-2,500 words) of essays and articles on pop culture from a feminist point of view. Other departments include a detailed look at multimedia (TV, film, publishing, advertising, etc) with varying word count.

They generally pay $200 for features, and $40 to $100 for other sections.
Click Here
Career500 to 1,300$500 to $1,00006/11/2016From the source:
"We look for well-written, edgy, positive, well-informed articles that offers readers’ a feminist’s perspective on entrepreneurship."

Sample topics may include feminist enterprise founders, how feminist businesswomen see the world, overall experiences in the workforce, sexism in the business world, and much more.

They pay $500 for short submissions between 500-800 words, and $1,000 for longer submissions of 1,000-1,300 words.
Click Here
Lake Superior Magazine
Destinations & World800 to 2,000$75 to $40006/11/2016This magazine covers multiple topics within the Lake Superior region including places of interest, prominent people, and special events. You may also submit photos and cartoons.

Payment and length details from the source:
"We pay on a per-piece basis, with magazine features generally paying $200 to $400. Top dollar is earned by a well-written and researched manuscript-photo package. The average feature runs 1,600 to 2,000 words. Departments and Columns average 800 to 1,200 words and usually pay from $75 to $200."
Click Here
Fireside Fiction
Stories - FictionUp to 5,00012.5 cents per word06/11/2016Note: This source, like many others, closes during certain times of the year. Check back during open submissions period.

From the source:
Fireside looks for "original, unpublished flash fiction (1,000 words or less) and original, unpublished short stories up to 5,000 words.." More specifically, they accept sci-fi, romance, horror, crime, western, and much more. They encourage you to get creative.
Click Here
STIR Journal
Culture, Society & Lifestyle1,500 to 3,500$25006/11/2016Note: This source, like many others, closes during certain times of the year. Check back during open submissions period.

STIR looks for controversial and provocative works including essays, interviews, and videos that cover a sensitive subject. Sample topics may relate to social justice, food industry, gun violence, education, religion, and animal rights.

They pay at least $250 per accepted submission between 1,500 and 3,500 words.
Click Here
Verge Magazine
Destinations & World500 to 2,000Varies06/11/2016This magazine teaches people the values of traveling with meaning, such as volunteering or studying overseas.

From the source:
"often profiles a person or group of people doing something exceptional as part of their travels, or whose travels have led them to do something exceptional. Feature articles explore ways that meaningful travel contributes to a greater understanding of world cultures and issues."

Other topics may include tips on saving money while traveling, or useful gadgets to carry with you. They have several departments ranging from 500 to 2,00 words. Payment is discussed with the editor.
Click Here
Culture, Society & Lifestyle, General1,500 words$250 (estimate)05/28/2016From the source:
"Guideposts publishes true stories about people who have attained a goal, surmounted an obstacle or learned a helpful lesson through their faith. A typical story is a first-person narrative with a spiritual point that the reader can apply to his or her own life."

Length is typically around 1,500 words, and payment is said to be $250 per story.
Click Here
True Story Magazine
Freelance, General05/28/2016$30005/28/2016This source publishes "exceptional work of creative nonfiction." They pay $300 for works consisting of 3,500 to 7,000 words. Note: There is a $3 convenience fee to submit your story online.

Click Here
Fiction Vortex
Stories - FictionUp to 3,500$50 to $30005/28/2016From the source:
"Fiction Vortex only accepts speculative fiction that we can turn into serial/episodic fiction for a Serial Box. We want sci-fi, fantasy, horror, supernatural, alternate history, alternate realities, etc."

While there is no minimum length, they prefer stories shorter than 3,500 words. They pay $300 for featured stories and $50 for honorable mentions distributed each quarter. Payments are processed via PayPal.
Click Here


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