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  1. Digitalexperts
    02/11/2014 @ 10:42 AM

    It’s good to see the amount of cents building up in your account with each view, thats why i enjoy the site. Although it takes a while to accrue any meaningful amount, it eventually adds up rather nicely.

  2. Diane Ziomek
    03/11/2014 @ 01:32 AM

    I was a regular contributor on Bubblews, and joined shortly after they started their site. It is a good place to earn some extra money, and many writers do well there. My current bank balance has been mainly passive income (money earned on articles I wrote months ago) as I have been busy with my own website and book projects. I do agree the pennies do add up for those who have the time to stay active on it.

  3. Luis
    03/11/2014 @ 16:02 PM

    I consistently make around $10 or $15 per month using BubbleWS, it’s a nice choice 🙂

  4. Padmendra Singh Rawat
    03/22/2015 @ 02:18 AM

    Writing short articles for Bubblews can be for fun only as Bubblews is not sincere about payment to the writers. There are hundreds who have complained against Bubblews for withholding their revenue. They have made complaints at various forums. I am one of them who is cheated by Bubblews for not releasing my payment of about hundred dollars though I tried my level best to request them to release my payment. .I posted more than 260 short articles with Bubblews and many of them are popular among the readers.

    The fact remains fact and thus I would suggest upcoming writers to join Bubblews only after applying their mind and going through the websites where complaints against Bubblews are available.