Make Money Driving with Auto Wrap Advertising

Get Paid to Drive Your Car

Did you know you can make thousands of dollars every year just driving your car? That’s right, you can get paid to drive and and do all the things you already do for free. This may include picking up the kids at school or driving along the highway to go just about anywhere.

Thankfully, being unemployed these days is not as scary as it used to be ten years ago. More and more companies are finding ways to make money, and thankfully they need your help for this. This, in turn, makes you a self-employed professional. Congrats!

What is Auto Wrap Advertising?

Car wrapping, or auto wrap advertising, involves signing up with a company (more on that later) and this company will basically cover up your car with a big advertisement of their choosing. You will then get paid to drive and thus earn good money by visiting the usual places you often drive to.

I am sure you have seen plenty of cars out there covered in big advertisements but never truly wondered what their deal was.

Well, now you know.

Your car is typically covered with vinyl decal, which makes your car look like it has been painted with the advertisement. This is an efficient way for companies to place the ad while also not ruining your car’s beautiful paint.

Is it Worth it?

This is absolutely worth it for both you and the advertising agencies. For starters, you make several hundred dollars per month while a company’s ad is seen by a lot of people throughout the month.

Additionally, since your car is one of the few covered in colorful ads on the road, there is a good chance that it stands out from the crowd (therefore, being more effective). This encourages companies to keep you working for them.

This practice works especially well these days, as virtually every driver and passenger has internet access from their phone. It is not uncommon for your car’s ads to draw their attention, forcing them to look up more information about it and becoming a paying customer for the company in question.

Get Paid to Drive: How Are You Chosen?

To become a paid driver in the Auto Wrap Advertising business, they will analyze your surroundings and the areas you drive to most frequently.

For example, if you usually travel to downtown where it’s packed with young people and clubs, it is likely that a clothing company would place an ad on your car. It’s all about demographics and geographical location.

You also need the following in order to qualify, some which are obvious:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a spotless driving record
  • You must be willing to drive a certain amount of miles per month
  • Competent insurance coverage

Legitimate Car Wrap Companies:

The following companies pretty good at this line of work, and will be more than happy to pay you to drive. Some of these include:


Are you ready to make money driving? If you have a decent car and often drive to popular areas around the city, why not make thousands of dollars per year to drive your car?