Listverse Review: Get Paid to Write

Listverse Website Review

For those unfamiliar with Listverse, it is a writing website where users publish paid articles about various list-based topics. is a multi-niche website covering practically everything under the sun such as computing, sports, travel, science and history. As long as you are able to compose a list in a very interesting way, the article is generally welcome to the site.

Of course, there are a lot more factors the staff takes into consideration, but they are generally easy-going and very clear in their instructions. Read on to learn more.

Get Paid to Write List Articles:

Lists have been around the web for a long while now, but they hadn’t become this popular until recent years. With websites like BuzzFeed and other similar sources, lists have become “must-read” articles for anyone looking to have fun while learning something new.

This is the great thing about publishing list articles: They are easier on the eyes, they are more succinct and very, very fun to digest. Sample lists may include “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body” and “10 Reasons Being Rich is Actually Bad for You.”

Types of Accepted Articles:

Listverse doesn’t look for articles that are commonly found elsewhere on the internet; your titles should actually stand out in a bizarre, intriguing way.

To ensure that all topics are interesting, loves to explore “weird” subjects or facts that almost nobody knows.

They embrace the unusual and anything that could make you scratch your head. These guys are also big on contradicting widely-believed theories and anything out of the ordinary in general, such as the “being rich” example given above.

The purpose of these subjects is obvious: To get you to discuss and share the article with your friends. The more twisted a subject happens to be, the more “click bait” it naturally becomes – making you want to click and read it.

Thankfully they do a fantastic job at enforcing this rule, and this is what makes the website so successful for writers to publish articles online.

Let’s take a look at some actual lists that are currently published to give you a better idea:

10 Weirdest Facts About the Transformers
10 Incredibly Offensive Expressions from All Over the World
10 Disgusting Materials Used for Great Innovations

As you can see, the key is to grab an ordinary subject and make it unique and curious.

A Few Rules…

Listverse clearly states that there are no major rules to learn. This is a real blessing considering that other sites (Demand Media, anyone?) require you to memorize 999 of them before you can write your first article.

However, there are still guidelines to follow, including:

Your work must be original
Article must include an introduction
Article must include at least ten items, (steps/sections)
Article must be at least 1,500 words (roughly 150 words per item)
Images are optional
List must be at least somewhat humorous
Provide one or two credible sources per each item

The last bullet point will probably be the hardest, as each list must be full of sources pointing to different external places. No worries, though, as your ability to research and write can improve gradually over time with some practice.

There are other guidelines to follow, of course; in fact, they have a full PDF document dedicated to all the Do’s and Don’ts on their website. But the above points are the basic principles that will help you get started with a successful Listverse article.

Ownership and Payment:

Once you get paid, you agree that the article belongs to Listverse and they can publish it when and wherever they wish, including online, on magazines and other sources. However, you will still be listed as the author of the list. pays writers a whopping $100 per accepted assignment. Please note that while $100 sounds particularly attractive, your articles must be genuinely fun to read and share with others as previously stated.

Many article submissions are rejected and only the most creative writings make it through, and for good reason.


Listverse is definitely a treasure to write for because it encourages you to have fun while writing. It is not plagued by long, bland and boring guidelines. The website is informal in the most brilliant way possible.

If you’d like to get paid to write long list articles and welcome the occasional $100 bill, then apply to and show them what you are made of.

Good luck!