How to Write Dozens of Articles in a Flash

Put an End to Writing Procrastination.

As many have figured by now, Writer Town is all about giving power to writers and bloggers.

A big part of helping writers become successful online is through the recommendation of powerful, effective guides and tutorials that will undoubtedly change (or otherwise affect) the way you write.

That’s why I’d like to talk about a particularly interesting writing guide I recently stumbled upon…

First, let me ask you this: How many times have you felt that writing and publishing was a slow, sick form of torture? You sit in front of your keyboard, you type a few words, then delete a few more, and can’t come up with the “perfect” way to convey your ideas. An hour later you realize that you have barely written a paragraph, which ruins your mood to write even more…

…but you know you have to write to be successful, so the entire process feels like a never-ending, yet necessary evil.

Enter Write Like a Maniac…

Write Like a Maniac is essentially the cure to writer’s block, writing-based procrastination and every type of anxiety related to it. As I studied the guide, I couldn’t help but agree with every single sentence I read, and then I put its teachings to the test.

The result was a more profound, fun way of writing that turned from feeling dull to feeling like a rush of adrenaline controlling my fingers on auto-pilot.

These are some of the main key points the guide walks you through:

  • It shows you how to write much more in less time
    It shows you how to make writing more fun… even addicting
    No longer consider writing a death sentence on a day-to-day basis
    It turns your writing from feeling generic to feeling more engaging
    It also discusses surefire ways to speed up the editing process

Is Write Like a Maniac for Everyone?

Write Like a Maniac is for those who write blog posts and articles regularly, so it definitely covers a wide audience. The guide teaches proven ways to get you going and going until you’re finished. Repeat this strategy on a daily basis and you will be on your way to producing dozens of articles in no time.

Click here to give Write Like a Maniac a quick try.