How to Write Blog Posts Faster (2,000+ Words Per Hour)

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Wazaaaaaapppp (sigh, okay fine, I’ll stop showing my age with redundant movie references).

Anyway, would you like to know how to compose and publish articles much faster?

Here are some quick methods to write at least two thousand words per hour.

Let’s jump in without wasting much time.

First, research multiple topic ideas in advance…

Always have a list of topic ideas for at least an entire month.

I suggest doing some light research while watching TV or performing other menial tasks whenever possible.

This ultimately enables you to pick from a large list of topics whenever you’re ready to write, thus hitting the ground running.

Then, create a rough outline…

For example, a topic on the benefits of video games should probably mention:

  • A brief history on video games
  • Popular gaming genres
  • Video game misconceptions
  • List of benefits

Although some of the above are not strictly about the benefits of games, they are still closely related to the topic and readers would definitely appreciate it for added context.

Introductions are usually overrated, so keep them short…

This next point is rather subjective, but try not to overthink introductions and keep them short (similarly to this very article’s intro).

And by short, I mean no more than two or three sentences if possible. Yes, really.

If you think about it, anyone who’s reading about a particular subject does not need much convincing.

This person already found your article and willingly clicked on it, which means they were already interested in the topic.

For this reason, you don’t necessarily need to hook readers with your introduction as so many traditional writers would have you believe.

There’s always an exception to the rule, and introductions can be incredibly important depending on the subject (and client) in question…

But if you’re writing about a certain recipe, the reader doesn’t need to be told why he or she should be cooking that meal to begin with…

Get me?

Be laid back and conversational…

A conversational approach is always welcome and more relatable, as it allows you to write the way you speak…

For example, notice how this very article is written. Pretty laid back, isn’t it?

People can easily understand conversational language better than something more formal and highly professional.

Of course, this all depends on the type of blog and Industry you’re serving. But generally speaking, always keep your tone down to earth and approachable.

Put simply, pretend that you’re talking to an old friend.

Moreover, don’t pause to edit your content until the very end…

Editing while writing can easily disrupt your workflow and overall progress.

Editing in real-time may work for some, but generally speaking, leaving this task until the end can increase overall efficiency…

Consider using speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking…

There’s also a free tool available from Google Docs. Just click the Tools menu, then select Voice Typing from the ensuing options.

Speech software works really well when you already know what to say. This really increases the amount of words per hour as a result.

Other Quick Tips:

Insert quotes / testimonials / anecdotes…

Inserting two or three quotes could easily lengthen your article by 100 words or even more. This also helps add more authority to your content, especially when using highly reputable sources.

Tell a story…

Speaking of writing articles faster, try some brief storytelling whenever possible. If you’re passionate about the story in question, the words will just flow efficiently without pause or hesitation.

Outsource routine tasks…

Consider outsourcing or delegating certain tasks such as keyword research, editing, or compiling title ideas as I previously mentioned. Again, it’s all about hitting the ground running.

Finally, allow yourself a short break and abide by it…

Take a few minutes to stretch between writing sessions, as this often allows you to come back feeling refreshed and more relaxed.

However, you must abide by a strict time limit. Otherwise you risk losing focus and might end up procrastinating.


As you can see, this article didn’t consist of thousands of words. Why? Because writing / publishing faster isn’t exactly rocket science…

You just need some discipline and have a system in place.

Putting all of the above into practice can help you hit 2,000 or more words per hour, especially when using speech recognition software and having everything in place.

Do you have any other suggestions? 

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