How to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Do you like writing letters, telling a story, and stating things exactly the way you see them? Do you like being creative in your writing and showing people how to get things done? Perhaps you should look into becoming an online freelance writer. Websites need content on an ongoing basis – and what better way to get paid then doing what comes naturally?

Freelance Writing

Online freelance writers get paid an incredible amount of money for writing in whatever special niche they have. Some may have a special expertise for finances, real estate, the health food market, or maybe just telling it like it is. The amount of money, of course, depends on many crucial factors and proper marketing.

Learn To Write (Conversational Writing is Fine)

There are a number of sites where you can get the proper training to write content for blogs, newsletters, sales letters, email marketing, article marketing, auto-responders, resumes, and get paid to do it. I am not talking nickel and dime money either. A quick search for “Writing lessons” or anything related to grammar should help you get started.

Advance Your Career

You can advance your writing career to include your own personal website and advertise your wares. Once you have received the proper training, you can start writing for as much as $250 for a single 500 word article! Plus get paid the time it takes you to craft the article!

Once you obtain clients, you can learn to sell them your writing expertise over and over again so you do not have to constantly look for new ones. They will subsequently ask you to write more and not blink an eye when you raise your rates – all depending on your overall skills.

Go With The Flow

You do not have to write like an author or a salesmen to get the best paying work. If you can just learn how to write like you are talking or know how to tell a really good story, then you are what the internet is looking for.

For example, there are dozens of e-books that need to be written on how to do different things. Simply write the e-book and sell it on your website. Additionally, you do not have to deliver such digital products to a person’s door; just have them download from your site.

Niche Expert

If you are an expert in a certain field, no matter what it is, you can write an e-book on it and sell it for what you think it is worth. Simply do an internet search and see what people are buying(a few years ago it was cabbage patch dolls, for instance). Simply give them what they want at a reasonable price so that you can (optionally) sell them again to your email list.

Build Your Site And They Will Come

Advertise your services after you have gained knowledge on your own particular expert niche, write the e-books you think they need, market them on the web, and eventually you can build a business step by step that will, over the long haul, slowly replace your salary at your job (just over broke).

Services You Can Sell

Once you have gained the knowledge, you can write promotions for new products by writing press releases for companies on the web. You can do case studies on products or reviews comparing newly released products to others on the market.

Also, write articles for businesses that are selling to other businesses and update the news (or general description) about the product being sold. This is called business to business writing and it generally pays remarkably well. You can write brochures and once you have established how good you are, you will not have to advertise or market your writing expertise so heavily again.

Write For The Loyal Clients

By simply having a few loyal clients to write for and charging the going rates for your articles, you could have a thriving business with no more than a half a dozen clients! You will save time and money marketing yourself which will leave you with more time to write for your loyal crew.

You Do Not Need A Wealth Of Talent

Find the special niche writing you are good at, and then perform those three or four services well. You will never have to educate yourself any further, unless you just want to add additional services to your portfolio.

Again, you do not even have to be a excellent, top-notch writer. If you can write the way I am doing in this article by hanging a few good sentences together, then that is all you will need to make a living income on the internet. Do your due diligence and find out if you have what it takes to write for the web.

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