Kevin Gardner


  1. Elvis Michael
    12/03/2019 @ 16:14 PM

    Setting a goal is so important here; I notice many bloggers simply publishing away with no real plans. Playing a numbers game can only get you so far.

    Instead, consider some of the following:

    How many times per week/month should I publish? What about word count? What can I do to research my topic above and beyond the minimum necessary? How can I maximize my reach while sharing it? What can I learn from this content and improve the next article?

    These questions will help you set realistic goals and slowly achieve them — so long as some discipline is involved.

    Thanks for your submission 🙂

  2. Sajan Kota
    12/26/2019 @ 19:30 PM

    Hi Kevin, Very well written blog post. Many newbie bloggers and content marketers dream of building a successful blog, however they fail to build a successful blog. One of the primary reason they fail is because they select a niche which they are not at all passionate about and end loosing interest in blogging after they have started blogging.

  3. Karim Toulba
    05/15/2020 @ 02:25 AM

    Thanks for sharing this post! I’ve been blogging about blogging, affiliate marketing, and making money online. I agree with what you’ve just said; passion is everything when it comes to starting a successful blog.

    Besides, setting goals is as well important to keep things clear and straight forward. Blogging is very interesting and could potentially be a money-making machine. But overall, real passion is what it takes to be consistent.

    Thanks again for sharing!