How to Make $100 an Hour as a Freelance Writer (Short)

Mark Morris recently revealed the big secret to making $100 an hour (or more) as a freelance writer.

Guess what? His strategy is actually logical, easy to follow and extremely actionable.

A common problem with freelance writers is their fear of failure. Many of us simply don’t think it’s possible to find (and subsequently land) a job that pays the big bucks.

As a result, many people go to places like and make it their life mission to be the lowest bidder. After all, the lowest-paid writer often gets the gig, correct?

While this may be true, it also means having to work well over 40 hours per week to earn a “barely decent” income.

So, what did Mark Morris do to achieve greatness? Find out by reading his recent blog post, “How to Be a $100 an Hour Freelance Writer.”