How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy that Works

Marketers spend over $44 billion on content marketing, according to

Are you wasting your budget on a fruitless campaign?

There is no one-size-fits all solution to your content marketing strategy conundrum. If there were, then a universal e-book would exist with a marketing strategy that works 100% of the time for every business. This article offers a series of jigsaw pieces that will make up your content marketing strategy. It is up to you to fit them all together in a way that works for your company or brand.

Email Marketing Is More Powerful Than People Realize

This article concentrates on email marketing more heavily than any other marketing method, as other guides frequently ignore it in favor of social media marketing instead. Yet, email marketing is one of the most personal and targeted methods currently available.

In fact, email marketing still drives more online conversions than any other type of marketing channel, which includes search and social (Monetate).

Additionally, over 92% of online adults use email; In the US alone, a whopping 61% of people use it an average of once per day. (Pew Research). The US is the place where email marketing still has the highest conversion rate, which is why over 1.47 million emails are sent every month. The country-per-person global average is 1.38 million per month. (MarketingLand).

Get the Most Out Of Email Marketing

Did you know that over 53% of all emails are opened on the recipient’s mobile device? (Campaign Monitor). If you are looking to increase conversions, then add product recommendations and adverts into your transactional emails. Don’t just send plain receipts, confirmations, activations, and so on. Transactional emails have 8x more opens, as well as 8x more clicks than any other email type.

That statistic makes perfect sense, as the user is looking to confirm or gain expected information (such as seeing a receipt). Experian has confirmed this, and have proven that adding content to transactional emails can improve your conversions six fold.

Personalize Your Web Experience

Dynamic websites and responsive websites are easier than ever to set up. Monetate have proven that marketers gain an average 20% increase in sales when they offer personalized web experiences.

If your website has to educate visitors in one way or another, then remember that people do 323% better when they are given instructions that contain images and directions. Written directions alone are less effective when educating online visitors.

Segment Your Campaigns

It may be easier to segment your campaign when email marketing, but campaign segmentation may apply to a user’s entire online experience.

A discount on Google+, an exclusive offer that goes with it on a YouTube video, and a platform offering an upsell on your website is a perfect way to drive bigger and more profitable sales.

Marketers have seen as much as a 760% increase in their revenue thanks to similar segmented campaigns. You risk the loss of potential customers when you segment campaigns, but the sales you make are often bigger and more profitable.

Use Visual Assets And Videos

Over 74% of social media marketers primarily use visual assets to promote their content on Google+ , Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. YouTube wasn’t included in that figure because it is all visual and would have skewered the figure.

Video content in 2017 represents 71% of all online traffic thanks to channels such as YouTube and Netflix.

To put its effectiveness into perspective, YouTube subscribers (between the age of 18 and 34) say they happily drop whatever they are doing to enjoy a new video from their favorite channel.

Think About Visual Assets On Facebook

Facebook users watch live videos three times more than they watch traditional videos on the platform. Do not interpret that figure as an indication that live streams are popular. Many Facebook videos are set to silent, and they are simply not as popular as images and text posts…

Their current popularity is not an endorsement of live videos; it only highlights how unpopular traditional Facebook videos are. It is well established that Facebook posts containing images see 2.3x more social engagement than the combined numbers of videos and text-only posts.

Knit Together What You Have Learned To Build Your Strategy

Even if it seems that some of these facts don’t apply to your company, you will be surprised with how well they may still be implemented. For example, Julie Petersen, blogger and the founder of top writing services reviews states that when they send Tweets with images, they gain as many as 150% more retweets than sending text-only Tweets.

Even companies that deal primarily with text are able to utilize other mediums – such as images – to market their content, and therefore their services as a byproduct.