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  1. The Enthusd
    03/19/2014 @ 14:02 PM

    I tend to feel motivated when my clients accept my work without hesitation. But other times rejection can really make you drag to write anything else. Needless to say, most of your work is generally appreciated and accepted when you’re a good writer, and that alone should always remind you to keep going and never stop.

  2. Kelly
    03/21/2014 @ 17:00 PM

    Motivation to write can be rough, especially when your brain is itching to compose something but the words just won’t come out. The best I suggest is that you open up your word processor or notepad or whatever, and then just start typing away. Even if you’re not writing what you want to write, it’s a great way to warm you up.

  3. Prolific Linda
    03/21/2014 @ 17:02 PM

    Great post on writing tips!

  4. Jon_Writes
    03/25/2014 @ 17:01 PM

    Making an offer you cannot refuse is great advice. Think about that car you want to buy or those small luxuries you want to afford. Remember that for every day you don’t write, you are essentially leaving money on the table….

  5. Joyce Anderson
    03/01/2016 @ 14:24 PM

    Walking is the best writer’s block antidote in my world. Yoga also helps, but there is something about hiking up a hill with my dogs, sucking in the fresh air, and just being in the sunshine that gets the creative juices going again. Gosh. Think I’m ready for another walk!