How can I create more reader-friendly blog posts? 

Creating user-friendly content consists of the following:

Write in a conversational tone: Forget being highly professional or formal, unless your niche strictly demands it. Write articles as if you’re talking to a friend while still keeping it useful and to the point. 

Insert some light humor: Have you noticed that most TV and radio commercials are humorous in nature? Same goes for YouTube videos, even when the topic is generally more serious. Humor helps you connect with readers and put them at ease. It’s also a timeless marketing tool. 

Dissect complicated terms: Avoid jargon and break thing down, almost like you’re talking to a child / teenager. Don’t be condescending, but rather well understood through the use of everyday language. 

Make your blog content easy on the eyes: insert interesting images / videos, and keep your paragraphs short – about one or two sentences long, on average. 

Ask questions and encourage participation: Do you have comments enabled on your blog? Always ask questions in between paragraphs or at the end of the article, prompting readers to post a comment. If your blog comments are turned off, provide readers with an email where they can submit their opinion or general feedback.