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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

~ Elvis Michael

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Mormonmissionprep.comSelf-Improvement01/01/201942Click HereMissionary life, positive posts on self-improvement, helping others, and living a good life.
Softsolutionslimited.comGeneral01/01/201942Click HereMulti-topic blog accepting many subjects.
Successconsciousness.comSelf-Improvement01/01/201953Click HereSelf-improvement and lifestyle tips.
Writersoracle.comSelf-development11/01/201812Click HereInspiration, self-help, and (especially) how you have been inspired by literature.
Starzology.comScience & Nature11/01/201823Click HereAll about astrology.
Blackcliffmedia.comBusiness & Marketing11/01/201826Click HereMarketing, design, branding, and technology blog.
Penpaperpad.comWriting & Publishing11/01/201831Click HereWriting and publishing-related posts.
50somethinghq.comLifestyle11/01/20189Click HereLifestyle tips for people over 50 years old. Travel, dining, dating, and more.
Golfph.comSports11/01/201833Click HereGolf-related blog.
Retreatcentral.comLifestyle, Business & Marketing11/01/201825Click Here"We’re always interested in insightful, compelling content from experts in the fields of event planning and retreat venue management and marketing."
Theblackbeltcorner.comSports11/01/201815Click Here"This blog is written to be a guide and resource for instructors of ANY martial art on the business and administration behind running a martial arts school."
Homewithmykings.comFamily11/01/201820Click HereFamily life, parenting, homeschooling, faith, and other family-oriented topics.
Rvingplanet.comTravel, Automotive09/01/201844Click HereTips for RV owners and travelers. "Are you passionate about cooking or fishing or biking and you’ve discovered a way to make it work well with RVing? Tell your story and experiences to others."
Healthimpact.studioHealth09/01/201819Click HereDesign, education, and games - mostly from a clinical / health perspective.
Purposepublishing.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201813Click HereBusiness, marketing, and publishing advice.
Ammoathletic.comHealth & Fitness09/01/201816Click Here"Strength training, mass building, fat loss and nutrition planning are just a few of the areas we cover. Generally, ask yourself if an athlete or fitness enthusiast would derive value from your content."
Selfhelpist.comSelf-improvement, General09/01/201815Click HereFinance, self-help, anxiety / depression tips, dating, and other social topics.
First2board.comTravel09/01/201846Click HereTraditional travel blog.
Oupeltglobalblog.comEducation09/01/201843Click Here"Articles must be related to English language teaching or learning, education in general, technology in education, etc."
irelandcraftbeers.comFood & Drink09/01/201820Click HereThey look for "guest bloggers to join our team of expert bloggers on Irish craft beer trends, craft beer reviews, brewery news, beers of the month, bar reviews overseas that sell Irish craft beers, up-coming events, and much, much more!"
Stepstomagic.comTravel09/01/201817Click HereTips surrounding Disney World.
Spanishdale.comTravel, Education09/01/201824Click HerePlaces to see / things to do in Nicaragua, as well as Spanish learning tips.
Blog.aeroTech09/01/20186Click HereTopics on aerospace (military subjects, aviation, and related topics).
Theseosystem.comBusiness & Marketing05/15/201838Click HereTraditional digital marketing blog.
Theoutdoorchamp.comLifestyle05/15/201839Click HereHunting, boating, fishing, camping, and other outdoor-type topics.
Theeliteproduct.comLifestyle, Sports05/15/201831Click HereCamping, hiking, outdoor living, backpacking, and related topics.
Techposts.orgTech, Business & Marketing05/15/201836Click HereTech and digital marketing blog.
Strictlystone.comHome & Garden05/15/201824Click HereOutdoor living, project ideas, patio management, and related outdoor topics.
Seemeandliz.comFamily05/15/201833Click HereParenting blog.
Safetyrisk.netHealth05/15/201842Click HereSubjects related to risk management, health and safety.
Robinsonloveplants.comLifestyle, Home & Garden05/15/201831Click HereGardening, outdoor living, and healthy living tips.
Letstalkrelations.comDating & Relationships05/15/201836Click HereDating and relationship tips.
Montemlife.comLifestyle, Home & Garden05/15/201845Click HereHiking, camping, and outdoor life.
Lookatthesescenes.comSports05/15/201814Click HereSoccer news/opinion from abroad.
Compactappliance.comHome & Garden05/15/201860Click HereHome, garden, flooring, outdoor living, appliances, and related topics.
ifthesebookscouldtalk.comWriting & Publishing05/15/201825Click HereBook reviews and opinion.
Digipromarketers.comBusiness & Marketing05/15/201819Click HereDigital marketing, business, social media, and related topics.
Credocovenant.comReligion, General05/15/201818Click HereA wide variety of subjects for Christians.
Blindhypnosis.comHealth05/15/201827Click Here"We accept guest posts closely related to health, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You can also send us your own research papers, thesis or useful tips realted to health to get it published on our website."
Yourfitnesscorner.comHealth & Fitness05/15/201819Click HereHealth and fitness articles.


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